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Little Robbie Idea?

Featuring Glanni Glæpur and Íþróttaálfurinn?

Okay so… 

  • I imagine Robbie as a tiny baby when he was brand-new
  • Like, under 6lbs tiny
  • I get this from the fact all the men in my family are 6′4″ inches and over and were all less than 6lbs and were perfectly healthy
  • And what if Glanni had this tiny goober of a baby
  • And was all, one day, shouts over a wall. “OI  Acetaminophen!  COME LOOK AT THIS THING I MADE”
  • And Íþró backflips over to see what the heck it is - concerned it is illegal like usual.
  • And his eyes meet this TEENY TINY SLEEPY BABY
  • And he falls in love.
  • Instantly.
  • And he picks up Robbie (let’s be real, he just takes him from Glanni) and cuddles him to his cheek 
  • And is all “I’ve been blessed with a child” ;_;
  • Glanni is all “What no.”
  • And it’s too late.   Íþró is now Pabbi- Íþró
  • “This is my tiny child.”
  • “What no.”
  • “;__; I’m a Pabbi now”
  • “;__; My tiny son”
  • Íþró!”
  • (This would be pre-relationship)

This has been tumbling around my head and I blame @lemonrotten​ for their ADORABLE pabbi!Glaepur art and au that inspired this.

(Go look at their art.  Go forth.  Shoo)

*Nurse practitioner and I are on hands and knees with our faces on the mottled low-pile blue carpet, combing inch by inch looking for a very tiny Thing*

Nurse: What are y’all doing? Searching for a needle in a haystack?

Me: Actually a tick in the carpet. 

Nurse: Same thing. 

Cost of Freedom (14/??)

Summary: In which Shinichi and Kaito put their plans into action. (The escape, part i.) Prison!AU

[Beginning]      [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

May the third.

If not for their plans, it would be an average day. And for the most part, it is.

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Hair Recolor Requests Pt.3

Part 3 of my recolor requests are the 5 toddler hairs that were requested! They are a little out of order of requests, but I found that it was easier to release all the toddler hairs at this point. The hairs are “Babob” by @cupidjuice and the “Teeny Tots Stuff” hairs by @plumbobteasociety !



Mamoru Chiba Week | Day 5: Birthday Boy

I gave Mamoru two birthdays, before, both of them starring a birthday picture. So, for this particular theme, I thought I’d illustrate one of them

So, here it is, Mamoru’s 20th birthday from Yugen, with Motoki, Mako-chan, Ikuko, Kenji, Teenie-Shingo, and, of course, Usagi. It was a happy one, and he got filled up to the brim by Kenji ;)


Fangirl Challenge  [10] cartoons/anime

Cast aside the illusion that there is a beginning and end to the story. The story has no beginning. And it has no end. All there is, is a performance of people connecting, living, influencing each other, and departing.

The Ford Government

“Ad Astra Per Aspera”

From @cirilee ‘s 500 Fords AU

A friend and I have come up with how the inner workings of the Fordciety would function! It starts with an inner circle- the Council of Fords- that have the biggest influence over the AlphaFord.

The council includes: GeekFord, NerdFord, Sci-Fi Badss Ford, Paranoia Ford and AdventureFord.

GeekFord: well, a geek! He is the Ford that embodies what Ford is typically passionate about- DD&MD anyone? He appears in the Elf costume that appears in the DD&MD episode. He is also the one who is extremely interested in the paranormal.

NerdFord: Focuses on math and the hard sciences, is relied on for experiments and solving equations. All the other Fords on the council see his value, and none question him. He gives the facts- no opinions. The other Fords like him for that.

Sci-Fi Badass: This Ford rose to power on the other side of the portal, and was essential for survival. He started to emerge as Ford discovered the spacecraft under the town. He comes up with battle strategies and ides against Bill.

Paranoia: Paranoia Ford surfaced after the discovery of Bill’s betrayal. We see him in action when he holds a crossbow to Stanley. He is partly crazy, but has saved Ford from a lot of scrapes with his caution. The rest of the council sees his value, but takes what he says with a grain of salt. He is no longer as active as he used to be, since Ford returned to Earth.

AdventureFord: He wears an indiana jones hat (because you know Ford would) but otherwise appears in his outfit as he was falling into the portal. He is the Ford that aches for discovery, and the one we see in Ford’s earlier years in Gravity Falls, and even a little bit into Bill’s time with him. However, he tends to charge into situations and be reckless. This makes Paranoia Ford uncomfortable.

THEN COMES ALONG THE SECOND BRANCH! They tend to be close to at least one member of the council, and hold a relatively fair sway in the government. (under the cut, because this is long already)

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i keep seeing people do this, so uhm… i wanted to try!
drop a name in my askbox and i’ll tell you what it makes me think of!
this is especially directed at members of the communities i’m in ( @teenietots, @sleepyonesofficial, @pastel-regression @teenie-tiny-kids) because i’d like to meet people and it’s an easier way for me to learn names,, but anyone can do it!!💖

I’m about to jump of this ship and onto a boat...

…a Houseboat.

Me and Teeny Tiny Robert Sugden are about to embark on a river voyage.  I go with my family every year and we always have a great time.

This will be Robert’s first time but I’m sure he’ll love it, as long as he doesn’t get motion sickness.

I promise to take a bunch of pictures (more than you will probably want to see).

I’m not sure how good my connection will be as it has been spotty in the past. I have loaded up my queue for your enjoyment and hopefully the lack of internetz will be productive to me actually finishing my big bang fic on time.

Feel free to send me an ask. 

I will miss you all.



After working on my previous Thumbelina image, I felt like I really wanted to carry on that little bit longer with this theme of teeny, tiny people. And so very recently I started working on this new illustration, loosely based on The Borrowers by Mary Norton and here is the result :)

For Kitchen Borrower print go here