The Bravery of the Fallen

Anthologia Palatina 7.512, attributed to Simonides

 It was thanks to these men’s valor
That broad Tegea did not burn
And send smoke up to heaven;
They wished to leave to their sons
A city blossoming in freedom,
While perishing themselves
Among the first rank of fighters.

 Τῶνδε δι’ ἀνθρώπων ἀρετὰν οὐχ ἵκετο καπνὸς
  αἰθέρα δαιομένας εὐρυχόρου Τεγέας,
οἳ βούλοντο πόλιν μὲν ἐλευθερίᾳ τεθαλυῖαν
  παισὶ λιπεῖν, αὐτοὶ δ’ ἐν προμάχοισι θανεῖν. 

Funerary stele of a hoplite.  Artist unknown; ca. 400 BCE.  Found at Lysi, Cyprus; now in the Cyprus Museum, Nicosia.  Photo credit: Raymac.

The Archaeological Museum of Tegea reopens

After almost seven years the Archaeological Museum of Tegea opens its doors to the public on 2-9-2014. It is one of the first museums established in the province and is now one of the most modern, as its exhibits are being presented with the help of cutting edge technology. The Archaeological Museum of Tegea was built between 1907-1908 in Piali (now called Alea) in Tegea, in a plot that the Eparch Neilos, who hailed from Piali, donated to the Athens Archaeological Company. At the time, in the beginning of the 20th century, the first provincial Museums of Greece are being founded, with the initiative of the Archaeological Company and the establishment of a special lottery number. Konstantinos Romaios, a big archaeologist and researcher, coming from Vourvoura of Kynouria, was the founder of the Museum of Tegea.

Link to the Museum of Tegea here: http://www.tegeamuseum.gr/

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