Tegan: Stacy (Sara’s girlfriend) came to the studio, it was the first time in a recording studio, and she watched us trying to write lyrics. We finally got the melody for the chorus of “closer” and we were trying to write lyrics and she was just sitting on the couch and then after like 10 minutes was like, “I’m gonna leave this is awful. This is not fun in any way”.
Sara: That’s what she said the first time we were intimate too. [x]


An edgy and unapologetic look at the growing impact that open LGBTQ music artists, and their straight allies, are having on the portrayal of sexuality and gender politics in music, and its affect on the normalizing of gay culture. Using artists personal experiences as a lens, we’ll look at sexuality’s influence on music and the role of social media in helping artists complicate mainstream expectations of identity. How far are artists willing to push their music, messages and imagery to challenge the way pop culture defines notions of sexuality, masculinity, femininity, gender and what it means to be queer? [Source]


Tegan: We are just devastated and sad, so sad, about… there was so much loss in the world, I mean is every day is a tough day if you go looking for bad news. But we specifically just really horrified and so sicken by what happened in Orlando, the whole weekend, both flights. Obviously there was a performer that was shot selling merchandise and obviously a hundred people are mowed down in Orlando. I’m sure most of you, I’m sure there’s not anyone, unless you live under a rock, that you wouldn’t know that that happened but we feel that at this time that it’s really important to say that we shouldn’t be afraid and you shouldn’t feel bad, I mean you should feel bad about what happened but not about yourselves. I saw a lot of people online talking about being scared and feeling bad. I just thought to myself this is a very important time in history where we can’t become apathetic we have to continue to push forwards and there’s so much still to be done and there’s fuckingly still a whole lot of hatred (i didn’t understand what she said after that) I just feel like this is a time to remember that we still have to be strong, our community has to be strong, our allies have to stand with us. we have to remember that there are people out there that do terrible terrible things and my instinct the day after the shooting was to sort of pull back a little bit. I had a moment of for the first time in a really long time I was with my girlfriend I was I don’t want to hold hands, It was a terrible feeling it made me sick because it was the first time in my adult life I felt scared and I’m not afraid, it went away very quickly. I’m not afraid, I’m proud of who we are. we’ve been in the industry for a long time.


Tegan: Maybe because of who we are, We’ve heard about awful sick terrible things that happen to LGBT people all the time. It keeps us fighting, it gives us extra purpose. We’re not just playing music to play music, we’re intentionally out there. I hope being role models and helping things move forwards and helping to make change but we couldn’t do it without your support.