Love is really a feeling that you cannot explain clearly. You say you love someone just because they’re nice or because he or she has the features you like the most. Sometimes you are not so sure if that is really love or just an infatuation. No matter how old or young are you, what color you have, how tal or short, we all have the person we love, and we all the have the person who loves us and who would love us. Maybe not today but I believe it’s soon so dont give up. Just believe and yes, stand up. Someone’s looking for you, someone’s searching for you, and someone’s ready to love you. xx

Whenever I have a bomb ass outfit planed for the next day I get over excited and lose sleep thinking about all the people I want to see me in my bomb ass outfit… Like I literally run scenarios through my mind about how I would smile and accept peoples compliments. Like do I say “thank you” or “I know”. Because these things are important, you can either look hot as fack in your outfit and be bad ass like: “I know I look good. Why do you think I wore this outfit, to look bad?” or you can look hot ass fack with a touch of oblivion: like “who me? You think I look good thank you”.