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The Chemical Brother’s T-shirts

“Dig Your Own Hole” t-shirt

This is a promotional tee for The Chemical Brother’s album titled by the same name and released 1997.

Dylan can be seen wearing this shirt:

• At Devon’s 16th birthday party

• Dylan’s ‘98 Junior class photo

• Filming the Pulp Fiction” video shoot w/ Dustin Gorton

• Sitting behind Blackjack’s talking

• Walking down steps on building unknown

It is presumed that this shirt was sold at TCB’s Dig Your Own Hole Tour ‘97 (and that Dylan attended - probably with his best friend, Zack, and purchased both the ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ and “Setting Sun” prom t-shirts at the April 29 1997 concert held at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO.) 

On 7 April 1997 The Chemical Brothers released their second album,
‘Dig Your Own Hole’ which is classified as genre style: Big beat,  electronica and psychedelia

Listen to the Full Album on youtube:

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You may still feel miffed from high school over not grasping the concepts of chemistry or biology, or for not being able to ever figure out where a dang spleen is. But science forgives you, because science loves everyone – even the people who slept through it. Think about how many things around you that were either invented or improved by science. Gravity. Nuclear fusion. The crock pot. Those were all science, baby, and we’ve got more science-y goodness coming at you right now.

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