tees to dye for

im very happy about my little haul today :)


urban decay naked palette - $54


the balm nude ‘tude palette - $36

the balm nude dude palette - $36


mossimo tie dye flowy tee - $19.99

mossimo button up a-line skirt - $19.99

barnes and nobel:

milk and honey by rupi kaur - $14.99



new-berlinwall  asked:

Cliche Summer camp AU where Lefou is a junior counselor who has it bad for Gaston - the charismatic rifle counselor - but also Stanley (who is a junior arts and crafts counselor) is high key flirting with him with making him tie dye tee shirts and asking him to sit with him during movie night. Everyone is placing bets on who Lefou will end up with by the end of camp dance.

send me gafou/stanfou prompts!! ask box is always open 🌸

This ficlet’s also on AO3!


I’ve honestly never been to a summer camp with a rifle counselor - what if Gaston was in charge of archery, instead? That’s a tad bit safer. LeFou gets all hot and bothered watching Gaston pull his bowstring taut and then letting an arrow fly. It’s hard not to be impressed by impeccable aim.

The kids adore LeFou and all agree that he’s the best s’more maker. In fact, food in general is his thing - Gaston helps him grill hot dogs and burgers sometimes, but he knows not to get in LeFou’s way. Gaston is quite taken with him (and his culinary mastery), and LeFou thinks he’s got it bad for Gaston, too.

Until Stanley joins the staff.

The man is adorable and not afraid of getting what he wants - which, in this case, is LeFou. He’s the camp’s new arts and crafts counselor and is ridiculously good with his hands. He makes LeFou tie-dye t-shirts that are just the right size and writes his number in sharpie on the tag. LeFou reluctantly texts him, not expecting anything to really happen - but Stanley replies immediately.

LeFou is chatting amiably with Gaston in the corner of the cabin when Stanley says, “Fou, get over here,” patting the bench he’s sitting on.

“Uh - I’ll see you later,” he says to Gaston, a little flustered. Gaston watches him walk away with a frown.

“So who are you going to choose?” Belle (the literary/story-time counselor) asks slyly as she and LeFou carry a canoe out of the boating shed.

“What are you talking about?” LeFou laughs.

“Are you going to go out with Gaston or Stanley?”

He nearly drops the canoe.

“Adam’s got his money on Stanley,” Belle quips. “He really doesn’t like Gaston for some reason. I think it’s just because Gaston beat him in the shooting contest, though.”

“Your boyfriend is betting on who I’m going to end up with?” LeFou spluttered, appalled.

Belle shrugged. “He’s the wildlife counselor; he’s not exactly reserved about his opinions. He’s all about facts.”

Gaston sits next to LeFou at that night’s campfire and casually drapes an arm around his shoulders. Stanley glares from across the firepit.

“Text me, okay?” Gaston says when they’ve reached LeFou’s cabin.

“Mmm,” LeFou murmurs, his phone buzzing in his pocket (likely a message from Stanley).

When the end-of-summer dance (it’s not really a dance, of course; it’s more of a party) arrives, LeFou finds himself standing in front of two men, having been asked by both to dance.

You decide what happens next!