"T-shits, On Why Being Wrong Can Be Right" is a lecture and workshop by Maude Kasperzak and facilitated by WNTW. Inspired by teeshits, a blog (teeshits.tumblr.com) authored by Kasperzak, as well as Jenna Kaminsky and Emily Burtner, dedicated solely to T-shirts that defy fashion on just about every conventional level, “T-shits, On Why Being Wrong Can Be Right” outlines just what it is about these fashion faux pas that makes them so alluring. By breaking down the meaning behind the shirts’ cultural and aesthetic irony, “T-Shits, On Why Being Wrong Can Be Right” explores how humor can be poignant, bold, and of course wearable.

Following the slideshow lecture, Kasperzak and members of WNTW will conduct a ‘T-Shit’ designing workshop.