teeny tiny bb


I’ve got you. so you have. may it keep you safe, always. you are brave and honourable and kind, any woman would be fortunate to be loved by you. sometimes I feel I am doomed always to want the things I cannot have. we promised each other. a queen is allowed to break her promises. once again you are my saviour. you still wear it? always. whatever happens, I will never regret what happened here. I’ve never met a woman like her, her courage her endurance her kindness. thank god I have once precious memory to sustain me, the fleeting dream of the life I might have lived.

This gif KILLS me every time. Just the way he reaches over and just kind of strokes the baby’s little foot I just…. guh. Like, Jonathan Toews can’t ever, ever have a baby. Tazer holding a tiny, brand new human being? It would actually break me

Just imagine it:

External image

A tiny Toews onesie on a teeny tiny Toews.