Tegan and Sara had a debate on the sway speed

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I saw Tegan and Sara last night for the first time, with my gf ( @melt-ur-headaches ) and it was an amazing experience. We got there at 9am to be in the front row. And made some very cool friends. We made friends with this lady from mexico, and an adorable couple. And t&s bodyguard, James. Who was the nicest guy ever. As more people got there i took out a miniature notebook and passed it along the line for all the fans to sign. And before the concert gave it to James so he can give it to them. When they came on it was beautiful and Tegan took off her shoes within the first 3 minutes of the show. And sara was like “wtf”. When the show was over, my gf and i both were lucky enough to get a setlist. This will be forever be one of my favorite concert experience.


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