teeth so large they are physically unable to close their mouths!!!!


Amy kicked and squirmed, being held perfectly horizontal in the clutches of the giant robot.

Sonic, below, was losing his patience… Everyone could see it; how his teeth clenched, his eyes narrowed, even the dilation of his eyes made them realize this was no light matter to him.

He hunched slightly, and as if his very emotion could control wind, it slightly picked up speed around the team.

The robot, silent without words, gave a clear message as it held Amy higher up, straightening itself up.

One move…

It only took it’s scanners a half-a-milisecond to see movement.

One move… and they could squish her, drop her, anything to get a point across.

Sonic hung with a tightened body.

Previously, Amy had stated her independence, demanding to be treated less like a girl and more like an adult.


“I can take care of myself..!”

Her eyes… were vicious.

She had left to try and state her own abilities to save herself.

A fact… that Sonic took as a direct hit.

To him, this meant he was useless.

If Amy could defend herself, what would she need a hero for?

She continued to fight, but finding her efforts futile, she looked down.

Her expression was of frustration, but she only looked away a moment, before back with a look of- ‘Come on!’.

Sonic’s eyes widened, seeing her jerk her head to him.

“Augh!” when he still didn’t seem to get the message, though it was clear he wanted her to say it first, she finally groaned in annoyance and shouted out.

“Don’t just stand there!

                                        Get him!

With that, it was like he morphed with wind. His being flashed out of physical sight, and suddenly the robot was looking through it’s lens as it went berserk with confusion.

Question marks and scans kept popping up in it’s eyes as it looked around, stumbling backwards, unable to detect where it’s target had run off to-

Sonic darted all around the robot’s body, before emerging with explosions from it and gripping Amy as she fell from it’s hand.

They spun a moment, before he got her in bridal style, and the look on his face took Amy’s breath away.

She had almost forgotten…

How wonderful it was…

To see him so serious about protecting her life…

They landed as the giant robot went down single-handedly. Before then, Sonic and no other could do that on their own.

He rolled to break the harsh landing before gripping her open-back, pulling her closer, as if having to make sure she was there… in his arms… taken care of.

“Sonic… Why did you hesitate?” Amy, with glossy eyes, held him back, feeling the tug his hand on her back pull her closer. It was a comfort, honestly.

“Why-…?” She asked again. “Did you wait for permission..?”

Sonic squinted his eyes shut, before taking deep,… low breaths.

Because… you said you didn’t need hero…

Such pain came from a silent whisper… such horrible loss of worth emanated from the very sentence that it was almost tangible; his breath over her shoulder… the warmth that only mixed with the fires of destruction all around them.

And now,… the destruction of their bond?

“No, Sonic…You misinterpreted me.”

She moved away a moment, but the action sent a longing back in Sonic, not wanting her to part just yet.

He couldn’t bare to have her walk away from him again.

His eyes opened, but skipped around the roof where they knelt, as not daring to look her in the eye.

 She softly placed a loving hand on his cheek, bringing his face up to her, as his eyes darted around, still trying to avoid eye-contact, swallowing…

“I’ll always need you.” She smiled.

Finally, he could look at her.

Understanding flooded over him in a wave of relief, and physically made itself present with a quick release of a fast sigh, easily escaping the small space cracked open by his mouth.

His eyes relaxed too, before suddenly growing in worry when Amy began to totter.


He held out a hand.

almost fell over, but he caught her instantly; for a second, fright skimmed his eyes, before he realized how exhausting getting shaken from such heights and in such ways by a large robotic hand must feel.

He couldn’t help but chuckle, not in humor, but just in surprise.

“I’ve got ya.” He gently whispered, “You can let go… it’s okay. I won’t.”

The reassurance allowed Amy to close her eyes, going limb, as Sonic hoisted her up in his arms, gazing down at her.

Seeing she was starting to try and rest, he turned back to the battle, looking over it… realizing he couldn’t bare to leave her right now.

He looked back, also realizing he had too.

Setting her down somewhere he supposed was safe enough, he found it hard to get up, hard to take his eyes off her now.

Her slow breathing, peaceful demeanor as she lay comforted him in a sense.

She would be fine.

He turned back to the battle at hand. To the war of forces.

He took a deep breath, his mouth a tight line, his eyes closing.

He was making oaths.

Taking vows.

Renewing old convictions and adding new resolves.

He turned back to her with his usual kind smile, but a new humility slightly founded in it as well.

“Wait for me, Amy.” He nodded, “Wait for me.”

Then, he was back to his old self. running on the side of abandoned skyscrapers, he took off towards the battle. A cocky grin, a happy-go-lucky speed.

He was right back to being, what Amy knew to be anyway,…

Her hero.

ZaDr Week- Day 2: Summer Date

They never called it dating. 

Honestly, Dib wasn’t sure if that was even what it was. ZIM was an alien from a genocidal war machine of an empire. Dib was inept at anything approaching human normalcy. 

Not to mention, they had history with a capital H. They had tried to kill each other at one point. More than once. 

It wasn’t exactly conductive to candle light dinners or bouquets of flowers. 

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Thunder & Lightning

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: I got this request and I just adored it and had to write it right away. I’m not usually a very fluffy person (smut is my specialty) but I just love writing fluff for Bucky. Let me know what you guys think! I love hearing from you!
(Also, just an fyi, my requests are open so send me all the things!)

Based on a request by Anonymous: Hey! Can I request where the reader has a fear of thunderstorms and Bucky always sneaks into her bed when it’s storming and wraps his arms around her protectively. Just sweet protective Bucky!! The reader is always really happy to see him and hugs him close like a giant teddy bear ❤️

Word Count: 1,336

- none, unless you’re afraid of storms.

Tags: (at the end)
*if you want to be tagged in my fics, shoot me an ask or message and I’ll add you to the list!

*gif is not mine.

The large, bay window in your room at Stark Tower gave you a full view of the entire city. Most nights, it was simply breathtaking. Tonight, however, a strong storm was being carried in on the wind, sure to bring ominous thunder and lightening; everything you were utterly terrified of.  Right now it was only pouring down rain, the huge, wet drops hitting hard against the glass of your window. You snuggled under your covers deeper, bracing yourself for the first impending boom.

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A Girl Worth Fighting For- 11

Summary: When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.

AN: Okay, well it was supposed to be a drabble series but. I suck. So. Oops.

Words: ~1100

Warnings: None

Tags: @sincerelysaraahh@abigrumple
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Masterlist  Part 10   

Originally posted by stanxstan

Things changed, immediately. Bucky kept his distance, physically and emotionally, throughout the mission in Bulgaria. Country to country, he was meticulous about avoiding you. He barely looked your way and it started getting under your skin. Every mission was much the same, with Bucky only talking to you when he absolutely had to.

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All I Ever Was

Summary: A hunt goes wrong, and you’re left with only one choice. 
: SamxReader
: 1685
: angst (I hope o.o), suicide
AN: This here is my contribution to @nichelle-my-belle‘s angst challenge!!! I kinda enjoyed writing this, and this version is far better than the one I started writing out… it was a good thing I scrapped that first copy. It was so bad…
My prompt is bolded in text!
Constructive criticism welcome!


“Y/N! MOVE!”

Sam’s shriek startled you, making you spin on the spot, gun flying up to try and defend yourself too late, but something large and powerful collided with you.

Pain radiated through your body as you hit the brick wall behind you, and you heard a shard crack as your shoulder blade fracture. You collapsed to the floor, unable to keep yourself up as your head span and eyesight blurred horrifically.

Move, move, move. That was all you could think, but your body wasn’t cooperating. It was as if there was a connection error between your brain and everything else, sluggishly trying to push yourself up.

Gunshots rang out, followed by a slew of curses as both boys pelted down the alley.

Just as you started to shake the dizziness, you felt something land on you, and a scream escaped your lips as long, sharp teeth clamped themselves to your shoulder, terrifyingly close to your neck. The pressure continued to build, pain, like fire, pumping through your veins as you became convinced that the skinwalker would shatter your collar bone with its jaw.

One last gunshot went off, and you whimpered as the husky became a dead weight before slowly shifting back into the man you’d been chasing just hours before.

Seconds later, the stocky guy was hauled off of you, causing you to wince, and Sam gently wrapped his arms around you and tentatively pulled you to him.

“Sam,” Dean started, tucking his gun back into the waistband of his jeans, watching you tremble in Sam’s arms with nothing but shock and fear in his eyes, “Sam… she was-”

“I know” Sam said, cutting his brother off, he didn’t want to hear him say it out loud. He held you a little tighter, resting his cheek lightly against the top of your head as you buried your face in his shirt. “Dammit, I know…”

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Unlikely Alliance-Chanyeol!Wolf AU Part 9 (M)

Disclaimer: Gif not mine. Credit to owner.

Part 8 here


Summary: The Exo pack is being targeted by vampires for unknown reasons (at first). Suho, the Alpha, seeks the help of an old friend, Leo, who happens to also be a vampire. Despite the protests of the pack, Leo sends in his second in command to handle the situation. Chanyeol, the last mateless werewolf of the pack, struggles with the sudden realization that his destined mate is neither human, nor wolf. Chanyeol x OC fanfiction. Warnings: mature and sexual themes. Some Exo members may seem out of character.

Part 9

Kira inhaled deeply and then sighed in content, allowing herself to become numb, engulfed by Chanyeol’s strong musky scent and the lulling notes coming from his guitar. Her eyes grew heavier and heavier, and she felt herself sink into a deep, unusual slumber. She felt hazy and drunk, drunk on Chanyeol’s steady breathing but erratic heartbeat, drunk on the smell of his smooth skin, drunk on his scent mixed with his perfume, drunk on his deep voice as he hummed along with a melody that only he knew. She didn’t fight the neediness and vulnerability that overtook her, she didn’t doubt the werewolf sitting inches away from her, and even though his scalding gaze had never left her face, she didn’t feel uncomfortable. She was somewhere between dream and reality, between drunkenness and sobriety, she was experiencing something completely foreign, a type of sleep from which it was very difficult to wake up, and from which she found herself not wanting to. The outline of Chanyeol’s face was deeply imprinted in her mind, he was the background to every thought of hers, invading her entire being.

Chanyeol realized she had fallen asleep because she was no longer breathing. He knew she feigned breathing while awake to keep pretenses of normalcy, but whenever she was asleep, she stopped. He didn’t think he would ever not panic when he couldn’t hear a heartbeat and breathing from her. He always got the urge to shake her awake just to make sure she was still there, that he still had her. But somehow, deep inside, he knew she was.

She looked peaceful and almost childlike, her face bare of any cosmetics and pale under the moonlight, her lips pouty. He swung his guitar on his back, and leaned forward, getting so close to her face, that his nose was almost touching her cheek. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes while his entire body shuddered in pleasure and content, a deep growl rumbling in his chest. His skin was prickly with excitement. He’d never been so close to her before, because he never allowed himself to be. He knew the moment he allowed himself to kiss her, or touch her skin directly, he would crumble and become a slave to her every need. He wouldn’t be able to keep his distance anymore, he would keep coming back for more and more.

“Kira.” he whispered. “Wake up.”

She frowned slightly and sighed in her sleep, but did not move at all.

“I know you heard me.” He chuckled. “You can’t sleep here, you have to go upstairs.”

“Your voice. Why do I like your voice so much?” she mumbled sleepily, getting more comfortable in the chair.

Chanyeol’s heart was hammering in his chest at her sudden confession. The realization that she sensed their bond brought him more joy than he had ever felt. He gulped nervously.

“If I carry you upstairs, do you promise not to strangle me to death?” he stroked her head gently, he couldn’t help himself when she looked so small and vulnerable curled up in that chair.

She hummed in response and Chanyeol slowly and gently scooped her up in his arms, getting inside the house. Kira wound her arms around his neck and sighed, mumbling his name. As he passed Kai and his mate watching TV in the living room he saw them wiggling their eyebrows suggestively at him.

“I’m just taking her upstairs, I’ll be right back. So don’t start having sex on my couch.” He whispered, going up the stairs.

“Sure you are.” Jongin teased, knowing Chanyeol could hear him.

Chanyeol pushed the door to his room open and entered, making his way to the bed where he carefully leaned over and placed Kira on the soft surface. However, she had grabbed hold tightly of his shirt, and when he tried to pry her hand off as gently as possible, she mumbled:


Chanyeol’s eyes went wide and he froze on the spot. He knew she was in a sort of hazy, deep sleep, he had heard of this happening sometimes around your mate, falling into a sort of drunken coma and only wanting your mate around. He assumed this because normally she should have woken up to yell at him by then. He didn’t want to take advantage, but his mouth spoke independently from his brain:

“Do you want me to stay?” his deep voice echoed through the dark room.

Kira’s answer came when she used her vampire strength to pull him into bed, managing to wrap her arms around him tightly and bury her face in his neck in less than a millisecond. He felt her inhale his scent and nuzzle into his skin, making goosebumps rise all over his body.

Chanyeol struggled to take his shoes off with Kira clinging to him so tightly it was slightly difficult for him to breathe. He pulled the covers over the both of them and wrapped her in his arms, absentmindedly rubbing soothing circles on her back.

The room was so quiet it was almost unbearable, he could only hear his uneven breathing and his hammering heart. He felt Kira caress his chest over his heart as if telling him to calm down and relax. How could he calm down, with his nose buried in her hair, drinking her in, with her tiny body glued so tightly to his, with both her legs tangled around one of his, with her teeth nipping at his neck. For a moment he thought she was going to bite him, but she only sucked on his skin gently and scraped her teeth on the surface, without piercing it.

He knew she could kill him in an instant, and found himself not caring. Because never in his life had he felt so close to someone, physically and emotionally, with only the simplest touches conveying more than words ever could.

So he fell asleep, and dreamt of nothing, because he no longer longed for something he couldn’t have.

Kira slowly opened her eyes and saw tan golden skin, and as she looked up she was met with Chanyeol’s sleeping face. After staring in wonder up at him for quite a while, she shook her head and got up in a sitting position. She grabbed a pillow and smacked him in the chest with it.

“What the hell, woman?!” Chanyeol yelled, waking up and quickly getting out of bed, giving her an angry glare, which she returned.

“What are you doing in my bed, you pervert?” she yelled, getting up on her knees on the bed.  Chanyeol tried not to stare at her bare legs, her dress having hiked up.

“You-you pulled me into bed with you! And technically, it’s my bed.”

“I did no such ridiculous thing! If you’ve got some delusional idea in your head that I am attracted to you, well, you are mistaken. Mis-ta-ken!”

“Oh, really? Then who gave me this hickey last night when she was mumbling my name in her sleep?” he pulled his shirt slightly to reveal a red mark.

“I…” she looked up at him, completely lost, her mouth agape.

Chanyeol folded his arms in front of him and gave her a smug smile, which earned him a pillow in the face.

“What kind of sorcery is this? Why do I feel like this, you awful, awful boy!” she kept throwing pillows at him, and when she ran out of pillows she grabbed the blaket and flung it over his head outraged at Chanyeol’s laughter. He was actually laughing at her and she couldn’t believe it.

“Stop laughing, I’m being serious!”

She got up from the bed and pushed him roughly against the wall, any trace of hilarity gone. Chanyeol gulped and had his eyes glued to her lips.

“Are you sure you want to know the truth?” he asked her, struggling to form coherent thoughts with Kira’s body pressed up against his, as he tried his best to conceal his growing erection.

Kira found herself unable to answer him, her mind foggy from the strong smell of arousal emanating from Chanyeol’s entire body. The intoxicating scent was making her body react in new and unusual ways, as his arousal made her suddenly feel turned on as well. Feeling every muscle and indentation of his torso, and his hard length pressing against her thigh, her eyes gleamed red.

When she looked up from having stared at his chest for too long, she was met with Chanyeol’s golden orbs melting her insides.

Chanyeol gave an animalistic snarl, grabbed the back of her neck with his large hand and kissed her with such force, had she been a human, she wouldn’t have survived it. Kira was unresponsive at first from the shock, but soon, despite herself, she began moving her lips against Chanyeol’s scorching mouth. He moaned loudly, one arm going to the small of her back and pressing her harder against him.

Kira’s hands tangled in his soft locks, pulling and twirling, while she licked his lips and sucked on them. Chanyeol could feel her fangs softly nibbling his lips and found himself actually enjoying it. Their tongues swirled around each other with such ease, it was if they had done it a thousand times before.

Chanyeol growled and moved his lips to her neck, sucking, biting, licking every inch of her skin, as Kira panted softly and moaned. Her mind was yelling at her for having lost control, while her body begged her to lose her mind. Chanyeol grabbed her legs, wrapped them around him and spun around, pinning her against the wall. He ground hard against her and Kira clawed at his back, managing to tear his shirt open in the process. The continuous frantic rubbing of their cores was setting Kira’s body on fire, she couldn’t get enough, yet she felt like she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Kira.” Chanyeol spoke between their heated kisses, while Kira desperately grabbed his face, his shoulders, his arms, anything to steady herself and stop the world from spinning.

“Kira.” He insisted.”You have to stop me.” He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth.”I can’t.” he kissed along her jaw. ”I can’t stop myself.” He hit the wall next to her head, leaving a hole in the shape of his hand.

That seemed to have brought Kira back to her senses, as she slowly opened her eyes and gently pushed him away as he didn’t fight her, managing to uncling herself from him. They both stared at each other from a distance, panting, their eyes shining with desire and the ferocity of the animals that lived inside the both of them.

Chanyeol took a step closer, wanting to grab her again, and Kira froze in anticipation, her skin tingling with excitement.

“I have to get out of here.” Chanyeol said quickly, pulling his hair in frustration and running out of the room. Before Kira could come to her senses and do something, she already heard the front door slamming shut.

Part 10 here

What Happens At Midnight: Chpt 1 - a bucky barnes fic

Here it is. The first fic I’ve written in 4 years. Based on a prompt from @sbcpsychmajor in which Bucky realizes he likes a girl so mUST AVOID HER.

I think I’ll make it a chaptered story if there is any interest :)

3,184 words - Chpt 1/?

Bucky Barnes/OFC

Rated PG-13 for language, romance (Rated M for later chapters)

Originally posted by morefelton


Scarcely lit by the open refrigerator door, cool kitchen tiles began to permeate the thin flannel where Bucky sat cross legged with his jar of peanut butter and bag of apples. The short blade in his hand cut off another large wedge which he dipped into the jar, licking each sticky finger after the bite. Through the noise of chewing he failed to hear the soft padding of bare feet entering the kitchen. It wasn’t until his company rounded the island that he scrambled to his feet, sending apples rolling and knife held firmly at his side.

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Title: Antidote
Pairings: mainly NaruHina; slight SasuSaku
Summary: A knot formed in her throat as she became fully aware of what was happening: she was making love with the boy she’d adored her entire life.
Rated: M 
Warning(s): SMUT ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)
A/N: yay, it’s finally complete! this is part 3 and the last one. part 1 is here and part 2 is here. thanks for reading! ♥ 

“Naruto, get out of the room.”

“Huh? Why?”

“We’re not doing this in the same room, you idiot. You and Hinata go to the other room. Sakura and I stay here.”

Hinata brought her cold hands to her cheeks, hoping to dim down her furious blush. She really wished Sasuke weren’t as blunt as he was. He was only making it much worse for her.

“Fine,” Naruto sighed, standing up. Then, he walked over to her and uttered, “Ummm. Shall… we?”

Hinata’s heart skipped a few beats. Unable to look him in the eye, she wordlessly hurried out of the room as soon as the door opened.

She loved Naruto with all her heart; there was no one else she’d want to have her first time with. So no, she definitely didn’t complain about doing it with him, and she was very grateful it didn’t have to be with a random stranger. Still… why did it have to happen like this? Why couldn’t it have been a normal experience, after several dates and a couple of steamy make-out sessions? Why did it have to be just because a stupid poisonous spider?

She couldn’t believe what was happening. This was so terrible, she would be traumatized for life.

Quickly, she walked down the hall, towards her room’s door. When she reached it, she glanced behind her and noticed Naruto was just closing the other room’s door behind him. He felt her gaze upon him and looked up to meet it, which almost made her squeal with surprise. Hands shaking, she pushed the door open and stormed into her room.

As she caught sight of the closest bed, her own, she began to hyperventilate. That was where it would happen… in only a few minutes… with none other than Naruto Uzumaki… but not for the right reason.

She wondered if he even liked her back. She wondered if perhaps this was a huge sacrifice to him. She wondered if he was doing it just because it was his duty as her teammate for this mission. She wondered if he would ever do this under normal circumstances.

Stop thinking about such things. Stop torturing yourself!


Jumping, she spun around and faced Naruto. He was standing right in front of her; when had he gotten there? She didn’t even heard him walk in.

His beautiful cerulean eyes filled with worry as he observed her flushed face. “Why… why are you crying?”

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The Lucky One II

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Chapter 14.  Young Love II 

“Youngwoo-oppa!” a little girl’s voice sounded as she jumped up and down in your living room. 

Rubbing your tummy, you squeezed some whip cream and strawberry jam onto the bear pancakes and served them on the diner table.  Yoona entered the kitchen, dragging her mom with her. 

“_______ah!” the older female greeted you. 

“Hey!” you said back, shooting her a smile. 

She let go of her daughter’s hand to walk toward you.  Her soft, beautiful hands were placed onto your belly and she whispered a few words as if blessing your little YoungHwa with her angelic voice. 

“See what I mean?  Everything ended up perfect,” she spoke and you nodded.

“So pwetty!!” the little girl with pigtails exclaimed as she tiptoed to admire the panda pancake with a strawberry jam bow on her head. 

You walked over and petted her head.

“Does Yoon-ie like it?” you asked, grinning as she nodded her head enthusiastically.

“B-but where is Youngwoo-oppa?” she questioned, timidly. 

Her mother sent you a mischievous smirk while wiggling her eyebrows. 

You muffled back a giggle before calling, “Youngwoo-yah!  Time to wake up Sleepyhead!”

Moments later, the young boy stumbled into the kitchen.  His hair stood up in all different directions while he rubbed his pink, sleepy eyes.  The little girl bounced up and down in front of him.  Her pink Minnie Mouse skirt flowed up and down like a rainbow parachute, flashing her adorable panda undergarments.  Her mother rushed to fix her up before she revealed too much to her crush.  You watched in amusement as Youngwoo’s jaw almost dropped to the floor at the sight of Yoona. 

“Oppa!” Yoona squealed before throwing her arms around him. 

Enveloped by absolute shock, Youngwoo’s knees caved in and he and Yoona were sent falling onto the floor.  A succession of lurid “thuds” resonated through the kitchen.  Yoona’s mother and you gasped, both of you rushing forward to check on your kids.  But as soon as you got a glimpse of their state, you stood frozen in place.  The napkins that somehow were in your hands fell out like fallen petals from a tree branch. 

Not only was the younger girl on top of your son, her lips had coincidentally found Youngwoo’s.  Their baby lips smashed together like jelly on peanut butter.   

You didn’t even have time to react before Kim Jongin’s voice hollered down the hall, “OH YOUNGWOO!  WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?”

You watched with wide eyes as Sehun desperately held him back from strangling his son. 

“Oppa!” his wife said as she patted his chest to calm him down.  With her eyes, she signaled for Sehun to clean up the “mess”.  Your husband quickly separated Youngwoo from Yoona. 

The little boy sat on the ground stunned out of his mind at what just happened.  On the other hand, Yoona simply got up, walked over the table, and plopped down on the chair in front of the panda pancake as if nothing happened. 

Still unable to comprehend anything from your befuddled state, you paced over to check on your son, only to have him dash away from you to stand in front of Yoona with the same surprised expression.  She turned to him with a blank gaze, while holding a piece of pancake on a fork.  When Youngwoo didn’t respond she went back to chowing down on her breakfast.

“…Yoona…” your son called for her attention. 

“Bommie!” she exclaimed, noticing her panda plush in Youngwoo’s hands.  She carelessly dropped the metal utensil onto her plate and took the doll from your son’s hand.  Whip cream and strawberry jam stained all over the tablecloth like oil paint on canvas.  

Smiling, she petted Bommie and innocently asked, “Has Youngwoo-oppa been treating you well?”  

“I have!” Youngwoo answered, almost defensively. 

“Okay!” Yoona chirped, nodding in approval.  Her large round orbs transformed into mere curves.  She placed the doll onto her lap and resumed devouring her food. 

When Youngwoo continued to stare at her without saying a single word, she forked a bit of pancake and held it up to him.  The whip cream grazed against his skin and he flinched at the contact.  Seeing that he rejected her offer, Yoona shrugged and ate the piece instead. 

“Yummy!” she said as she patted her belly.

Finally, you snapped out of your reverie and walked over to the two children. 

“Yoona-yah, do you want some more?” you asked while secretly squeezing your son’s shoulder so he’d wake up from his daydream as well. 

“Can I?!” the girl asked excitedly. 

“Yep!  Just wait a few minutes, okay?  Unnie will go make a new batch for you!” you informed. 

“She can have mine,” Youngwoo surprised you by saying.  But his tone was empty and void of emotions.  You watched as walked back into his room with his head hanging depressingly. 

“Youngwoo-yah…” you called but he ignored you.  Sehun came over and squeezed you on the shoulder, urging you to just let him have a quiet moment to himself. 

“Youngwoo-oppa?” the young girl called out, confused by his actions.

When he continued his way into his room, she turned around.  Her face twisted up. 

“Uh oh,” her mother said while swallowing the lump in her throat.

Within seconds, Yoona began to sob.  Her mother quickly rushed to her side, hugging the girl against her big belly. 

“OH YOUNGWOO!” Jongin shouted, gritting his teeth.  Sehun closed his eyes before sprinting after his friend to rescue his poor son. 

You almost followed had you not been held captive by the little girl’s cries. 

“Ommaa…why does Youngwoo-oppa hate me?” she wailed, hiccupping from crying so hard. 

You cringed, opening your lips to counter her deduction but her mother got to it before you could. 

“Aw Honey, Youngwoo doesn’t hate you.  He’s just shy!” she explained.  You nodded in agreement.  But the girl continued to cry.      


After a late night phone chat with Yoona’s mother discussing about the two little troublesome children’s confusing relationship, you two came to the conclusion that Yoona and Youngwoo needed to go out on a play date.  So ditching your two men of the house, Yoona, her mother, Youngwoo, and you planned an outing to Chuck E. Cheese.  Though your plan began to unravel as soon as you woke up that morning. 

Sehun narrowed his eyes at you, already smelling something fishy.  You tried to get out of bed but the handsome man pulled you back into his embrace. 

“Oppa…” you whispered, trying to wiggle out of his grip. 

“You are planning something without me.  I can smell it!” he whined.

“You smell morning breath, that’s what you’re smelling!” you joked.  Sehun playfully breathe into your face.  You crinkled your nose while he beamed happily at your reaction. 

“So tell me what you’re up to,” he drilled.

“Nothing!” you replied defensively. 

“Oh okay.  Let’s just go back to sleep then,” your husband was getting good at using his passive aggressiveness on you. 

“Fine,” you pouted and Sehun smirked.  With a sigh, you admitted, “I’m taking Youngwoo out to have a play date with Yoona”.

“What?!” your husband’s voice was a few octaves higher. 

Thinking that he was going to spoil the plans, you quickly spoke, “Play date.  It’s a play date, Oppa.  It won’t be harmful.  Did you see how sad Yoona was yesterday?  It broke my heart!”

“Oh, I’m not against it.  I’m just angry that you didn’t include me in the plan,” he stuck his tongue out at you. 

An unladylike cackle escaped from your lips and you threw your hand over your mouth in embarrassment.  Sehun chuckled and leaned in to give you a big smooch on the cheek. 

“Okay!  Let’s get ready then!!!” he said excitedly jumping from bed and running into the bathroom in wide strides, like a crab. 

You rolled your eyes and hollered, “No one invited you, Oh Sehun!!”

But of course that didn’t stop the grown up child from joining.  Well, it wasn’t such a bad idea anyway since both you and Yoona’s mother was pregnant, it’d be safer to have another chaperone to watch over the troublemakers.  So you got into the car with Sehun taking the honor as the driver.  You strapped Youngwoo into the back seat before joining your hubby in the front passenger seat. 

“Ready?” he asked, looking into the rearview mirror to check for his son’s reaction but the little boy merely nodded. 

The young father frowned and strained his neck back to physically look at Youngwoo but you patted his arm to encourage him to just go.  Nodding, he turned around and drove off to pick up Yoona and her mom.  By the time the three of you arrived at the Kim mansion, they were already waiting outside for you.  With a glowing smile, you waved to them.  Your gentlemanly hubby got out of the car to open the door to invite the two beautiful females into the car. 

“Yoona, get in,” her mother encouraged the visibly timid girl. 

She obediently slid into the middle seat, beside Youngwoo. 

“Good morning, Youngwoo Appa.  Good morning Youngwoo Omma,” the little girl greeted politely before shyly turning to your son and whispering, “Good morning Youngwoo-oppa”.

Youngwoo grunted and turned to look out the window. 

“Oh Youngwoo…” you called for his attention so he mumbled a “Good morning” under his breath.

You frowned at the big baby then turned to Yoona with a wide smile, “Yoon-ie, are you excited about getting to play all the fun games at Chuck E. Cheese and winning all the amazing prizes?!” you exclaimed and the girl nodded enthusiastically.  Her mother kissed her on top of the head. 

To say that the car ride was awkward would be an understatement.  That little booger, Oh Youngwoo, would not reply to anything Yoona said.  It was as if someone had physically zipped his lips together.  Unimpressed by his immaturity, you gave him several signals to liven up or else.  And every time you did so he’d sigh and force out a one-word reply. 

“Oppa do you like pehpehroneee or saw-seege?” Yoona asked sweetly.

“Cheese,” Youngwoo replied stubbornly, with his arms crossed over his chest. 

“He likes sausage,” you corrected, shaking your head. 

“Really?  Yoona likes sausage too, Young-ie!  You two are a match made in Heaven,” her mother slyly commented, causing her daughter to blush bashfully. 

Youngwoo doesn’t respond so you sighed and slouched back into your seat. 

Oh well, I’m sure by the time they start playing games, they’d be okay again.

You were half-right.  The smile finally returned onto your little boy’s face as he was busy shooting down these three-eyes aliens that bounced around in front of him.  Yoona played on the opposite side, squealing with joy.  You flexed your arms to sigh in relief, only to hear a sigh coming from the other pregnant woman. 

“I guess the play dating idea with the perfect plan,” she spoke, smiling at you. 

Nodding, you smiled back.

“Although, I’m not sure if Young-ie and Yoon-ie are the ones having the most fun…” you commented, pointing at your husband who was running around with his arms flailing out like an airplane. 

The other female giggled.  You had to admit though, you were so glad that Sehun had invited himself to join because two pregnant woman weren’t the best choices to watch over two crazy kids in an arcade.  So the two of you decided to sit back and relax over warm milk smoothies, while chitchatting and occasionally observing the three children in front of you. 

You couldn’t contain your laughter when your husband tried to follow Yoona and Youngwoo into a tunnel, only to get his head stuck.

“Oppa!  You Pabo!” you shouted then turned to Jongin’s wife, “He’s over two decades older than Youngwoo but still acts like a five-year-old!” 

“Mmhm…Jongin-oppa is like that too,” she added, gracefully covering her mouth as she giggled. 

Everything seemed so perfect and joyous…nothing…nothing could go wrong right?  But then you heard a whimper.  Turning around, you witnessed Youngwoo holding onto a stuffed bunny prize.  Beside him, Yoona jumped up and down, her little pigtails bounced along.  She outstretched her hands, thinking the older boy would give it to her but instead he turned around and handed it to another little girl they had just met.  The smile of Yoona’s face disappeared, replaced by a frown…then quivering lips. 

“Uh oh,” her mother whispered, before getting up from her seat.  You followed along, but midway there, the wails had already begun. 

“W-what is wrong, Yoon-ie?” Sehun questioned, completely puzzled, having missed the scene from earlier. 

“Yoon-ie…Shhh,” her mother held her close, “Sehun will win another one for you”.

But the girl continued to cry. 

“Oh Youngwoo…” you called, squatting down to his level, “Why’d you do that?”

His father squatted down as well, looking at you with the same blank expression he had on earlier, “Jagiya…did I miss something?”

“Yes, you did, Pabo.  While you were busy whacking moles, your son managed to make Yoona cry again…” you sighed. 

“W-what did he do?” Sehun asked, a bit taken aback by your harsh tone. 

Sighing again, you said in a much softer voice, “He won a stuffed bunny and instead of giving it to Yoona, he gave it to another girl – who he didn’t even know…” 

In front of you, Youngwoo hung his head and shifted his feet. 

“Ohhh hahaha,” your husband laughed then nonchalantly said, “That’s okay.  We can win another one for Yoona”. 

You planted your face into your hands, “That’s not the point.  The point is that our son is being mean to Yoona for no reason!” 

“Aigoo…you little brat…have you been mean to Yoon-ie?” his father said half-heartedly while ruffling his son’s head.  You narrowed your eyes at his way of reprimanding at his son – but not really. 

So he physically scooted Youngwoo over to the crying girl and said, “Youngwoo-yah.  When you do something wrong, what do you have to say?”

Sensing Youngwoo’s presence before her, the young girl quieted her sobs a bit, anticipating an apology. 

“Sorry,” Youngwoo mumbled, his head still hung low. 

Sniffing her tears, Yoona came out from hiding in her mother’s embrace.  She stepped forward and innocently tilted her head to look at Youngwoo’s face. 

“It’s okay, Oppa!” she said cheerfully, then looped her hand over her play date’s arm, “Let’s go play another game”.

You sighed in relief, thankful that the little girl was much more mature at handling situations than your son.  As you massaged your throbbing temples, Sehun patted your shoulder in reassurance…but the calm was short lived. 

“But that game is SO girly!” Youngwoo complained when Yoona stopped in front of a game about unicorns and fairies. 

“But they’re so pwetty!” the girl squealed, her eyes twinkling, like stars in the night sky, as she stared, mesmerized by the revolving carousel of mystical creatures. 

“They’re so ugly!  You have no taste!” Youngwoo insulted and you gasped. 

“Youngwoo!” you hissed.

“They’re not ugly!” the girl sobbed.  Her mother officially planted her face into her hands. 

Sehun and you rushed over to separate them before anything got worse. 

“It’s okay, Yoon-ie.  I’ll play with you,” Sehun suggested but the girl violently shook her head.

“I want Youngwoo-oppa to play with me!” she screeched stubbornly.

With his arms crossed against his chest, Youngwoo said, “I’m not playing that dumb game you, Dummy!”

Tears cascaded down the girl’s cheeks as she vocally began to wail.  Grimacing, her mother held her back and forced herself to waddle over to her daughter’s side.  Your head was pounding so hard, you thought a blood vessel would burst. 

“I’m not a Dummy!” she sobbed, wiping her tears with her tiny arms. 

“Well, Bommie is a Dummy then!!” your son shouted, pointing at the panda doll in the girl’s hand. 

Yoona abruptly stopped wailing.  With watery eyes, she looked up at Youngwoo.  At that moment, you saw the most heartbroken expression that ever appeared on such a young girl’s face.  Slowly, she recoiled to hide behind her Omma.  The grip over her panda doll loosened.  Bommie was discarded onto the carpet floor, rolling over, just inches from Youngwoo’s foot. 

“Oh Youngwoo!  Why are you being so mean to Yoon-ie?” her mother asked.  When he doesn’t respond she said sternly, “If you’re going to act like this from now on, I’m not going to let Yoona play with you anymore”. 

Shaking your head, you kneeled down in front of your son and desperately asked, “Young-ie, what’s gotten into you lately?”

The boy fidgeted around, refusing to look at you.  Seeing his look of remorse, you dropped your angry expression and whispered, “Youngwoo-yah, Omma knows that you don’t hate Yoona.  You’re just shy right?”

His little lips quivered but he nodded so you continued, “Now be a good boy and apologize to Yoona, okay?”

He nodded again.  You gave him a sad smile, stroked his cheek, and encouragingly pushed him over to Yoona.  The girl withdrew further away, behind her mother, as if thinking that your son would hurt her.  Little whimpering noises escaped from her pink lips. 

Just as Youngwoo opened his mouth to talk, Yoona curled her baby hands around her mother’s dress, tugged it, and whispered, “Omma, c-can we go?  I don’t want to play anymore”.  

“Yoon-ie, why don’t we wait and hear what Youngwoo has to say,” her mother gently spoke, while stroking her head but the girl shook her head. 

Sighing, her mother looked over at Sehun and he nodded, walking out of the door to get the car ready.  You continued to urge Youngwoo to say sorry but the little girl had dragged her mother away to wait by the door.  Her favorite panda plushie, still casted-off onto the floor.  Frowning, Youngwoo bent over and picked Bommie up, mumbling a few sorrys to the stuffed animal.  You opened your lips to lecture him about why he was able to so easily apologize to a toy but not Yoona…but one look at his bloodshot eyes left you speechless. 

Maybe this play date wasn’t such a good idea…           

That night, with Bommie smothered into his chest, Youngwoo cried himself to sleep.  Every wail, every sob was a stab at your heart.  At the doorway, you debated whether or not you should talk to your little boy or let him have a moment of privacy to himself.  Instead, Sehun patted your shoulder, walked into his son’s room, and quietly bent down to give his son a kiss on the cheek.  Youngwoo looked up with those glossy eyes that felt like bullets shooting through your flesh. 

“Appa is here.  Is there anything Youngwoo wants to tell Appa?” your husband asked, gently picking the little boy up into his arms. 

The boy sobbed into his chest, spurting out incoherent sentences but his father kept nodding as if he had fully comprehended what he said.  With a sigh, you rubbed your belly and walked away to give the two boys some privacy.     


a/n: Sorry, brain is a mush today so didn’t do extensive editing >< May be choppy.  But Oh Youngwoo nuuu you little brat ଽ ฅ૮( ꒪〰꒪)აฅ

velvetcadence  asked:

Charles unwittingly walks into a movie scene and finds Erik lying in a puddle of fake blood. He believes it's all real and starts to panic and get weepy, and Erik goes along with it and pretends to die dramatically in his arms. Then the director calls out "cut".

Many thanks to our-girl-friday for looking this over for me c:

The day starts off fairly innocuously. Charles walks to Columbia in the morning, his satchel weighed down by the number of papers he’s got inside: essays and lab books to be given back, a copy of the New York Times, and a novel that he had been meaning to finish for some time.

The day passes most uneventfully in a flurry of classes and a sea of bored student faces. All in a day’s work of the finest Genetics Professor and Sex God that New York has to offer (even if the latter title is getting zero workout as of late).

His neighbourhood is filled with mostly students and other professors like him. He stops at a little cafe on the way back and indulges in a decadent triple chocolate cookie – complete with chocolate chips and all – and chats with his ex-student Kitty who works as a barista there. Charles bids her farewell when the disgruntled customer behind him coughs rudely and he makes the last leg of the journey home, taking a huge bite out of the giant cookie to tide him over until then.

As an academic, Charles isn’t the the most health conscious of individuals. Cooking requires dedication, trips to the green grocer, washing the dishes afterwards and preparation time (any recipes he finds from the internet will quote him a number that Charles has to inexplicably double for it to apply to his amateur cooking skills).

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Too distracted

pairing: Makoto + Sousuke
rating: explicit
wordcount: 1k

Summary: Sousuke claims the reason he can’t pay attention in class is because the person teachingit poses too much of a distraction. And now Makoto is terribly conflicted about his morals.

* this is a teacher/student relationship so if that makes you feel weird


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