teeny bopper music

Harry actually… I think last year he added me on Twitter because we have a mutual friend and then literally that day I got like 3000 new followers because his fans are so obsessed with him. Really, we kinda just both kept tabs on each other. He came to our show at The Troubadour, but we had never met him and we were so interested because you hear so many things about Harry Styles and really, he’s just a nice guy. He really is just nice and really appreciates music. Even though he’s in a crazy pop band - just pure pop music like teeny-bopper music, which don’t get me wrong I love that kind of music I listen to that music all the time, I’m a girl still I’m not heartless, that music is popular for a reason because it gets in your head, it’s like an ear-worm - he really just loves music and seeing live music. I was just so surprised that he came to The Troubadour which is such a small venue - and once one Haim fan saw him it was kinda like Harry-palooza, there was this HUGE group around him. Literally, I just can’t even imagine what he goes through every day but he really is the nicest person in the world. I would say nothing bad about Harry Styles, he was so nice, he was so happy to be there and happy to see our band. I just thought it was funny because a lot of people thought that Este was Taylor Swift. We got so many e-mails being like: “Taylor Swift was playing at The Troubadour!” We were like: “No, that’s definitely just Este.” I haven’t seen One Direction, I would love to see a One Direction show, I think that would be so much fun to see and he is always welcome with the Haim crew. He is very nice… and I would say that there was a friendship, I think he’s very cool. I would be down. He’s just so busy, I can’t even imagine what our friendship would be [like] - probably running into each other at some place. But he is really nice and he is so nice to his fans and really is just a regular guy. You don’t realise… he’s just a kid, he’s just a nineteen-year-old guy that something crazy-amazing happened to at such a young age. He’s very cool. He has good taste in music, he likes us.
—  Alana from Haim