tegan and sara falling asleep

you see free soup, you make a decision to eat it [listen here]

us - regina spektor//yr mnhtn - driftless pony club//broom people - the mountain goats//always gold - radical face//falling asleep - tegan and sara//all i want is you - barry louis polisar//everlasting arms - vampire weekend//me and julio down by the schoolyard - paul simon//going to georgia - the mountain goats//futile devices - sufjan stevens//cable rat king - tom milsom//men of action - driftless pony club//i love you - andrew jackson jihad

segana-banana  asked:

But I mean do tegan and sara


  • shops for groceries: lmao sara for sure cause tegan is a nerd and gets too busy doing tegan nerd things like practicing her air kicks to think about grocery shopping
  • kills the spiders: i’d like to say tegan would because she likes to act all tough and stuff but i get the feeling she’s a giant baby about all bugs in general and makes sara kill the spiders
  • comes home drunk at 3am: tegan does and sara has to tuck her into bed while tegan tries to make out with her
  • makes breakfast: sara because tegan is a shit cook and would probably burn down the house if she tried to like, boil water, so sara makes breakfast
  • remembers to feed the fish: NOT TEGAN SHE’S NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR A FISH SHE DIDN’T EVEN WANT THE FISH (it was her bitch ex girlfriend)
  • decorates the apartment: sara does because she’s all artsy and dark and twisty and shit so she gets rly into decorating the apartment and sometimes tegan will make a contribution but mostly she just lets sara take the reins
  • initiates duets: i wanna say tegan but also i can see sara just randomly bursting out into song just to annoy tegan who cant help but sing along
  • falls asleep first: probably sara because she’s a lil fluffy angel and so she falls asleep first and tegan loves it because when sara falls asleep first she gets to cuddle her without her being like STOOOOP I HATE CUDDLING GO AWAY