Since my brother and I both got our first teeth as early as three months, I’m constantly on the lookout with Nikolai. If he cries, it’s teeth. If he’s fuzzy, it’s teeth. If he’s drooling, it’s teeth… but now at his tenth week-aversary, I still can’t deliver and it’s starting to make me look like a teething-conspiracy-nutjob.

Maybe it’s for the best, since breastfeeding is more comfy without tiny chompers to be scared of, no matter how cute they look!

Nikolai’s first two teeth are out since monday!
I usually let him drink from my teacup in the morning (he likes fennel and camomile) and suddenly there was a faint clicking sound when I brought it up to his mouth. I needed two seconds to realize where the sound came from and then I was so excited, I jumped around and woke SexyBee so I could share the great news. Nikolai, oblivious to the source of our happiness just giggled and nibbled on his tiny, chubby fingers. I’m so glad! He was fighting through that process these last few weeks and now it’s significantly better.


As a first time mama, Google has become my new best friend. A few days ago, I noticed that my daughter began to drool. Excessively. She started to refuse her bottle and was fussier than usual. At almost seven weeks, I really hoped that this wasn’t an early sign of teething. Turns out, after my excessive consultation with google, my baby’s symptoms seemed to be just that. According to my mother, my family is blessed/cursed with early teething. A closer examination into her mouth, I found a tiny little white bud pushing out from her gums. 

Poor buddy. Because she is so young, my pediatrician is very wary of using any medications to help relieve pain. And I’d rather use a natural painkiller over synthetic any day. Luckily, the opportunity to try out a couple of Baltic-Amber  Teething Necklaces from Smiling Baby has saved the day. One in Raw Amber and the other in Polished Amber. I’ve been doing some research regarding natural painkillers and it turns out, Baltic-Amber contains succinic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory when absorbed into the skin. With nothing to lose, I put the necklace on my daughter two days ago and only removed it when she was sleeping. 

After wearing the necklace for a few hours, I noticed an immediate change, first in the amount of drool she was producing (she’s been soaking through her bibs like crazy and her bib was dry when I checked), and then in her overall mood. I noticed that her cheeks weren’t as inflamed and she seemed to be more comfortable. I’m amazed how well it worked. 

On another mommy blog, one mother recommended that if you’re worried about the necklace being a choking hazard, you can wrap the necklace around your child’s ankle and place a sock over it to prevent it from slipping. In my research regarding the release of succinic acid from Baltic-Amber, the more body heat, the better. I’ll definitely try it. 

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Viviana started teething at 3 months old. The first symptom I noticed was the constant drool. It was so bad I would have to change her shirt numerous times a day because it was soaking wet. I finally just started putting bibs on her all the time. Her chin and neck used to get really red and irritated from constantly being wet. The older she got the less she drooled because I think she learned how to swallow it. She just turned 15 months and only has 4 teeth. I wish this process was a lot quicker.  These are some of my go to’s when it comes to teething for Viviana:

KiKi The Elephant- KiKi squeaks and is easy for a 3 month old to hold onto and gum on

Amber Teething Necklace- these necklaces aren’t scientifically  proven to work but a lot of mom’s recommended them so I figured I would try it and it’s also so cute.

Cold Organic Pear- I tried giving her apples but the skin was too tough and she would choke on it. The cold pear would soothe her gums and keep her entertained.

Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets- I would give her these tablets if she seemed fussy and nothing else was soothing her gums.

Infant’s Tylenol-I prefer to try a natural remedy first but sometimes that’s not enough.

Toddler Toothbrush-This is helping her to get used to “brushing” her teeth but she loves to chew on it as well.

im so sorry ive been so distant with writing lately!
Im so exhausted.
With this whole weather turn around hazel has gotten sick.
TA DA SO HAVE I!!!!!!!!
I just would like a little break please.
I dont think anything else could be worse than hazel and i being and on top of her teething.


Some wonderful things though is that hazel is learning how to cordinate her numbers with her fingers! Its actually really amazing to watch her develop like this.

We had some powerade in my house and she took them all out and proceeded to tell me ALL the different colors. SHES ACTUALLLY REMEMBERING HER NUMBERS AND COLORS?


guess who doesnt drink milk before bed anymore AND sleeps in her own little bed?


2/3 year goals for hazel are already done, its february.
Still working on this whole potty thing but i know we are going to get it down.

my poor little love is having quite a time with teething. I am so ready for some teeth to show up because this is awful!

also, props to my husband. we got some awesome peaches last season, when I was still pregnant and he froze them in case Logan liked them while teething, because Peyton did. he does like them and they’re a lifesaver.

Felt this needed to be shared.

Looked up the ingredients of Nelson’s Teething Granules to find that the second two MAIN INGREDIENTS of the granules are both a type of sugar!

Lactose is a sugar derivative taken from dairy, and xylitol is a chemical sweetener. This information is only in tiny print on their website and no amounts are stated which probably means they are 99% of the ingredients as the active ingredient Chamomile, is marketed as homeopathy, which means miniscule amounts of said ingredient.

They don’t work, they just make your baby high on sugar! Avoid and share!