- Don’t worry.You really are part of here, really. Always have been, always will be. It all starts here, it all ends here. This is your place. It’s the knot. It’s tied to everything.
- Everything?
- Everything. Things you lost. Things you’re gonna lose. Everything. Here’s where it all ties together.

Dance Dance Dance - Haruki Murakami 


A new technological advancement in television spells doom for some families.

euuhhh sorry I havent been posting much on any of my blogs, I’ve actually been trying to work on original stuff that needs to be kept under wraps, but lately robutts and FATE have been on my mind so here you go. a little poopy lineup of the fated 4′s heights. Sal is 5′3 for a base-

Day Twenty Four- Teevo

Unit T-217, he used to be a security bot for an old factory that fell into disrepair after the raid. He pretty much transcended his programming and just roamed around mindlessly, until he got broken down, and repaired by Skully. They’ve become inseparable since then, and since he runs on nuclear energy, it’s a plus that she fuels him.