tees and baggy jeans

welcome to riverdale; the core four


PROMPT; all hands are on deck when a new girl comes to town, especially when she’s got a secret that’ll either solve the case of jason blossom’s murder or change the course of it completely.

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS; no pairing; jughead jones, betty cooper, veronica lodge, kevin keller, archie andrews, and mentions of the blossom family.

AUTHOR’S NOTE; hey guys c: this is my first imagine on riverdale and on this account, so some critiques and such are welcomed! also, i’m sorry if the end seems kind of rushed. i wanted to get this up asap.

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Welcome to Riverdale, the town with pep!

Packed bags, a loaded truck with all your belongings and a dog in the seat next to you was all you had. Everything you couldn’t carry on your body was poorly packed into several bags, which were all shoved in the bed of your truck and on the floor of the passenger seat.

Fresh start. New beginnings. The usual.

An old house down the street of Riverdale Highschool was where you were going to call home for a while, until you got enough money to actually buy a house and not squat at foreclosed ones.

Your bags were scattered around the living room, labeled with plastic tags; clothes, keepsakes and a designated one for plastic plates and basic cutlery. You had all you needed. Nothing more, nothing less. That was how you lived, with what you had and what you needed.

But sometimes what you had wasn’t enough, and tonight was a perfect example.

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study group smiles, movie suggestions, subtle compliments. dark eyes and light hair. freckles and dark lips. having picnics, calling each other princess, picking berries together. baggy tees and torn jeans. leather jackets and red bandannas. long hugs, hot days in the sun, holding hands. just me and her. she’s beautiful.

Catch Me If You Can (Peter Parker x Reader)

Prompt: Hi!! Could you do a bit where the reader has the spider powers, like Spidergirl or Spiderwoman? And she and Peter go to school together and she’s been crushing on him, and one night she’s on patrol and she saves him or something but he recognizes her voice. Love love love your blog!! Thanks so much!

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You were known as Spidergirl to the citizens of New York City, but really? You were (Y/N) from Queens. The girl who wore baggy sweatshirts and nerdy tees with ripped skinny jeans and the same shoes everyday. Nothing like the red-and-blue clad superhero that young girls admired.

The final bell rang and you were out of your chair instantaneously so you could get to the city for your patrol. While sprinting down the hallway you lost your footing and fell into a row of lockers, erupting laughter from your fellow students. Your books and random papers scattered on the floor, nobody stopping to help pick them up. When you’d almost finished, another set of hands picked up the rest of the papers from the other side of the corridor. You looked up to see the sweet, chocolate eyes of Peter Parker. “Uh, thanks,” you told him as he handed you your work. “No problem,” he replied and stuck his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. You hurried off after a quick mumble of a goodbye, only to hear him calling after you. You didn’t look back.

You’d been on patrol since six that evening after you’d finished your homework. With a tingle of your spider senses, you headed over to help the victim. Surprisingly, you did not find anyone in the alleyway. You were about to turn around and try to search some more but you heard someone struggling and mumbling. You looked up to see Spiderman hanging by his own webbing from a fire escape. A chuckle erupted from your mouth as you swung up to the platform below him. “Seems like you’re in a bit of a pickle, Spiderman. If only there was someone who could help you,” you joked. His mechanical eyes widened in surprise. Leaning forward, you began de-webbing him until he fell flat on his face. With a groan, he flipped himself over onto his back so he could look at you. “Thanks for that, some muggers got handsy.” You giggled before lying down next to him. “Yeah,” you replied, “they usually are.”

“So Spidergirl,” he said but you interrupted him before he could say anything more. “It’s Spiderwoman, actually Spiderboy.” “It’s Spiderman,” he mumbled. “I know, now what were you going to say?” you asked. “You sound familiar. Do I know you?” You shook your head against the metal before standing to sit on the railing. “Don’t think so. Probably not, I’m not very noticeable,” you told him. Suddenly, he jumped up from his lying position to point a red finger in your face. “I do know you!” he exclaimed. “I helped you with your books today! Hey (Y/N)!” His knowledge of your identity caused you to lose balance and you almost fell backwards. Peter’s arm shot out around you to stabilize you, which meant his masked face was extremely close to you. You slowly removed your mask before pulling his off his face to see a goofy smile spreading across his lips. He leaned forward expecting a kiss but you fell backwards, shot a web towards the building across from the both of you and yelled, “Have to catch me to kiss me, Parker!” before running along the rooftops.

The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 ||

 ✮ Chapter Two: First Day ✮

Word Count: 2958

Note: I forgot to add it on first part in the prologue but pretend that Lucas was supposed to transfer to NYC during his freshman year of high school and not seventh grade. I just wanted them to be older for this story.. :) 

Also make sure you’ve actually read the prologue as well as chapter one!! I know some people missed it!!

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

After dragging herself out of bed and into the shower Riley dresses for school and makes her way downstairs where she finds Jed sitting on the sofa with a laptop in hand. The old man shares some news that doesn’t go down well with the New Yorker.

“You’re going to make me catch the bus on my first day at a new school?” Riley’s eyes are wide with disbelief.

“I don’t like to drive much,” Jed croaks.

“How will I know what to do?” Riley asks in a panic.

“There’s only one school bus in this town, it picks you up at the top of the street,” Jed explains. “And I’d hurry if I were you because it comes at 7:15 sharp.”

Riley looks at the time. 7:12am. Feeling bold Riley looks up and finds Jed’s stare. “And what if I miss the bus?” Riley challenges.

“Then I’m going to have to call your mom,” Jed doesn’t back down, “And the kids may be scared of me in this town but I’m no Topanga.”

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so this morning i went to wawa and i didn’t shower cause my mom yelled at me to go so i put my hair in a hat and i put on some baggy jeans and a tee shirt and this one old guy comes up to me and says sir can you move and i said i’m a girl and his face was priceless and then he buys me a drink for the inconvenience

Study Date with Tae

just a heads up, this does mention people being jerks (not detailed or descriptive) but it’s there but very briefly so

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  • wow im kinda excited for this one even though tae is the hardest for me to write for yikes
  • this one we are gonna go with the generic high school au okay because study date just screams high school to me
  • im from the usa so a lot of things will be based on american high schools like my shitty one so for my international followers im sorry if things are confusing at first!
  • okay let’s set the scene shall we…
  • you are really invested in your grades, okay, so many not extremely like to the point you take eight ap classes but you definitely try to challenge yourself when you can!!
  • this year you were like im gonna take a harder science class because colleges give more credit for sciences and maths so you were like yah i got this come at me
  • you had been okay with your science classes right, so you weren’t too super stressed about the classes!!
  • one week into ap chem you’re ready to drop like regular chemistry wasn’t so bad, like you knew what was happening most the time and you got good enough grades so you thought ap wouldn’t be that much harder but boy were you wrong you already wanna drop and go crying into like marine biology and botany
  • but alas,,,
  • your lab partner, aka the boy who sits next to you, aka kim taehyung, is the most gorgeous person you have ever seen in your entire life and whenever he concentrates on what the teacher is writing, he completely zones and his eyes narrow and he sticks his tongue out and scribbles out notes on his paper
  • he looks so intimidating and serious at first because he’s so completely focused on the lecture but then when the teacher gives your problems to work on he smiles this beautiful smile and starts to doodle kittens and flowers and some other boys on his paper (the two he always draws are these kids that always come pick up after class and walk with him to their computer programming class)
  • like he’s super sweet and smiley and he’s also a total genius,,,
  • like he always solves problems the fastest and he has like the entire periodic table memorized okay plus all the common ions
  • which you have a test on and the teacher hands his back, with a smile and a 100 in bright red ink
  • you get yours back with a very concerning grade and you hide it under your notes because you don’t want taehyung to think you’re some sort of idiot or something like how embarrassing would that be?
  • as the weeks progress, things go downhill
  • not only your grades but the class atmosphere
  • because when people know you’re smart, they get jealous, and they don’t like you, and they act like asshats and taehyung is obviously one of the brightest students in the school and people, especially people who are used to being the smart ones, don’t like that at all
  • they don’t even try to be subtle when they whisper about him, and it breaks your heart because they always send him dirty looks and laugh whenever he answers even though he has the correct answer every freaking time??
  • taehyung just smiles though but one day you come in to see your teacher after school to talk to her about your last test and taehyung is in her room and he’s sniffling and you don’t mean to pry but you listen from outside the room, and he’s asking her if he should drop the class or something because he can’t take it and your heart breaks because what has he ever done to hurt anyone? ever?
  • you run off and forget all about your appointment
  • next morning you come into class, books in hand, still upset about what you heard last night
  • taehyung doesn’t come in right away which scares you because he is usually really early to class and you’re worried he really did drop
  • but he comes in just as the bell rings and he just plops down beside you and gives you a small smile before pulling out his homework
  • okay so you guys are going over homework and you are so lost like what is stoichiometry and how in the world do you do it and taehyung is explaining how he solved the last problem and someone in the back starts to laugh and they just whisper about him but loud enough for him to hear and his voice dies off
  • you don’t even think twice
  • fists balled, you stand up and turn around to face the dickwad “hey, i get you’re an insecure piece of shit who can’t understand a single word the teacher is saying because you have piss for brains, but that doesn’t mean you need to take it out on him! drop the class if you have an issue, stop making it a shitty experience for everyone else”
  • needless to say you end up in the principal’s office but hey that’s okay because the few kids that were really causing the problems got suspended and kicked out of the class (in real american public school this never happens though and bullies don’t ever get punished but whatever)
  • after a long and stern talk you leave the office but you ram into taehyung literally, and he’s holding some soda from the vending machine (cause this school is chill and didn’t get the stupid healthy vending machines) and he hands you one and he kinda “walk with me for a lil bit?”
  • your heart starts to race in your chest and your face gets all red and you kinda nod and he smiles at this and you kinda melt right then and there
  • one hand in his pocket, the other holds his soda and you wonder where his best friends but you guess at the lunchroom, where you expect to be heading
  • but tae leads you upstairs, past the science and math rooms to the back staircase and you kinda wth??
  • but it’s the roof top garden (cliche right) and he smiles and kinda “me and hoseok, really smiley kid? we started this, it’s our secret meeting place!! but i like you so you’re allowed up here too”
  • it’s silent for a bit but then his voice gets low “hey thanks for saying that stuff back there… it means a lot to me that you would stand up for me, like nobody’s ever done that for me before, ya know? it means a lot to me, i wanna repay you somehow”
  • your brain immediately goes to kiss me but you’re like nah probably not a good idea at the moment
  • but then you get a good idea, a really good idea at that and for the second time that day you don’t think before speaking and you kinda “well how about you tutor me then? i’m really lost this unit and you’re so smart that maybe you could help me??”
  • he stares at you for a few seconds and you’re like great way to ruin it all but then he bursts into this huge smile and nods excitedly “here give me your phone and i’ll text you when i have off work and we can do it then!!”
  • and you die a little bit but keep it together and you two spend that lunch sipping soda and getting to know each other better
  • you two text throughout the week right and come friday he’s like does tomorrow morning work??
  • you groan bcuz morning but you are willing to do anything for this boy i swear,,,
  • but then you’re like crap what do i wear i wanna look cute™
  • and after like seven years of tearing apart your closet you set out the outfit you’re gonna wear and you have to say it looks pretty spot on
  • you can’t sleep that night you’re so excited
  • anyway you get there the next day and you knock on the door and then nearly have a heart attack because there’s taehyung, standing there, shirtless, in pajama pants, his hair completely roused in every direction and his eyelids sagging
  • and your eyes widen and he just kinda “oh shit i forgot i said nine”
  • his voice is so raspy and deeper than usual and you gulp and try not to die on his porch cause awkward
  • he invites you in then heads upstairs, asking that you wait a few seconds
  • he comes back down and he’s in a baggy tee and some jeans and his hair is combed but this lil cowlick keeps sticking up and it’s so cute
  • “my mom said we can’t study in my room so i hope the kitchen is okay”
  • your eyes go wide and your cheeks dust pink like why the hell would he bring that up to you that’s so !!
  • his parents, he tells you, are out for a few hours running errands and you sigh because that would be low key awkward
  • he leads you to the kitchen, and it smells like cookies and the sun is shining in through the windows and it’s messy, which you like cause it makes it seem like someone actually lives there instead of it being super perfect and pristine
  • he goes to the fridge and there are cookies (his mom made them for you both) and he brings over some water too!!
  • you expect him to sit across from you but nope he pulls his chair right over to your side and your shoulders are brushing and you’re so pissed because he’s doing this on purpose or something
  • he opens his notes up and he gets a pencil and he kinda “stoichiometry is easy if you think about it logically. you’re always trying to eliminate something to get your final answer, so once you know what you wanna get, it’s easy to set up!”
  • he writes one of the basic problems on the paper, and then hands it over to you “okay so how would you set this up to find out how many moles of lithium you would need in this reaction?”
  • you’re like wth is a mole and you just stare at the problem blankly and he laughs all cute “here… a mole is this quantity…”
  • he writes avogadro’s number down for you “does this help any?”
  • you’re like lmao what no but you try to solve and it’s not happening and you kinda hide behind your hands cause you don’t want him to think you’re stupid or something
  • but he doesn’t, he just taps your shoulder and smiles “it’s hard at first, just watch me solve okay?”
  • he talks it through, and stops at each step to explain why he did that, and where the numbers came from and everything
  • he gives you visuals too by doodling pizzas to explain limiting reactants and everything what a sweetheart!
  • idk what else people do on study dates
  • except that when you have a hard time he puts his hand over yours and guides you in what to write next what a cheater
  • and he’s way up in your personal space
  • he turns the page to examine some of his other notes to give you more examples and boom
  • right there in the top corner is your name in a giant heart and he can’t flip the page fast enough because you saw it and there was no hiding it from you
  • and he stares down at you in absolute horror and you stare right back up at him and he kinda shakes his head and slams the book shut
  • “maybe you should go”
  • his face is so so so red and he looks like he’s about to cry or something and he feels so bad because he thinks that maybe he ruined things and he shouldn’t like you because you aren’t even that close but he’s fallen hard, like that day he had to adjust the ugly chem goggles on your face, he knew you were the one
  • but he didn’t wanna scare you off or anything because now it seems suspicious that you’re out his house and he doesn’t know you very well and he kinda !!!
  • “taehyung it’s okay, i like you too…”
  • and his eyes go wide and he smiles and then starts to laugh a bit “rally? you actually like me??”
  • and you nod and smile and blush all wild “since the beginning of the year…”
  • cute puppy taehyung gets too excited and he leans down and kisses you and then he pulls away really fast “OHMYGODIMSOSOSORRYIDIDNTMEANTODOTHATIWASSOEXCITEDANDI-”
  • you laugh and lean up and kis him again, this time making sure that it lasts
  • his parents come home to find you two snuggled up on the couch, eating cookies and watching fruits basket and studying the chemistry you two have with each other wink wink
  • would always have you over for more study dates and reward you with more kisses when you got the answer right
  • also would constantly pull some puns “are you copper and tellurium because you’re cu-te ahaha im hilarious”
  • anyway it would be super cute and fun the end
Princess.// Draco x Reader

Title: Princess.

Prompt: the-smol-est-vanilla-bean said to baby-draco:

It says requests are closed? But you told us to send requests aha so idk if itll happen but i would love a 15, 16, 17 Draco x Hufflepuff Reader please and thank you

Number15 white a hufflepuff girl and Draco but his father disproves of her

(Person A being a princess and being a halfblood witch, when she goes to Hogwarts only halfbloods and muggleborns know who she really is so when Person B, a pureblood, finds out he tries to get closer because they’re interested in what happens in her life. “So, you like me?” “Um, yeah?” “Are you sure? Cause I’m a bad guy.” “I know.” “So are you just a happy camper all the time?”)

Pairing:  Draco x Hufflepuff! Reader

Warning: terrible writing??

A/N: lol i suck at posting im sorry. im posting today instead of tomorrow oops

You smiled as you walked into Hogwarts. It was your sixth year of keeping your secret to yourself. Princess Y/N. Not the name you’d want to have around you at all times. Not to mention the people at Hogwarts are kind of ruthless. You walked beside other years, many people had terrible poster, you had noticed. You kept looking around, noticing there were a ton of first years, excited. You smiled at that.

You didn’t have many friends in the school, which was good with you. You loved being alone sometimes. You had a small backpack with you, and a mint green purse. You had extra muggle money and also wizard-y money. Your robe was swiftly moving as you walked. You stopped walking when someone accidently stepped on the back of your robe.

“Oh, I’m sorry that I was in your way.” You turned around, your eyes meet a pair of grey ones, “Then don’t get in my way,” the boy hissed, your eyebrows knitted together, shrugging it off, you started walking back to the castle.

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Must have: Grunge clothes

Here’s a list that I made, of a bunch of clothes you should fill your closet with because they are essentials for grunge fashion. Hope this helps!!

Band tees
Plaid shirts
Plain colored shirts
Baggy sweaters

Black jeans
Ripped black jeans
Black shorts
Skater skirt

Doc Martins
Black heels

Black tights (ripped)
Fishnet tights

These Damn Rich People//Closed
I am so out of place, Adrian thought for the millionth time as she dragged her luggage across the perfectly manicured grounds of Desmond Academy. She tried to ignore all the looks she was getting. Desmond was, for all intents and purposes, the college version for finishing school for the children of billionaires where they prepared to take over their families company. Ninety nine percent of the students here fit that definition. The other one percent is where Adrian fit in. Unlike these kids, she had to work her ass off to get in. She was one of the rare students that had worked hard enough and gotten good enough grades to get a full ride scholarship.

A group of girls walked past her, giggling about something while they were followed by countless men and women who were carrying their things for them. How nice it must be to have maids and butlers to do all the heavy lifting for you. Looking around and seeing designer labels on anything made her hand me down duffle bag and suit case that was missing a wheel look like a cardboard box. Not to mention her ripped jeans and baggy tee shirt. People stared as her as she passed on her way to the dorm. She heard the words ‘commoner’ 'unbelievable’ and 'poor thing’ more times than she would have ever wanted to. Finally she reached her dorm room, she got one to herself thank god, and for the moment was free of the pitying states of all those damn rich people @thedanielstark

RobStar Week, Day 2 - High School

(This one got long-ish, if only because I spent a lot of time justifying the setting and premise.  Probably other people would have just AU-ed it but nooooo, I had to do it the hard way. :P)

“Beast Boy…” Robin groaned.  "If you’re not going to eat your food, at least quit picking at it.“

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Wow, second one tonight! I hope you guys enjoy it. The request asked for fluff, and I sorta gave you some fluff. Our definitions of fluff may be different, but I think this is nice. If you guys want to see another part of this, let me know! But for now, enjoy.

The Anon requested……

Hi could you do a Ben Bruce Imagine, I don’t mind what as long as there is lots of fluff? Thank you x


It had been months since you had last seen the love of your life. When you married him, you knew what you were in for. Hell, you knew what you were in for back when you were just friends with him. He was gone most of the year, touring the world, playing music to thousands of people, and living his dream. You had kept yourself busy for the most part this time by working hard towards your first fashion line, to be released through Serpent & Co. But once you were done drawing up the designs and making the prototypes, there was nothing for you to do and Ben was still going to be gone for a few more weeks.

The house was silent, except for the clicking of dog nails on the hardwood floors. You made your way from the upstairs master bedroom down to the kitchen, clad in only a pair of baggy shorts and a loose tank top. Your hair was pulled up into a messy bun and the makeup you’d had on your face the day before was smeared from sleeping. When you entered the kitchen, you noticed that there was a message waiting on the home phone. Ben made the two of you get the phone in case his or your phone stopped working or if either of you wanted to get ahold of the other and the cell phones weren’t being answered. The only people who ever called that phone was either you or Ben. A small smile etched itself over your lips as you crossed your arms over your chest and padded your feet towards the telephone. Once you hit the button, you leaned on the counter and listened.

“So, I know you are probably not awake yet, it’s about, or should be about 4 in the morning by you. I wanted to call and let you know that I decided to come home for a few days, or more, and I’m flying in this afternoon. I love you so much y/n and I can’t wait to see you again. See you later. My flight comes in at two by the way,” the machine spoke and you felt yourself grow excited. Ben would never just decide to take a few days off, not now. The Black had just come out a month ago and the band was doing promo for it. But, instead of dwelling on that, you immediately glanced at the clock. It takes roughly twenty minutes to drive to the airport and it was 1230 at the moment. You took off up the stairs and into the bathroom. You were more than excited to see Ben again.


The airport was swimming with people as you walked through the doors and towards the terminal that Ben said he would be at. You were now clad in a nice pair of black skinny jeans, a baggy white v-neck tee shirt, and a pair of black combat boots. Your hair was still in the messy bun, but it was done with more purpose than before. People were walking back and forth in front of you, pushing their way towards a specific gate for their loved ones. A warm feeling washed over you as you looked up at the boards that said what the flights were doing. When you saw the one Ben was on, you smiled before finding a seat near the door.

A few minutes passed as you sat there waiting. You shifted in your seat and took out your phone to check the time and then to go check your social media and to pass some time. While sitting there on Twitter, you suddenly got lost in the words people were saying. The fans had never been mean to you, only saying good and encouraging words to you. A few of them had been tweeting that they had seen Ben get on a plane yesterday without his band and were questioning it, but you thought nothing of it. As you continued to scroll, you suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder. Your first thought was to get defensive, so you did. Well, you did until you noticed who it was.

“Ben!” You exclaimed and then wrapped your arms around his neck and planted your lips on his. He immediately wrapped his arms around your waist and held you tight. When the two of your pulled apart, a smile was permanently plastered on your face.

“Hello to you to,” he smiled before giving you another quick peck.

“Why did you text me when you landed?” You lightly smacked his shoulder.

“Because I sorta wanted to surprise you,” he smiled as the two of you stood there.

“You know a few of your fans saw you getting onto a plane earlier without your band?” You asked and he chuckled.

“And? I was coming to see you, they have nothing to worry about. But, how about we get back to the house so I can get out of these clothes and into something a tad more comfortable?” He asked and you nodded before looking around for his luggage.

“Where’s your luggage?” You asked.

“All I have is this backpack,” he smiled and then wrapped his one arm around you shoulder as the two of you began walking. All those months apart and all the loneliness quickly melted away as you stood in the arms of your love. You knew when you met him that he was the one you would marry, and you were glad for it. Now, if only you knew a way to tell Ben you were joining him on tour when he goes back.

itsnotsammy  asked:

diamonds & faux fur <3

faux fur: describe your wardrobe.
Oh, to put it simply I’m a nineties grunge sweetheart, always have been, always will be. In more depth? I’d say my wardrobe is consistent of leather jackets, fishnets and distressed jeans. Short shorts and baggy tee-shirts with rolled sleeves. It’s heavy shit kicker boots and colored hair. It’s tinted sun glasses and silver rings, but mostly, it’s just black. I’m also, of course, into flannel.

diamonds: how do you feel about excessively spending money?
no, no, no I could never.

Hello Gorgeous- Pietro Maximoff x Reader PT 11

Part 10, Part 12

After a highly mediocre part ten, I give you part eleven! Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

Description: Reader is hurt in a fight, and she is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D for her injuries, and ends up being there longer than expected, gaining new friends and falling for a certain speedster.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

You sit on the couch in the entertainment room, halfway through your first movie. Pietro sits beside you, not particularly close to you at all. You scoot towards him slightly, so that your arm just brushes his. He looks at you while your eyes focus on the TV, and unaware of himself, his face get’s closer to your own. He lays his arm around you. His nose presses against your cheek as he plants a small kiss on your jawline.  

You smile as he kisses you, butterflies fluttering all about your stomach. You curl up to Pietro, as he tucks your lose hair behind your ear.


2 A.M.

You and Pietro both stretch upon getting up from the couch, having laid there most of the day. Before the two of you could engage in your nocturnal NYC ambush, you changed into your uniforms, in case of emergency.

“You ready to fuck shit up?” You ask, and Pietro permits you to piggy back him as the two of you sped outside.

The streetlights were glimmering as you walked on the concrete sidewalk. You looked up at the twinkling windows of the towering corporate businesses that had made New York their home. It was not long until your hand found it’s way into Pietro’s. “Where to, Speedy?” You look up at him.

He only responds with a low laugh, before picking you up and zipping down the street.

“What the hell was that?” You glare, plucking hair out of your mouth that had blown into your face.

“Just sweeping you off your feet!” He grins, coming to a stop, apparently having reached your destination. The new-found street was packed with older, much shorter buildings compared to the several sky-scrapers surrounding Avengers Tower. You could smell the aroma of fresh pastries even many feet from the coffee shop to your right.

“Seriously, what’s going on?” You poke Pietro in his side for not giving you details.

“Don’t you miss it?” He turns to you.

“Miss what?”

“Don’t you miss running around New York, fighting off bad guys vigilante style?” He restates.

“Well, I have a better life now. I train to get better, so that I can help people in a more, civilized, manner. But, yeah. Sometimes I do miss being able to just, go out, and get shit done, on my own terms.” You reply.

“Teach me how to be a Blue Jay.” Pietro says after a few moments of silence.

“Teach you? Well, there isn’t that much to learn really it’s just, acting all innocent, but then punching people in their fuckin’ face.” You grin.

“Oh, come on! Let’s do something!” He tells you, gripping on to a streetlight, swinging around it theatrically.

“Fine! But if we get in trouble, I’m telling Cap it was your idea.” You cross your arms.

“If you did not, that would be lying, no?” He smiles a wild smile.

You leap up onto the roof of the small coffee shop, motioning for Pietro to do the same. He sprints over to it, giving himself a running start, hopping to reach the edge of the roof. You pull him up to stand next to you.

“First, you have to find where all the trouble is. There’s usually a lot of fuss over at the alleyway between 4th and 5th right about now.” You tell him, checking the time on your phone. You slide it back in your pocket. “A bunch of low life dudes looking for young women to prey on, or for any chance to get some drugs in their system.” You jump over to the next building, which was only slightly taller. You look back at Pietro, who had not moved a muscle. “What are you waiting for? A dramatic entrance?” You tease. He meets you on the roof of the other building. You dash in front of him, absorbing his own powers, faster than you would have in the past, due to the amount of work you’ve been doing with that. The two of you continue to leap off of buildings for a while, until a nearby scream brings you both to a halt. “C’mere.” You wave Pietro closer to you, tucking your hand in his.

“(Y/N), is this really the time to be holding hands?” He jokes.

“You dork, I’m making you invisible.” You act as though it was obvious, slipping into invisibility.

“This is… weird.”  You hear him say.

You prompt him to jump off of the ledge of the building you were stood upon, then rushing towards the source of the noise.

You are brought to a beat up shack, with two men and boy stood inside. You and Pietro stand outside the window, still invisible to the naked eye. You assume the scream came from the boy, who’s mouth was being held shut by the taller of the two men. The short one raised his hand to hit the child. You let out a small gasp, throwing up your hood and bursting into the shack.

“Hey!” You cry out. The men whip around to face you. Pietro hurries in, standing close. “Let the kid go!”

“And what are you two gonna do if we don’t?” The taller one says.

“Anything it takes to get you to do what you’re told.” Pietro butts in.

“Nice one.” You give him props.

“Thank you.”

“Alright, I want both of you on the floor, now!” The shorter one commands, pulling a gun from his jacket, pointing it directly at you.

“Now, now boys, don’t say anything you don’t mean.” You said calmly, kicking up your leg and swatting the gun out of his hand. Pietro was back in the same spot with the gun pointed at the men before they even saw where it fell.

“How did you…?” The lankier one squinted at him.

“Less talking, more handing over the kid.” You tap your foot impatiently.

The short one lunges at you aggressively, and in turn, you smash him into the ceiling by jutting your arm out at him.

“Blue Jay!” The other one shouts.

“That’s my name sweetheart, don’t wear it out.” You strut towards the man, knocking him out cold with one, very classy, punch in the face.

You tend to the boy while Pietro finishes up the short one. All he had to do was run around him a couple of times before his puny brain nearly exploded with confusion.

“Hey buddy!” You greet the child in a soothing tone, lowering your hood and squatting before him. The boy shook with fear. His blonde curls were wild, and he word a ragged, baggy, long sleeve baseball tee, and a pair of shredded jeans. His feet were blue due to being completely bare. He looked around 6 or 7. “Don’t worry, I only beat up bad guys. I’m here to get you home safe, okay?” He nodded slowly. Pietro sat down beside you, greeting the boy as well.

“Who are you?” The kid spoke to him.

“Me? I’m Quicksilver. That’s Blue Jay, as you know. Who are you?” Pietro asks.

“I’m Jeremiah. Are you guys Avengers?” He asks.

“As a matter of fact, we are.” You smile at him.

“Do you know Captain America?” His eyes widened.

“Yeah, he’s a pretty cool guy.” Pietro says.

“That’s so cool!” Jeremiah smiles.

“Hey, Jeremiah, how would you like it if we took you home to your family, buddy?” You ask the child, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I would like it a lot!” The child exaggerates, and you and Pietro chuckle.

“Okay little dude. You are gonna take a ride with my friend Quicksilver, ‘cuz he’s extra fast.”  You tell him.

“Okay!” Jeremiah runs toward Pietro, jumping into his arms.

He lets out an ‘oof!’ as if he had been tackled, then lifting Jeremiah into his arms and standing. “Hey Jeremiah, do you know your address?”

“Mmhmm! My mommy taught me a jingle in case I’m ever lost.” The child raises his pointer finger, singing out loudly, “5-6-2-4-3! On the street of Warrensby! Is the only home foooorrr meeeeeee!”

You giggle at the enthusiasm oozing out of the weak boy. “That’s pretty amazing.” You compliment him.

“Alright, hold on tight!” Pietro tells Jeremiah, and you throw up your hood, speeding out of the shack after Pietro.

You look up at the surprisingly large home Jeremiah had led you to. You looked between his rugged clothes, and the glorious house, wondering how long it had been since Jeremiah had been home to change. Pietro rings the doorbell, the child in his arms. After a few minutes, a woman in a silky teal robe answers the door, instantly shocked at the sight of the three of you.

“Mommy!” Jeremiah lunges into her arms.

“Jeremiah! My baby!” She cradles him, tears gushing out of her tired, puffy eyes, like they were already used to the flowing water.

A man in striped pajamas runs down the stairs, nearly falling. “Did I hear- Jeremiah!” The three of them form a group hug, the parents sobbing profusely.

Jeremiah suddenly perks up. “Mommy mommy mommy!”

“What is it, Honey?” She says sweetly.

“The avengers! They saved me! Blue Jay and Quicksilver! They kicked the bad guys’ butts!” He points to the two of you eagerly.

“The Avengers?” His father looks up at you both.

Before any further questions could be answered, both of you are yanked into the luxurious manor by Jeremiah’s mother. “Thank you, so so much! God bless the two of you!” She seats you on the couch, handing Jeremiah off to his father. “My name is Jennifer Hillings, that’s my husband Steven Hillings. Can I get you anything? Anything at all? A water, some hot cocoa, maybe a house boat? Anything you want!” She scurries around, walking into the kitchen.

“No thank you, ma’am, we don’t expect anything.” You say politely.

“Well actually, a house boat would be-” You elbow Pietro before he can finish.

“You must need something! I mean, our child was missing for a week, we thought we’d never see him again! And now he’s home because of you! Who knows what would have happened to him had you both not been there! I need to give you something.” Her scramble continues.

“Ma’am, or uh, Jennifer, we don’t need anything. This is just our job. Don’t worry about us, just, focus on Jeremiah for now. He’s home with you now, safe and sound.” You tell her.

“Y-You’re right. Jeremiah is home.” She begins to breathe again, approaching her son, cupping his dirt-covered face in her hands. “My baby is home.” She whispers.

“Come on, let’s get you something to eat.” Steven says. He helps his son wash his hands in the kitchen sink, then cooking him up two grilled cheese sandwiches, which he scarfed down at a Pietro level of speed. Speaking of Pietro, the two of you stood near the dining room table, next to Jeremiah, who was kicking his feet gleefully under the table.

“Hey Quicksilver and Blue Jay!” Jeremiah looks at you.

“Yeah buddy?” Pietro replies with a smile.

“Wanna see my room?”

“Oh honey, I don’’t think they-” His mother began, before you interrupted.

“That’s okay, ma’am. We’d be happy to.” You say.

Jeremiah rushes up the broad, polished wooden stair case; down a hallway, and into a baby blue room decked with a large poster of Iron Man, tons of Hulk figurines, and Captain America bedding.

“Do you guys wanna play action figures? I have one of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Not you guys though. I didn’t really know there was anybody else.” He looks down at his pile of toys.

“Oh yeah. There’s tons of others.” You sit criss-cross-applesauce.

“Really? Like who?” Jeremiah looked ecstatic. Pietro sits down beside you.

“There’s Quicksilver’s sister, Scarlet Witch. She can read minds. There’s Hawkeye, who shoots a bow and arrow. Black Widow, she’s really stealthy and cool, like a spy. And then there’s this guy, his name is Vision.” You explain.

“And what does he do?”

“He, well, he’s this big ol’ red guy that can fly.” You describe.

Jeremiah giggles. “Red guy? That’s weeeeiiirrddd!”

“That’s what I said!” You exclaim.

“Do you guys think you can get them to sign something for me?” He pleads. How could you refuse? His big blue eyes were like sirens to sailors.

“Sure thing, little man.” Pietro responds quicker than you, as per usual.

He gasps. “Thank you thank you thank you!” Jeremiah dashes to the closet, pulling the door open, and tugging a blue shirt down from it’s hanger, with the words “Avenger in Training” on it.


You and Pietro hang out with Jeremiah for another hour, helping his parents get him to bed. At the door, Jennifer hands you a piece of paper with a phone number on it, and a box with a necklace inside that had a very tiny bird charm.

“I know you said not to give you anything, but I can’t do that. Please, take this necklace. It was my grandmother’s, and she gave it to me when I was little. I’m also giving you my phone number for anytime you need anything. Anything AT ALL. I might regret saying that later, but, whatever.” She hands you the gifts. You give in, thanking her for being so kind.


“So i get nothing, but you get two things?” Pietro asks you as the two of you walk down the driveway. Jennifer and Steven stand in the doorway, watching Pietro swoop you up and dash away.


6 A.M.

You two rolled into the tower after a pretty long night, nearly crawling your way to the housing area. Pietro didn’t bother going back to his own room, opting for yours instead. You slip into the bathroom throwing on one of your pajama shirts, and exiting to find your boyfriend, already snoring beneath the covers. You slide in bed, curling up to him.


Done! Sorry it’s so late guys, I accidentally deleted like half of it then proceeded to smash my face into the keyboard for like eight days.


Here’s a tasty little outfit idea. It looks kinda complex but it’s pretty simple. The main layer consists of some kinda sorta baggy skinny jeans and a tight graphic tee adorned with your favorite anime character or vocaloid in my case. The second layer includes a scarf, baggy old sock cap, some plain old skater shoes, and pair of big-ass headphones. I like music. Finally you can’t go wrong with fingerless gloves, awesome wristbands and a nice long belt slung from the hip. Color scheme is up to you but I love pink, black and blue together.

Just trying something new. If you’d like more of my femboy outfit ideas, please let me know. Today’s mirror is brought to you by the letters H&M.
Stay frosty!