I wuz tryna get my baby girl down for the night, but she was all, “Dad, I need to finish watching this episode of #RichKids of Beverly Hills and stuff.” And I was all, That kinda teevee show rots your brains, yo. And my baby girl was all, “So sez the guy who spent the afternoon watching a marathon of Botched.” And I was all, Touché, but it’s time for babies to go to sleep. And so my baby girl went to sleep.

ok i have a new opinion on jess and it is that i hate him because he is so rude to everyone for no reason! he’s so good with rory for the most part but like every time he talks to lorelai i want to smack him in the mouth!

Dirty Teevee Secrets

Okay granted I watch too much TV, but lately I find Tabatha Coffey a little dreamy. Obvs because of the tall and the well dressed and the good hair; also, this is weird, but I have never seen an Australian person wear black all the time before. Further, I feel the need to point out that this photo says it is Tabatha and Raven, when OBVIOUSLY that is Morgan McMichaels, scoff scoff scoff GEEZ.


❝ …..my dear girl.
please, always remain who you are.
let nothing stain you, nothing take you away.
…that is all i ask of you. ❞

here’s the full wadda set from our shoot last month! i’d like to maybe take photos of this costume again someday if i can ever get a group, but my boot covers are pretty messed up after walking through all the sand and rocks and water. QQ

all of these photos were taken on a little island that connects to our local bay area by a sandbar during low tide. despite the heavy winds and overcast weather this shoot was a lot of fun!

大海原 / kurashikis
Photo / Ultimatemarker & ALT TeeVee

When the castle falls, all those inside will be put to the sword. Your herds will be butchered, your godswood will be felled, your keeps and towers will burn. I’ll pull your walls down, and divert the Tumblestone over the ruins. By the time I’m done no man will ever know that a castle once stood here. Your wife may whelp before that. You’ll want your child, I expect. I’ll send him to you when he’s born. With a trebuchet.

Jaime Lannister addressing Edmure Tully~ A Feast For Crows

Way back in the day I was looking forward to seeing this on my teevee. NCW woulda killed it. But we got Jaime & Bronn Do Dorne instead.