anyways im glad you guys care about me, but sorry to disappoint, i’m perfectly fine (aside from a little elevated heart rate and sweating)

anyways i’m an ar-teest, so i’ll provide a little diagram here

now while this doesn’t seem that exciting, it was pretty scary for us (me n’ me mum).

while the car didn’t hit us, it was the closest i’ve ever been to being in a car wreck; any closer and it would’ve really fucked up the left headlight side.

me and mom were talking, and this car came speeding on our side.
luckily, she braked in time because that car did not slow down. it ended up speeding off in the distance and that’s the last we saw of it (then again it’s only been like an hour).

this all happened on some road, no one saw it (as far as i know) other than us. there’s no point in calling cops or someone because we didn’t get hit and we didn’t see the person driving, their plate, nothing. 

pretty wild stuff yeah