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Party Hardy || Open

Stiles bobbed his head with the music as he sipped whatever gross mixture was in his cup. A lot of people from school that he didn’t ever talk to showed up, which was pretty odd. But it wasn’t his party, so he wasn’t one to complain. He just didn’t expect so many people to show up. He leaned himself against the wall for a bit, just glancing around, maybe hoping to find someone he knew that wasn’t busy talking to someone.

After a bit, he gave up on finding someone and headed out to the balcony area after pouring himself more of… whatever it was that someone was mixing. He leaned his elbows on the thick half wall of the balcony and took a drink of whatever alcohol burned his throat. It tasted worse than before, but at least the smell was still consistently gross. He just listened to the music from inside and looked out over the woods and the horizon part of the town over the trees.