friends in pie

Every single day I wake up feeling so lucky to have the life that I have built for myself. I know luck has very little to do with it and that it’s much more to do with gumption, passion, go-get-it-ness, hard work, and the occasional bumpy road in the pursuit of happiness so perhaps grateful is a better word for it. Or thankful. Or proud of myself. Most likely it’s a combination of all the above but regardless I love where I am in this wacky world and am enjoying the everyday work that helps me sustain a truly satisfying life.

That’s not to say it’s easy all of the time. Yes, I get to make delicious, incredible pies every single day. I make my own hours and feel an insane amount of pride when I tell people what I do for a living. Most importantly… I’m making a living. I have managed to find a vibrant and amazing community of other bakers and small business owners who are all working toward that same goal of being sustainable. I have just started to establish myself at the farmer’s market and adore seeing people perk up at the sight of small pies. On the flip side, it’s a lot of work; hard, exhausting, stressful work that includes a lot of math and at least one monthly breakdown where I ugly cry over something inane like stickers or strawberries. What I’m trying to convey is that I love being my own boss and a life of pie is still ninety-nine percent dreamy but also, every day I’m hustling.

Two Saturdays ago I was robbed at my Saturday farmer’s market. My cash box was stolen and I lost a whole week’s worth of profits. It was heartbreaking. And scary. And panic-inducing. And absolutely astonishing to see how, in that terrible, awful, no-good moment, the community rose up to restore my faith in people. Customers in the surrounding vicinity came up to buy a single pie and would pay with a twenty, not asking for any change in return. The people running the Columbia Heights Market waived my vending fee for the last two months and a local church group who had spent the day at the market donated money to make up for the loss. The support and generosity were overwhelming and because of it that awful act of selfishness and cowardice that should have left me discouraged and wary seemed a little less terrible.

So, to everyone who supported pie that day, thank you. I feel incredibly lucky, grateful, thankful and proud to live a life with stellar people in it, who make dreaming in pie a little more possible. 

friends in pie

I have been so touched by the overwhelmingly lovely and delightful responses to the book. Pictures of people with their books (and in some cases… pies!) have been flooding my news feed and I’ve never felt more proud and happy to know so many budding pie bakers. Thank you!! 

Tuesday morning (my book’s birthday) I had an extensive radio tour scheduled for the morning and afternoon. Over the course of 7-ish hours I talked to roughly 27 radio stations about the wonderfulness that is the book. I didn’t have any idea of how exciting/exhausting it was going to be (it’s hard to stay totally animated for that many minutes in a row) but I definitely felt like a champ afterward… a champ who just had a book published. I was working with a company who would call (on my borrowed landline… yes I bought a phone just for the occasion) and connect me to the various stations, and all I could imagine was an old timey operator telling me to, “hold please” in that ever recognizable nasal tone, while fiddling with dozens of wire plugs to get my voice to where it needed to go. I lauded the book on shows like, Mayhem in the AM (nothing quite so crazy at pie at 9am), Sound Palate and What’s Cookin and got to talk about my favorite pie and what it was like to be a pie vagabond. It was like a crash course on how to promote my book and now I’m super excited to start the book tour. 

When I turned in the manuscript a year ago, Aaron took me to this great little restaurant here in DC called Little Serow and the plan was to have the journey come full circle and have a second celebratory dinner when the book was finally published. The restaurant was perfect, specializing in Northeastern Thai, the meal is a journey in itself, starting out fairly mild, peaking in spice about halfway through the meal and evening out at the end. Plus there was a bonus guest, my dear friend RB came in from NY to surprise me and share in the celebrations. The meal was everything we could have wished for and afterward we finished the night off with Ross and Leah and a toast to Teeny’s Tour of Pie. 

Next week starts the book tour and I’ll be in Boston first, doing a demo and a signing on April 2nd at noon on the Northeastern University campus. There will be pie!! Then I’ve got a few days at home before I jet off to the San Antonio Book Festival on the 5th for another demo and book signing. Week one! Please let me know if you are in either of those places and planning on coming to the event… I’ll keep a eye out for you! In the meantime, go snag your copy of Teeny’s Tour of Pie  and happy baking!