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HI. There is one entry that won that I'm rather upset about, the unicorn. The design was stolen off a T-shirt. Just look up "I will Stab you unicorn" and you'll find the design. Please pick another entry that isn't a joke entry. It's unfair to those that put effort into there characters. Other than that all your picks are great!

Well, we did say you could use doll makers or edit pictures of things. This contest wasn’t about your ability to draw something pretty but rather about making a good character and presenting a design for it. I am disappointed to find out that this person didn’t edit the original art work in any way. However I do no think this tee-shirt design is associated with a specific character meaning that Blue Cottoncandypinkcloud jr. Is a character based on this TeeTurtle tee-shirt design thus qualifying them as an OC. I’m not condoning art theft. We will not be using the original image in our comic at any point. Though to be fair, it isn’t really that much different from us drawing Sans or Undyne or any of the other Undertale cast. If anything this T-shirt unicorn is getting free fanart. In a weird way this might even make that T-shirt more well know thus befitting the person who made the TeeTurtle t-shirt art in the first place (that would be nice I think).
(Next time I’ll tighten up the rules and the time frame to help prevent this kind of thing I hope. I apologize to those of you who did your best to draw your characters or make something on your own, I commend you for your efforts, I saw all of them many times and it was really wonderful to see everyone’s submissions. Thank you for your time.)


More Teeturtle designs hot off the press. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been working with these guys for 2 years now. It’s been great working with some amazing artists and seeing our shirts out there in the world, at conventions, and recently on an episode of @Midnight. Can’t wait to see what awesome designs we’ll be making for the next year. As always these are available at Teeturtle.com.