Tegan and Sara Explore Toronto’s Coffee Shops


Tegan and Sara // Faint of Heart 

who cares what anyone says? what anyone says about it
don’t let it into your head, into your head


I got to go to Tegan and Sara’s concert today, and I had the best time of my life. They sounded so fucking good live and I daresay even better than the audio in we always listen to. They were super hilarious and really emtertained us. It was a short concert but it was so good. I really can’t wait for them to come back to Singapore again so I can attend their next concert. AND THEY LIKED MY PHOTO ON INSTAGRAM, I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! 😂😂 BEST NIGHT EVER!


“Boyfriend” is one of Sara’s songs, and it sounds like a right-to-reply from the silent partners of “I Kissed a Girl” or Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer.”

“I let you take advantage ‘cause it felt so good / I blame myself for thinking we both understood,” Sara sings seductively, before bursting into an anxious, sing-songy ultimatum: “You call me up like you would your best friend / You turn me on, like you would your boyfriend / But I don’t wanna be your secret anymore.”

She didn’t intend it as a kiss-off. She was writing in part about Reader seeing a guy when they first met, and more broadly about gender identity and roles in all relationships, which inspired the video’s fluid, drag-inspired aesthetic: The Quins take turns getting gaudy makeup applied, and a giant motion-capture camera films them in close-up, miming along to the ridiculously catchy track. In the final, CGI-enhanced edit, the colors will swim across their faces. Sara says she’s ready for such an obviously queer pop song (she notes it name-checks The Crying Game) to strike a mainstream chord. “The idea of a guy being like, ‘I totally relate to ‘Boyfriend,’ girls are always playing these games with me,’ and I’m like, I know,” she says with an emphatic groan. “I think there’s a part of me that wishes I lived in a world where it was like that.”

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