tegan wants to make it

Tegan songs, on the theme “I’m so desirable, what the fuck”
  • Time Running
  • You Went Away
  • Where Does The Good Go
  • Speak Slow
  • The Con
  • Northshore
  • The Ocean

Happy 35th birthday, Tegan and Sara!


I’m meeting Tegan and Sara in May and I want to make them something. So reblog this and I’ll make a list of all of the URL’s and give it to them! :)

i’m so fucking grateful to hayley kiyoko for unapologetically singing songs about girls & having romantic feelings for girls & girls being in love.

like, i honestly feel like she’s following in the footsteps of tegan & sara and in a lot of ways surpassing them. her unapologetic & brave use of she/her pronouns in her songs are groundbreaking and i am so grateful to her and the music she’s making.

like… when i was a struggling, abused 15-16 year old living in a homophobic household tegan & sara saved my life. their songs about loss & love & breaking up carried me through because i knew they were women like me. because i knew that those songs were written especially for women like us.

and i’m so glad that another lbpq female artist has come into popularity and will help this generation of gay & bi girls know they aren’t alone, their feelings aren’t invalid, that the things they’re feeling are normal and beautiful and okay.


Sara’s feet during HCYDWM // Tegan and Sara 11.12.2014 Portland OR Roseland Theater 

sadhours took this video of Sara’s feet!