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It had happened so slowly, Maze hadn’t noticed it. 

All this time, she’d been chiding Luci for his attachment to these soft, squishy humans (and to Chloe in particular, though she was beginning to understand that one). She hadn’t seen it in herself.

She was Mazikeen, Lucifer’s right hand, a demon, a warrior, a bloodhound.  How had she let herself become vulnerable like this?  Not even with an angel like Amenediel either, but this soft, small human. 

“Linda.”  Her voice was almost a sob.  She had been bringing her troubles to Linda week after week, and Linda had listened, and helped her.  And Maze had given back in the ways she knew how: by promising, if not out loud then in her own mind, to keep Linda safe.  Maze was good at killing, and she was good at keeping people safe.  Look how long she’d kept Lucifer alive –millennia!– despite his dogged insistence on doing stupid, life threatening things.

But Linda… she’d failed Linda, and now Linda– her Linda– was lying on her office floor with a weeping wound in her belly.  

Amenediel slowed time to a crawl, then, for her.  For what Linda meant to him as a friend, yes, but also because he saw in Maze’s face, he knew what had happened:  Maze would break if Linda could not be saved.  Linda was the one Maze went to to celebrate her successes, vent her frustrations.  

When had she become so maudlin? she wondered.  But it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that Linda had to live.  The sweat broke on Amenediel’s forehead as Maze took Linda ever so carefully into her arms and brought her to the hospital.  

She smelled Linda’s hair, clean and scented with tea tree oil (of course, what else?) as she walked through the hospital doors, and thought, This is not the way I wanted to smell her hair for the first time.  She felt Linda’s weight in her arms and thought, This is not the reason I wanted to find myself carrying her.  

Linda could not die.  Simply could not.  Not because Maze had anything more to say to Linda; Linda knew her for who she was, as well as anyone ever had.  Linda knew she was a demon and had decided she didn’t care.  But she had too many things she wanted to do with Linda, and she was only realizing that now, as she stood on the precipice of losing her.  

She wanted to take Linda to bed, not like she wanted to with other people, for recreation on idle curiosity, or even a friendfuck like with Luci.  She wanted to spend all night with her.  Linda sometimes looked at her from behind those thick-rimmed glasses and her eyes would dance a little and Maze wanted to take those glasses off her, lay in bed with her and be looked at that way, for ages.  

Linda was a soft, squishy human. But she was Maze’s squishy human.  And if she didn’t make it out of this, Maze would destroy the goddess of all creation herself.  

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Yay! I love fox Fushimi. Ok so scenario where a strain turns Shimi into a fox ( he's got a really fluffy tail and all the cast wants to cuddle him)

Imagine him so cute and cuddly and nipping at anyone who tries to pet him because he is a very grumpy unsociable fox. When Fushimi first gets hit by the Strain power the alphabet squad come looking for him and think that maybe he got ahead of them, then suddenly Doumyouji’s like oh hey look guys a fox how cool. Everyone’s confused as to how a fox got into the middle of the city, Kamo wonders if it escaped from the zoo somehow. Doumyouji walks over trying to see if he can pet it, pulling a candy bar from his pocket and waving it in the fox’s face like look yummy food. The fox looks at him, ears back and distinctly unimpressed and Kamo probably has to save Doumyouji from getting his hand bitten off. There’s some discussion of calling animal control when maybe some CalorieMate falls out of Fuse’s pocket or something and the fox suddenly trots over and starts eating it. Doumyouji’s like oh you’ll eat that but not my candy bar, Akiyama’s like well maybe it was just hungry now but he’s looking at the fox all suspiciously. Then the fox starts pawing at a knife that’s lying on the ground and suddenly everyone’s like ‘wait, Fushimi-san?’ Cute fluffy Fushimi fox looks up at them with the gloomiest foxy expression ever and everyone’s like yup, that’s Fushimi-san all right, how did we not guess it right away.

They take him back to Scepter 4 and you know Awashima would be all over him, he’s cute and fluffy like a stuffed animal and she just wants to hug him. He reluctantly lets her pet him and scratch him behind the ears, he’s less chill when Awashima brings him to the women’s dorms and tries to feed him nice nutritious anko while all the ladies of Scepter 4 coo over him. Fushimi probably runs out and tries to go hide underneath a desk for a while, just his fluffy bushy tail sticking out. Munakata then comes upon him, all oh how interesting as he stares at the Fushimi tail. He goes to the kitchen and gets some meat, setting it on the floor of the office and waiting. Fushimi’s tail twitches and he sticks his head out from under the desk, ears pricked forward as he trots over to check the meat. Munakata smiles brilliantly like oh, Fushimi-kun, I thought you could use something to eat. Fushimi makes a little grumbly fox noise but he eats the food anyway, giving Munakata a foxy glare the entire time. Munakata is of course totally charmed by Fushimi fox, he probably wants to make Fushimi into their new mascot (wait wasn’t he already the old mascot) and suggests having someone make the fox a tiny blue fox coat so he can come on patrol with everyone again.


2016 redeemed itself a teeny teeny tiny bit😁
Read tweets from bottom to top on the screenshots with many tweets😁🙌
AND HE SAID: THEY (Gillian, David) definitely want to shoot the continuation of the story of Mulder and Scully post-2016 Revival.


ok here’s a slightly better sale post.

all of these guys are for sale, prices are:

  • white/mint bull terrier (small stain on back spot) $80
  • grey french bulldogs with wired arms (one has green eyes and one has blue eyes) : $33 
  • ursa major with glow in the dark embroidered big dipper: $80 
  • warm colors carousel borzoi (it pains me to sell this guy!) $200
  • teeny silver fox: $30
  • tiger: $120
  • the white fox also pictured has already been sold.

email me at cactus.joe@gmail.com if you want one of these!! soonish i’ll take good pics of the polar bear and the fox. if you are pretty serious about buying one of those guys but want better pictures first, let me know and i’ll take some and send them to you!