tegan and sara burn your life down

Am I a real Tegan and Sara fan yet?

Tegan and Sara’s music saved my life when I was in high school. I know this blog isn’t usually so serious, but it means a lot to me that I get this out there. If, by some miracle, Tegan and Sara saw this tattoo… gods I would be so happy. I’d really appreciate any signal boosting you all could provide.

What does the fandom think of it?

The Signs as Tegan and Sara

*songs from So Jealous / the Con / Sainthood*

Aries: Take Me Anywhere/ Knife Going In/ The Cure

Taurus: I Won’t Be Left/ Soil, Soil/ Paperback Head

Gemini: We Didn’t Do It/ Relief Next To Me/ Red Belt

Cancer: I Know I Know I Know/ Like O Like H/ Alligator

Leo: Downtown/ Are You Ten Years Ago/ Don’t Rush

Virgo: Fix You Up/ Floorplan/ Sentimental Tune

Libra: Speak Slow/ I Was Married/ Arrow

Scorpio: You Wouldn’t Like Me/ Back Into Your Head/ Northshore

Sagittarius: Walking with a Ghost/ The Con/ Wrists

Capricorn: Wake Up Exhausted/ Burn Your Life Down/ On Directing

Aquarius: I Bet It Stung/ Nineteen/ Hell

Pisces: Where Does The Good Go?/ Dark Come Soon/ Light Up