703: Drone Xenomorph (Alien Franchise)

With covenant getting released, I wanted to give some love to one of the most iconic monsters in film history. Give the movie some support if you feel like it!

Probably My Favorite Scene From The Original

‘Smile Stealers’ Recalls A Time When Dentists Routinely Reached For The Pliers

Medical historian Richard Barnett traces the history of dentistry in his new book. He says that prior to the 18th century, the profession was often practiced by charlatans with “big muscles." 

“What you need to be a dentist in this period is a tooth key or a pair of pliers and big muscles to make sure that you can extract the tooth from the patient’s jaw. Rather as when you are looking for a sort of plumber or something today.”

Photo: Full and partial dentures © Wellcome Library, London


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Ostiarius, a giant alien worm thing whom deemed themselves as a king in their empty kingdom.  Dress up as king so does that make you a king? Hmmm who knows. ( edit: here’s more drawings of them [ x ] )

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