teeny footballers


Can i just say that Manuel Neuer FREAKS THE SHIT OF ME when he leaves the goal box to chase a ball.  I swear he does it once a match to scare me.  That being said, Manu is sassy and amazing, and I love him like I love the whole Mannschaft.

…i just realized I haven’t drawn a single happy footballer since Sergio.  I need to remedy this.


wow okay suddenly back to angry footballers whoops.

i actually legitimately do not know how this happened because my impression of Čech is that he is a fairly happy guy.

well, maybe he’s cussing out his defenders.  All GKs have a moment where they cuss out their defenders.

I’ll be back at home with my parents this weekend, so no drawings til I get back to my apartment on Monday. Might post a surprise before then, we’ll see (:


hallo everybody (: (:

javiiii!!  i hope i conveyed his doe-eyed ’????’ look okay

idk he just always looks sort of befuddled to me it’s kind of adorable??? also his rabbit teef

but there’s no disputing he’s a world class midfielder. he and schweini really shut all the midfields down this season

also: personally, i am sort of tired of drawing tiny footballers. it’s hard to make people look like people D: ill be drawing other styles? for now? I MISS NOSES

if you wanted teeny footballer sets as I have drawn in the past, please specify from now on when requesting.