- [17-6-13] - I styled and shot my dear, Chynna [in Harlem] for client, Kibonen NY earlier in the summer.

As you all know, I always have a great time playing in colour, and I think that really shines through here. Also, I enjoyed pushing Chynna out of her element; she does mostly street-wear brands, but I feel her beauty is much more than that.

I’m sure I’ll share more in the future, but these are my absolute favourites, including this shot.

- [13-5-13] - There’s this portion of Bryant park that looks entirely not like New York. I mean, it’s literally like you just walked in Venice, Italy or something. It’s directly adjacent to Times Sq.; like, right when you get off the 7 train. You have to follow the entrance straight through, otherwise you’ll miss it. It’s incredibly visually-refreshing.


You’re in Love? What kind of Love: true Love or cruel Love? //
With whom, Love? Who loves you, like you Love you?
See, there’s true Love and there’s cruel Love, but is cruel Love still true Love? // If sincere, would you see it through, Love? Please, do, Love, and do Love ‘cause through Love, we grew, Love. //
Be Love and see Love as you, Love. Peace-peace, Love.

- [11-7-13] - Chance-meeting // I’m not sure you lot remember my mentioning crossing paths with one of my (f)ol(lowers) not long ago?

Well, anyhow, this is Gari; she wrote to me literally a week or so prior to this, stating how she’d just Love to bump into me casually in the streets of NYC. So, by-chance, I’m just about entering Hotel Indigo in Chelsea and we see each other. I don’t think she expected me to remember her face, so naturally, that made it all the more enjoyable. “TEFF!”, she screamed. And, I just hugged her for a good 3 minutes. Amazing! I asked her to send me the photo; she attached these words, “so glad I got to meet you. I told everyone I know!”. Well, now it’s my turn. (: