tegan and sara fan


Fan passes out in the middle of Call It Off.  

Sara: “Girls always faint when Tegan plays that song.”


We just don’t want to be like that. We want to pick and choose where we extend ourselves and who we group up with. It might seem incredibly controlling, but I don’t care enough about success and money to compromise… I just want to be able to leave every day feeling good. There are going to be days when you just feel crappy. But when you’re at a show and you have 200 fans smiling at you… And you think, “I could cry right now, I’m so happy.”

wjsn as lesbian stereotypes/archetypes
  • exy: hates skirts lesbian
  • cheng xiao: sports lesbian
  • yeoreum: man-hating lesbian
  • xuan yi: short nails lesbian
  • soobin: plaid shirt lesbian
  • bona: femme pillow princess lesbian
  • dayoung: tegan and sara fan lesbian
  • yeonjung: self proclaimed car mechanic lesbian
  • luda: lipstick lesbian
  • seola: never wears makeup lesbian
  • dawon: never shaves lesbian
  • eunseo: overly attached lesbian girlfriend
  • mei qi: snapback lesbian

“tegan and sara went corporate and lost their musical integrity and lost their fan interaction”

i don’t even have the energy to express how fucking ridiculous this claim is but im gonna try because 1) how is going corporate singing songs about women loving women 2) they? like?? pop music?????? they want to make pop music because it makes people happy and it gives them success? SO WHAT? 3) lost their musical integrity? they write every one of their songs, they put their heart and soul into every concert, they bring up important social issues when they could be selling themselves but they choose to raise awareness of important issues 4) they literally just set up a foundation to help lgbtq women 5) lost fan interaction? have you seen their snapchat, twitter and instagram?

Tegan and Sara Sketchdump 4

Tonight’s sketches. This was so much fun :3 I don’t know will I ever get bored of doing these. I couldn’t stop myself from adding a little hart next to the sketch of Tegan. I simply love the reference picture and I think the sketch turned out rather good :) Hope you like them!

More TnS fan art and sketches you can find on my blog!

All the die hard tegan and Sara fans that insist that everything post the con is garbage don’t support lesbian youth and also don’t know how to have fun

“Tegan and Sara Stories” Comic Book Sneak Peak
Art By: Israel “Sketchboy” Sandoval
Written By Balam Godoy. Please Reblog this if you guys want to see this Comic Book and We’ll definitely post it here on Tumblr. Sincerely, The Circadian Mind Company.
Just to add: this Comic Book will be 100 % Quincest Free. And won’t cost a Canadian Penny. Free for nothing. Thank you Tegan and Sara Fans and Members of The Superclose Society.

Update: This is the dedicated Tumblr blog that will feature The Comic Book and other extras that are specifically for this project. The “Circadian Mind" blog  will offer some goodies but mixed in with some other Company stuff as well. So Please Add  the “teganandsarastories” blog as well if you want to keep up to date on what’s going on and see the Comic Books when they go up.

We are hoping to make this a really cool and positive experience for fans of T&S. But like most creative efforts it can be a slow process. Luckily There is 3 stories already completed in script form, now its the process of putting them down in art form. We’ve been working on these scripts for a year now and finally feel we are at a place where we can announce the project to you guys.

This is not a small endeavor. The scripts are not short. This is going to be Amazing if everything falls into place. And I’m as excited to see more Artwork as you guys. We appreciate all the Reblogs and Notes that we’ve received and encourage many more to get the word out, and frankly keep the Morale high at the studio. Thank you for the support!



Happy 35th birthday, Tegan and Sara!