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pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood
word count: 1691
a/n: dedicating this one to @lilyevians - I just wanted to bring a little cheer into your world right now because I got the sense that you might need it. I sent that anon ask yesterday and rolled with the flintwood+fake dating trope because I can’t stop/won’t stop. <3 (title from Stop Desire by Tegan and Sara)

“I still don’t know why I’m helping you with this,” Oliver mumbled, straightening out his tie and glancing at Marcus in the mirror reflection above his shoulder.

Marcus groaned and shook his head. “Didn’t think you could get more thick. I told you. Adrian and Terry have been making fun of me for fucking ever for not having a date, and what better way than to fuck with them then showing up at Cassius’s wedding reception with you?”

Oliver sighed, but he agreed. It had all been a coincidence anyways, the two of them running into each other. Or at least, a product of themselves, the fact that they had been signed to competing teams. Now that the war was over and the International Federation was holding events again, it was only a matter of time before they would have run into one another. What was so strange about it was that they had spoken that first event, Marcus had reached out his hand for a truce. And things were still shaky, might always be shaky between the two of them, but over the part couple months Oliver had started to consider Marcus a friend, or at least something approaching a friend.

Which is why when Marcus had bumped into him in Diagon, and gotten a very Slytherin twinkle in his eye, Oliver had agreed to his plan. Without thinking through the fact that now he had to follow through with it, and pretend to be Marcus’s date for an entire evening. Just to fuck with his friends.

Oliver did not want to think about the fact that there might have been a chance he would have said yes if Marcus had asked for a real date. But that was a bridge that he figured they would never come to. From the sounds of it, Marcus was more-or-less straight, which is why everyone would have been so shocked (specifically Adrian, who Marcus was hoping would see that he could be free to date men and finally ask out his long time crush Terence.) Which complicated things, because he was pretty sure Marcus thought he was straight too.

“Here,” Marcus mumbled, and spun Oliver around. “You’re just fucking it up.” Oliver noted, as Marcus untied his bowtie and fixed it up, that even though the other man had large hands and thick fingers, he was surprisingly dexterous. 

Oliver swallowed. “Thanks,” he mumbled, and Marcus flashed him a smile - a real smile - and Oliver tried not to melt. 

It would be so much easier to hate him again.

Marcus was right.

The wedding itself had been a private affair, family members only. Marcus and Oliver then, luckily, only needed to attend the reception. They arrived at the party hand in hand, and as soon as they stepped in the room the entire crowd stopped talking. Jaws dropped and Oliver heard more than one muttered “holy shit is that Oliver Wood?” as they made their way through the crowd, Marcus in the lead. Marcus’s hand was sweaty, just a bit, and Oliver decided it was because he probably didn’t want to be holding onto Oliver at all.

Even though when they reached the table with Marcus’s friends, he didn’t let go.

“Adrian, Terry,” Marcus greeted, finally letting go of Oliver’s hand to pull a chair out for him. “I’m sure you remember Oliver Wood?”

Oliver grinned weakly and reached across the table to shake the offered up hands.

“I thought you were joking!” Terry pressed, in a stage whisper that was barely any quieter than normal speech. “You said you were bringing Wood and I thought you were pulling our legs!” 

Marcus flashed another grin, a devious one and his eyes twinkled in the same way Oliver remembered from their run in. “Would I lie to you?” He asked, as he dropped into his seat.

Adrian laughed. “Literally every day.”

The meal went over smoothly, for the most part. Oliver didn’t say much, but when the table finally switched into conversation about Quidditch he was happy to participate. Adrian was a Ballycastle fan, which Marcus took well, his chest puffing up in pride. Terry, on the other hand, mentioned that he thought Puddlemere actually had a shot this year, and Oliver found himself lost in conversation with the Slytherin.

He was pulled out of it when Marcus took his hand again. “Let’s dance.” Marcus pressed. Oliver frowned - they hadn’t discussed dancing, but he couldn’t very well say no now, could he? 

Nodding once to Terry in a ‘thank you for saving me from everyone here’ gesture, he followed Marcus onto the floor.

As they arrived, the song switched, tempo slowing down, couples moving closer together. Oliver glanced at Marcus but the man looked fine, unfazed by this change of events. Taking a breath to steel himself, Oliver stepped closer to Marcus and placed his free hand on the other mans hip, letting Marcus do the same.

They fell into the rhythm easily, bodies only inches apart. Oliver could feel the heat radiating off of Marcus, could smell tobacco and leather polish and broom oil. Could tell, from this close, that Marcus had freckles on his nose and a scar under his left eyebrow. The proximity was heady and when the song ended Oliver tried to step back, catch some fresh air.

Marcus tightened his grip. “Don’t leave me now, Wood.” He mumbled, and Oliver’s stomach clenched and turned but he nodded. He had agreed to this. He just needed to make it through another few hours and then he could go home and actually start to consider this new information about Marcus, could close his eyes and pretend things were different.

Three songs later, finally, Oliver managed to twist out of Marcus’s grip. “Need the bathroom,” he breathed out, and turned on a heel to leave the hall. It was only once he pushed open the doors, inhaled fresh cool air and leant back into a small alcove that he realized he was in big trouble.

Oliver closed his eyes and rested his head on the brick behind him, but when he inhaled again he realized the air was no longer fresh and clean. Marcus’s unique smell was back nearly full force, and he swallowed hard before opening his eyes. Marcus was standing less than a foot away from him, eyes looking almost worried as he scanned Oliver’s face. He was blocking the only way out of the small space, but Oliver realized he didn’t feel too claustrophobic - in fact, he wanted there to be even less space.

“Alright, Wood?” He asked, his voice gruff in a way Oliver wasn’t used to.

Oliver managed to nod as their eyes connected. “Yeah. Just. Needed fresh air.”

Marcus nodded and stepped closer, pressing a hand into the stone wall that Oliver was leaning against. He was just about to say something, lips three inches away from Oliver’s, his exhale ghosting across Oliver’s face. And then the door opened again and Adrian and Terry stumbled out, and Marcus’s eyes went wide and they both froze in place.

“Look, you didn’t see the look on Wood’s face,” Adrian was saying to Terry. Oliver frowned at Marcus and he pulled a face. “I don’t know what he did but he’s managed to con Wood into coming, they’re not dating. He’s just doing it to fuck with us, which is exactly what I said was going to happen. Merlin he’s such an asshole-”

Terence was much quieter, and Marcus glanced back and then turned back to Oliver. “Sorry,” he said, though he didn’t sound sorry at all, and then he crashed their lips together. Oliver’s small noise of protest was muffled by Marcus’s lips, and when it was clear the other wasn’t pulling back he lifted his hands up, sliding one around to hold the back of Marcus’s neck and lifting the other up to fist in his shirt.

“Terry,” Adrian stage-whispered, and then made a small strangled sound. “Fuck,” he added, and Oliver listened as the footsteps padded away. “Fuck there are totally snogging, I don’t know how he-“ Adrian’s voice faded off and the kiss lingered another minute before Marcus finally pulled back.

“What was that for?” Oliver tried to sound angry, he really did, but he knew there was no malice in his voice anymore. Knew he couldn’t be angry because even when Marcus laughed and said it was a joke and disappeared, he’d be thinking about that kiss.

Marcus shrugged, and suddenly looked uncomfortable in his own skin, shuffling from one foot to the other and ducking his head down. “Dunno.” He admitted, glancing back over his shoulder to make sure the hallway was clear. “Wanted to do that. Figured I wouldn’t get another chance.”

“Are they still out there?” Oliver whispered, low as he could. Why else would Marcus be saying that he wanted to kiss him? (What was he missing?) 

Marcus looked back up, met Oliver’s eyes with his own. “No.” He said, clearly. Sure of himself despite the flush creeping up his neck. “I know we’re not really… that you just agreed to this as a favour, or - actually I have no idea why you agreed to this. But I didn’t think I’d get another chance, so.” 

Oliver swallowed, hard, and then lifted his hands up to cup Marcus’s face. He decided to take a leap, and hope he didn’t fall. “As far as first dates go, I’d give this a four out of ten, I think. You better aim for a seven on the next one.”

Marcus gaped at him, blinked, shook his head. “What?” He tried to clarify, voice still gruff and low and now laced with confusion.

“You wanted to kiss me. I want you to continue kissing me. Sounds to me like that’s grounds for a second date?”

A large grin broke out over Marcus’s face, and suddenly Oliver found himself being crowded back into the wall again, Marcus’s hands on his hips and his body warm against Oliver’s chest. “Who says I need to wait for a second date?”

h e a r t e y e s // valentine’s day playlist

pillowtalk // zayn  adore // cashmere cate & ariana grande ▴ all that matters // justin bieber ▴ run away with me // carly rae jepsen ▴ tootbrush // dnce ▴ closer // tegan and sara ▴ death of a bachelor // panic! at the disco ▴ talk me down // troye sivan ▴ fallingforyou // the 1975 ▴ roman holiday // halsey ▴ what a feeling // one direction ▴ things // maggie lindemann ▴ touch // pia mia ▴ i’m yours // alessia cara & more…


Okaaaaay so guees who is bored and ready to have bunch of friends whom she can talk and cry over her precious Canadian Gay™ twins? Me!!


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*Must be comfortable with giving some sort of contact thingy! (Phone number for a WP group, for example)

*Pls no terfs or some sort of other bigotry. This network is mostly for sapphic girls, including trans girls!!

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If you want to join or help out, hmu through tumblr messaging!!

anonymous asked:

Can any of you gorgeous gals lend me some tips on how to essentially give off some subtle gay vibes through clothes/fashion?? I'm a smol femme in a rural conservative town, looking to increase my gaydar signal so a princess in shining armor can rescue me from this corn hell and be gay with me! So any outfit / accessory / jewelry tips? What's the aesthetic nowadays? Thanks in advance babes! Be kind to yourselves and enjoy the new week!!

i have a how to look gay tag thats got some post for if you’re trying to tip off another girl’s gaydar, it’s hard as a femme to look gay but things like flannel, hats (esp beanies and snapbacks, but those tend to be more tomboyish), anything rainbow, the interlocking venus symbol, any hayley kiyoko/tegan and sara gear, converse, combat boots, asymmetrical piercings/hair, anything a little edgier tends to look gayer, non-conventional stuff, if u get my vibe…

i hope one day u find ur corn hell queen and the two of you can be lovely and gay together in corn hell until you can get out :’)

also: if any followers have some Gaydar Tips please feel free to share!

good luck anon! <3 <3

Tegan songs, on the theme “I’m so desirable, what the fuck”
  • Time Running
  • You Went Away
  • Where Does The Good Go
  • Speak Slow
  • The Con
  • Northshore
  • The Ocean
Best T&S Pics

So hey, I don’t know if I’ve every really publicized it, but I’ve made photo albums over the years of some of the best/my favorite pictures I’ve taken.  There are probably more I should add, but there are a lot here.  ;)  If you have any votes for ones I’m missing, let me know!

Best Tegan Pictures

Best Sara Pictures

Best Tee AND Ess Pictures

And also, randomly, a collection of all the pics I’ve ever taken (or at least, all the ones I can find) with T&S and other artists/politicians/friends.  :)

Group Pics

crushed: send me to the moon. launch a rocket into my eye. anything would be better than this.(x)

i hate myself for loving you - joan jett // boyfriend - best coast // every day - stevie nicks // a daydream away - all time low // love me already - black kids // closer - tegan and sara //  please do not go - violent femmes // maps - yeah yeah yeahs // why won’t you make up your mind - tame impala // sea of love - cat power // a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” - fall out boy // monday morning - fleetwood mac // love will tear us apart - joy division // please please please let me get what i want - the smiths 

My Coming Out Album

Everyone’s got one, or more than one, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Like, mine isn’t Tegan & Sara, it’s fucking weird.

First of all, there’s stages:

Stage 1: Coming out to yourself. This was always the hardest part for me. I was more scared to admit it to myself and what that meant for me as a person than I was to tell anyone else. I consider myself a very self-aware person– so how could I have gone 20-odd years without knowing something so vital to the core of my being? It made me feel stupid. Anyway, Stage 1 was the Miley Cyrus Bangerz album. Fucking classic.

Stage 2: I’m gay, IDGAF. This is when you’re almost TOO aggressive about being gay. You’re like bitch I’m gay you better deal with it or die. This is my weirdest album: Sucker by Charli XCX. I used to just listen to this in the car and SCREAM. 

Stage 3: I’m gay, help. It’s sunken in by now. You’re gay and you have to tell everyone and some people might not be ok with it. Also, go to therapy. Help me. The New Classic by Iggy Azalea. LOL. I met Iggy Azalea this year and made her sign the vinyl jacket because this album meant so much to me. It was truly a coming out album.


I’m in love with a girl, I cannot process these feelings: SremmLife, Rae Sremmurd

I’m in love with a girl, I’m severely depressed: Pure Heroine, Lorde.

The girl I love keeps Facetiming her boyfriend, should I drown: Goddess, Banks.

A girl and I are flirting, this is the most insane experience of my life, should I start doing drugs (the answer is no): Queen of the Clouds, Tove Lo

I’m gay, I’m ok. This is actually kinda fun: Days are Gone, HAIM.

not impossible, just a bit unlikely ; songs for clara and jenny (+listen) (cover art) 

i. best song ever (one direction cover) - gabrielle aplin / ii. closer - tegan and sara / iii. sledgehammer - fifth harmony / iv. don’t stop me now - foxes / v. boom clap - charli xcx / vi. the only exception - paramore / vii. riptide (vance joy cover) - taylor swift / viii. come on elieen - save ferris 

deliver me

hearts may yet be broken, sis. but not yours.

1. never let me go – florence + the machine (and the crashes are heaven for a sinner like me) 2. king and lionheart – of monsters and men (and as the world comes to an end, i’ll be here to hold your hand) 3. bodyweight – annie eve (and his weight is so related to this pressure bound to my chest) 4. sort of – ingrid michaelson (and if i was stronger then i would tell you no) 5. the woodpile – frightened rabbit (come find me now where i hide and we’ll speak in our secret tongues) 6. love they say – tegan and sara (love, they say there’s only one love, the kind that’s not undone) 7. wandering lovers – christine and the queens (i’ve never wanted someone more) 8. two weeks – fka twigs (i’ll put you first, just close your eyes and dream about it) 9. road to hell – sleigh bells (don’t run away from me baby, just go away from me baby) 10. love love love – of monsters and men (and those bright blue eyes can only meet mine across a room filled with people that are less important than you) 11. my blood – ellie goulding (as you steal my soul from me, alarms will ring for eternity, the waves will break every chain on me) 12. bad things – black rebel motorcycle club (i don’t know what you’ve done to me, but i know this much is true: i wanna do bad things with you) 13. watch you sleeping – blue foundation (we should never awake without the other lying by our side) 14. numb – marina and the diamonds (i got dark only to shine, looking for the golden light, oh, it’s a reasonable sacrifice) 15. born to die – lana del rey (oh my heart it breaks every step that i take, but i’m hoping at the gates they’ll tell me that you’re mine) 16. nara – alt-j (i’ve discovered a man like no other man, i’ve found a love to love like no other can)