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  • Person A: "Anyone but you."
  • Person B: "What?"
  • Person A: "Why couldn't it have been anyone but you?"
  • Person B: (look of hurt) "What is so wrong with it being me?"
  • Person A: (crying) "I -- I could've resisted anyone but you. I could've kept my promise! Dammit, why did you make me fall in love with you?"

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20 and bokuaka

Okay so this maybe nothing like you expected ahahahaha because I’m writing a vampire au currently so currently my mind is like still in that universe lol

Oh crap.

Three minutes had passed since the elevator broke down. Keiji was in trouble. He did not expect that his apartment’s new elevator had mirrors. 

It had been fine if he were alone. He could have easily transformed into a bat and left the elevator with no troubles. But he was not alone. 

“Augh, this sucks.” The man groaned as he pressed the emergency button for the fifth time. He gave up soon after pressing the button a few times more. He impatiently ran his hands through his gelled hair and Keiji leaned against the corner of the elevator. 

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   he’s the tear in my heart

                      I’m a l i v e 

(#actualboyfriends pt. 2)

Talonia watched with a slight tip of her head as Reif bounded away, drink sloshing about leaving a spray of booze in her wake. An ever so slight grin threatened to split her otherwise stoic demeanor; and a twitch by the corners of her eyes as she worked to hide her amusement. There was something… irresistibly charming to the high-spirited elf. Something that she was starting to love… 

Guys, guyyss you have no idea how excited I am. I was blessed enough to get a commission slot from @falsesecuritysketches and I honestly don’t think I could be happier! Talonia came out fantastic and A+++ would work with again without hesitation Thank you again!!