Dirty Teevee Secrets

Okay granted I watch too much TV, but lately I find Tabatha Coffey a little dreamy. Obvs because of the tall and the well dressed and the good hair; also, this is weird, but I have never seen an Australian person wear black all the time before. Further, I feel the need to point out that this photo says it is Tabatha and Raven, when OBVIOUSLY that is Morgan McMichaels, scoff scoff scoff GEEZ.


HELLO I was like so cute today
also yesterday

have you heard about this show called ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK? it’s pretty cool you should p check it out 

I love all these new women friends and all their stories. I am seeing stories in ways I have never known. stories of lives of women from all walks. stories I’ve heard of, but never heard.

I love how I adore and hate each of the characters. they’re all terrible and beautiful. they all do cruel things that they shouldn’t, and they all grow, and they all take two steps forward and three steps back. 

I love Poussey the most. My prison wife would be…I think maybe Taystee! Except she’s straight and so maybe that’s why I feel for P. :p


Three separate human beings told me I am brave this week and I’m like

ha, that’s cute that you don’t see that I’m just too dumb to know to be scared
but thanks. it means something. it is definitely a better way to look at things. 

my knee is a mess. Actually the joint feels good (good!) but the muscles around it are a writhing mass of junk. Something on the back won’t stretch out all the way. The toes flutter in a tiny choreography. Gotta quit short changing myself on yoga and get a good stretch in.

bandit’s drinking outta the toilet. Gotta take a few minutes to brush him tomorrow.

okay I have to go. Journal entry complete. I still have things to do. Gotta send off a Market Day assignment and wrap up on ecomaids for tomorrow