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RB: Kageyama / Suga / Yams / Tsukki / Akiteru / Hinata/Ushi / Oikawa / Iwa-chan
TP: Kageyama / Suga / Yams / Tsukki / Akiteru / Hinata/Ushi / Oikawa / Iwa-chan 

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I made an eeveelution pattern shirt design not that long ago, and figured people might also like some designs with each individual eeveelution. Everybody has a favorite, right? *sobs* I actually don’t. I like them ALL!

You can find these shirt designs in my Teepublic shop!


Homeworld, or EARTH FOREVER!? You can show where your loyalty lies (or look totally awesome with a friend) with the much awaited sequel to the Together Breakfast shirt.  It’s Together Breakfast… sort of.

Get the Crystal Gem version here!

And the Homeworld Gem version here!

And see my other shirt designs here. ;)

Shirt of the day for February 13, 2016: 8 bit Neo Tokyo found at Teepublic from $20.00

Would the cult classic Anime have been accompanied by some video game for then en vogue 8 bit consoles the tilte screen might have looked something like this. Nice rendition of Kaneda’s bike from the poster that has advertised the film around the world.

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