- [21-2-13] - My favourite part about the actual set-up of a photo shoot, is the part where my concern is less so with looking good, but more with performing well. I have a habit of “dressing down”, so as to make dropping, kneeling, bending, squatting executed with as much ease as possible. It’s the thrill, nurtured by the carefree nature of it all that allows quality to transcend where it dwells inward, to everything else.

Today, I photographed a look-book titled, “Black Wall Street”, styled by my sister, Jennifer for NYC-based designer, Whitney House’s, The Creative Era – a line of bold and unconventional bow-ties created entirely out of wire; a brilliant manifestation of imagination and innovation.   

Ph. by Ade // edit by yours, truly.

- [29-9-13] - When I was a youngin’ back in Nigeria, and I’d attend a birthday party or an event of sorts and spotted a crate of these, couldn’t tell me I wasn’t set to have a good time. Growing up, my parents sort of limited myself and my siblings’ exposure to sweets, so any opportunity to indulge was seized without much consideration. Ha! What about you guys? What element about your childhood automatically meant “good time”? I have loads. This is just one of ‘em. 👊


+ [13-9-10] - In Bloom // digging through the archives, relearning myself and how that fosters the nature of my Creativity in preparation for some works ahead.

And, it led me to these lovely photographs taken by my beautiful gal-pal, Savannah about 3, 4 years ago — weeks after I got my hair cut. She was probably the first person to understand, and come close to capturing my essence. For me, that’s incredibly refreshing.

It taught me that you are not only an Artist by how you choose to capture you, but also by how you allow others, to capture You.

A self-portrait can be translated in more ways than one.

- [13-5-13] - There’s this portion of Bryant park that looks entirely not like New York. I mean, it’s literally like you just walked in Venice, Italy or something. It’s directly adjacent to Times Sq.; like, right when you get off the 7 train. You have to follow the entrance straight through, otherwise you’ll miss it. It’s incredibly visually-refreshing.