Leonardo Stonewell is a nowhere man set to living his life on the outskirts of civilization, until one morning, he discovers a body floating in the bogs behind his home, it’s face a blank slate. Cue other equally terrifying events happening to the small town of Blackpool, from a mysterious shadow that follows in his foot steps to his ex-best friend suddenly dropping teeth like it’s going out of style. 

TEETHING is a horror webcomic that is currently underway, featuring the spectacular work of @kotsukotsu. It’s a story that follows two boys who partake on a road trip to uncover the truth behind the horrific events plaguing their lives. This includes but is not limited to: swamp lands, science fiction taking place outside of the United States, growing pains, tons of teeth (mostly outside the mouth), glam rock bands of the 80s, adult themes and the constant nagging feeling that shit isn’t alright. 

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Having a chill afternoon with bubs. His naps have been gradually improving, thank goodness! Probably because he hardly slept last night. I’m feeling good about getting the ball rolling to check up on my health. I most definitely could use some mental and physical self love. I set up appointments for both getting my thyroid checked and counseling. I have nearly every symptom of post partum hypothyroidism, so yeah.

Teething advice from a random stranger.

Went on double date and while waiting for our table a lady approached us and talked to us about our baby squish.
Told us shes a L&D nurse and her best advice was from her dentist:
When she starts hardcore teething, Get a soft bristle tooth brush with no rubber back and let her chew away. She said it breaks down the gums in a healthy safe way and that the baby will gag them selves a few times at first when learning how to use it, but it was the best and only thing she used on all 3 of her children that actually worked.

Figured to pass on the wisdom.


“Pulling teeth.”
Working up some fun for slapping around town 😉🚀

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anonymous asked:

What's teething about? It looks really interesting!!! :)

TEETHING is a story that follows Leonardo Stonewell, a young man that begins to lose the ability to see faces to a horrifying effect, and Sven Mensah, a young man who suddenly begins to vomit teeth uncontrollably. Together, the two travel the vastly different world of TEETHING in order to find their 4th grade teacher, Mr. M.

It’s a horror webcomic that centers around character growth and development, from the two main casts’ relationship to the way they view the environment.

It’s got a diverse cast of characters, a disturbing amount of symbolism, references to a lot of dead media and an homage to trying to kiss someone with blood in your mouth.