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What was it like to kiss Dylan O'Brien?“

H: […] He has great breath, he’s a very good kisser.

D: Holland has a very nice lips to kiss.

H: They, you know, are so in love with this young man - Dylan O’brien and I kind of get it now. Dylan is Dylan O’brien, I don’t know, he’s a very cute guy.

“Dylan, did you enjoy seeing Holland walking around naked?”

D: Yeah! That was great.

“What was it like watching her in that make out scene?”   D: With jackson?

“Yeah, did it turn you on?   D: As Dylan it turned me on.

D: I’m so excited to be with holland roden.

H: Dylan is a good guy to work with and he’s a good friend of mine off screen.

D: I love her.

H: My scenes with dylan are my favourite, we just have this chemistry and we don’t know why.

@hollandroden: Congrats Dyl @dylanobrien on a heart racing trailer for Maze Runner:)

@dylanobrien: thanks holl!!!!!

@hollandroden: i love doing scenes w/ @dylanobrien i miss him!! Stiles and Lydia 4eva

H: Have fun tonight. I love you, babe.

D: Thanks, Holl. I love you, too.

17th january

“There are no ‘juicy details” //I.L.//

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“There are no ‘juicy details”

Pairing(s): Isaac x Hale!Reader, Pack x Hale!Reader

Requested?: Yes

Request: Dec. Spec. I’m 5'9", with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. Could you please do one with Isaac and watching Christmas movies, singing Christmas carols at school in November, stuff like that? - @minigranger

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Can you stop being so adorable😩😍🤗

My best friend

//Present ~ Stiles Stilinski//

Here you go, hope you like it xx

Requested: Yep

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x reader

Type: High School AU

Word Count: 1,008

You sat, bored out of your mind in the dull, lifeless economy classroom. You glance at the empty seat next to you, usually occupied by Stiles, and your mind starts to wander. His mum’s recent passing had understandably taken a toll on him. He wasn’t himself, his sarcastic, intelligent and goofy composure was shattered and instead he resided in silence. You hadn’t seen him in school since the death about 2 months ago and the few times you had seen him was when you went to his house which resulted in you literally barely talking and only staying for a few hours, to the point you spent more time talking to Sherriff Stilinski and not Stiles. You all decided it would be best to just give him some time (I suggestion from Stiles’ father) so it had been weeks since you had spoken to him. You wondered if Scott had heard from him.

You leaned forward to tap on his arm and Scott’s body tensed up completely until he realized it was you and spun around, taking hold of your hand into his own, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, why.” You avoid eye contact with him, Scott tended to worry about you a lot – you were his best-friend’s girlfriend, that’s what he did.

“Because your heart is beating like crazy, what are you thinking of? C’mon Y/N, what’s wrong.”

Fuckin’ werewolves. Stiles would have made the cutest joke about that.

“I-I just… Have you heard from Stiles? I just haven’t spoken to him in a while but I mean we agreed to leave him be, you know? Of course you know that was your idea after all. That was a stupid question. I- I’m just so worried about him. He means so goddamn much to me Scott and I just keep thinking, like, is he ok? What if he’s hurt himself? What if-“

“Y/N, You’re rambling,” Scott mumbled, running his thumb over the top of your hand, to comfort you. “But no, last I heard was when my mum called his dad to check in about a week ago. He’s… doing better.” You want to reply but the words catch in the back of your throat. “Try as much as you can not to worry about him, you’re finally 16. You know he’d want you to enjoy the day.” Scott was right, today was your birthday and you should try and be happy, besides that’s what he would want. But how are you supposed to be so cheery when the one who makes you feel that way, your boyfriend AND best friend, wasn’t here. Scott turned to face the front of the room where Coach sat, his hand still holding yours. Coach arches his eyebrow slightly, looking at Scott for an answer as to why you are speaking in his class. Scott simply mouths “Stiles.” And Coach looked at you with a small smile and a nod and turned back to the rest of the class. Looks like you weren’t the only one who missed the lovable goofball.

Scott seemed to wait until you had calmed down until giving your hand a final squeeze and letting go as you take a deep breath and try and concentrate.

You somehow manage to take your mind off of Stiles and stay this way for a few minutes when there is a faint knock on the door.

There he was.

His hair was disheveled and had obviously been tugged at different parts, his eyes brooding and highlighted with red circles indicating his lack of sleep. Regardless of his messy and tired composure, he looked incredible to you yet all you could do was stare as his gaze caught yours. Scott was a different story. Scott leap out of his seat and ran to Stiles, hugging him tightly. They remained there for a few seconds when Coach interrupted.

“Stilinski…” Everyone waited for some kind of taunting yet joking yet he didn’t, he surprised us all. “It’s good to see you back kid, how are you?”

“Better,” Stiles merely mumbled, his eyes not leaving yours.

“You look tired, when did you last sleep?” Coach continued, obviously unaware Stiles was barely listening, his eyes fixed.

“A few weeks ago, it was a Friday.” Coach goes on to ask him the difference between then and every other night and Stiles smiled slightly, “They say you’re always more comfortable when you’re around the ones you love, right Y/N?”

Hearing stiles say your name was the final touch. A word you had longed for him to say to you lately, something so simple yet desirable. His reference to the last time you were together made you remember how he last looked, he was much worse than right now.

You get up from the desk so quick that you almost push it over and jump into Stiles’ strong, gripping arms as he buried his head into your neck and you into his chest. He cradled your head slightly as he spoke, “What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t see you on your birthday? What have I been like lately? I get it, I shouldn’t have ignored you for so long – but honestly you’re all that kept me going. The tears that you had kept back flooded onto his shirt but he didn’t mind. He kisses the top of your head before telling you to wait a second.

You stand there, looking around at all the faces (Is Scott crying?) as you waited for stiles, and there he stood. The substantial large, gold and pink covered present.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

More tears came on over the next few minutes, happy tears as you watch your boyfriend, tears of laughter as everyone watched as the obscenely large box barely fit through the door.

He kissed you again, muttering the words “I love you”, to which you repeated as even Coach joined in with the crowd of aww’s.

You didn’t know what you had done to deserve this boy, but you were damn glad you did it.