tegan and sara 2013

  • tegan and sara, 1999: what if trees had feelings
  • tegan and sara, 2002: what if weekdays had feelings
  • tegan and sara, 2004: what if my ex-girlfriend had feelings
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  • tegan and sara, 2013: what if YOU HAD FEELINGS

Tegan Touching Sara’s Hair:

Tegan: Well… yeah…. So you didn’t want me to touch you?

Sara: I was a little bit….

Tegan: Ever since she got Grammy nominated she won’t let me touch her hair anymore, it’s weird.

Sara: There was a huge spider in the backstage area and somebody was trying to grab…

Tegan: Here?!! Oh my God.

Sara: And so when you did that I just immediately went to a place where I was like, I’ve brought the spider in here with me.

Tegan: (Cutest fucking nervous giggle)

queerweiss  asked:

tegan and sara?

i have been listening to the awe-inspiring greatness that is powerhouse twin duo tegan and sara since valentine’s day, february 14, 2013. i remember this because “drove me wild” was on a jeff/britta famix that cassie/anniehotlipsedison made which was coincidentally the mix that got me into 8tracks. (EDIT: THIS MIX!)

“drove me wild” is still my favorite of theirs because i’m simple. 

i have yet to experience the Full Scope of their music so i don’t have a least favorite yet; my tegan and sara library is carefully curated to only include songs i enjoy. 

my favorite album is probably sainthood which is my hipster answer because heartthrob, while so powerful as to infinitesimally change the orbit of the earth I AM SURE, would, again, make me simple if i said it was my favorite and i have to look cool. plus sainthood has two historic jams, “alligator” and “sentimental tune”

i do not own any merch and i haven’t looked up their live performances or seen them live. i also don’t watch music videos basically ever so i have nothing of note to say in that department either. i’m a very casual tegan and sara fan to be sure. i also love both of them equally and would not dream of picking a favorite, but one of them (i still cannot tell which is which) invariably has better looking hair at all times so probably her

seriously though “drove me wild” is an amazing song, truly tremendous, a favorite of all time 


Interviewer: So who’s the stronger one of you? 

Tegan: Last we physically fought each other, we were fairly evenly matched. 

Sara: That’s generous, I think Tegan is probably stronger physically…

Tegan: I could kill her… I could tear her to pieces.

Sara: But up here (points at head) whole other thing.


Tegan & Sara perform “Just Like a Pill” Live for P!nk at Billboard Women In Music 2013