teeny and wee

So Pregnant:

I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and let me tell you it is no fucking picnic.

Nearly every time I sneeze, cough or laugh to hard a teeny bit of wee comes out.

I can’t sit up any more, I have to roll to my side and flail my arms and legs until I provide enough momentum to actually get up.

I can’t reach down and pick things up from a sitting position, ever.

Nor can I bend down, I now have to get down on my hands and knees just to get things out of the fucking freezer.

I wee, on average about five times in the night (I go to bed about half ten and get up around nine. IT’S NOT NORMAL).

Baby girl kicks my bladder when I need to pee, making the window between realising I need to pee and actually wetting myself smaller and smaller as the weeks go on.

My back hurts, I get hip spasms and I am almost never comfortable any more.

Sometimes when she moves I am reminded of the Alien chestbursting scene and I feel like she’s gonna claw her way out of my body Twilight style.

I cry at pretty much anything vaguely emotional.

I do not have a pregnancy ‘glow’. The only thing glowing is the giant red spot on my chin.

In three months I’m going to push a watermelon sized human being out of a space that under normal circumstances is less than 0.5 cm wide.

I am so excited to not be pregnant any more and to hold my baby girl for the first time. The only thing magical about pregnancy is the fact you are growing a baby.

So when people make the argument that unwanted pregnancies should be carried to full term and then put up for adoption, I say this, FUCK YOU. No woman should have to endure an unwanted pregnancy. It’s bloody hard work, it hurts, it’s uncomfortable, it’s stressful. The lack of autonomy in pregnancy is quite alarming. It’s not just a drain on an individual emotionally, but physically as well. Their body, their choice.

My tablet is out of action right now as I wait for a new tablet pen to arrive in the mail (should be here tomorrow) but now I can prove to you that I can, in fact, draw passably in traditional mediums. So here, have a baby bewilderbeast in ink and watercolor. Maybe this is what he looked like when Valka found him as a wee teeny babee?

Calling all Red Queen fans.

There have been several people noting that there’s been a little surge in interest and activity for the Red Queen ship lately.  A while back there were a couple of posts asking about interest in a Red Queen Week/Weekend/Day of some sort.  This would involve encouraging the production of fic, graphics, vids, cracky screencap stories etc through prompts and such.

I’m thinking of organising something, but I’d need to be sure that: 

1) people want it
b) people will take part
iii) people will help with stuff like promotional graphics

We are a teeny wee fandom, so it’s unlikely to be as structured and organised as swanqueenweek, but I think we could do something.

So, if you’d be interested in this, like/reblog/send me a message and we can go from there.


What the shit?

I was emptying out the pockets on my lab coat (like you do) and found this tiny grubby rubber baby. I have no memory of acquiring same.  Don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but it even has a teeny wee penis.

No denying it’s mine, just… where in Hell did it come from, and why’s it in my lab coat?

Update: I have placed it in a test tube for the time being.