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Wrong Loves Her Company (NSFW 18+)

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I’m still a little sick and this weekend was crazy so it took me long than normal to finish this. This just a drabble, so it’s a little shorter than normal. Also, this part is based off the assumption that you’ve read part 6  so if you haven’t, I would read it so certain things make more sense. The finale (part 7) will be coming out on Sunday. I’m not ready, but it’s going to be long and angsty. I hope this holds you over until then. Also this is from Dylan’s POV, if I didn’t already mention that. Love you always, babes.

Thanks to: @writing-obrien

Warning: Oral

Word Count: 2612

Part 1-6 [Here]:

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What was it like to kiss Dylan O'Brien?“

H: […] He has great breath, he’s a very good kisser.

D: Holland has a very nice lips to kiss.

H: They, you know, are so in love with this young man - Dylan O’brien and I kind of get it now. Dylan is Dylan O’brien, I don’t know, he’s a very cute guy.

“Dylan, did you enjoy seeing Holland walking around naked?”

D: Yeah! That was great.

“What was it like watching her in that make out scene?”   D: With jackson?

“Yeah, did it turn you on?   D: As Dylan it turned me on.

D: I’m so excited to be with holland roden.

H: Dylan is a good guy to work with and he’s a good friend of mine off screen.

D: I love her.

H: My scenes with dylan are my favourite, we just have this chemistry and we don’t know why.

@hollandroden: Congrats Dyl @dylanobrien on a heart racing trailer for Maze Runner:)

@dylanobrien: thanks holl!!!!!

@hollandroden: i love doing scenes w/ @dylanobrien i miss him!! Stiles and Lydia 4eva

H: Have fun tonight. I love you, babe.

D: Thanks, Holl. I love you, too.

17th january

Chaos Has Come Again

A/N: I was so inspired by this gif set of a ‘dark angel” Stiles that I had to write something for it. I’m calling this a drabble because there’s no real plot, but it’s definitely a longggg drabble. lol Thank you to @minhosmeanhoe for editing it, because I’m sure she did. Also I wrote this in like 2 hours so and I will edit it any further tomorrow if need be. lol I couldn’t find the creator of this gif or gifset, but if someone or the creator messages me ! I will be more than happy to tag them and give them credit. But I did not make this gif nor am I the owner of it.

Word count: 2737

Warning: It’s kind of dark and talks about the devil, and there’s smut (;

Paring: StilesxReader

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Can you stop being so adorable😩😍🤗

Wrong Loves My Company Pt 3

A/N: I know. This is long over due. But I’m back baby for real this time. There will be a few more parts to this so hold on tight. I’m a little rusty so bare with me. But yeah, that’s it ((: I’ll insert the other parts to this when I get home.

Warning: smut

Word Count: 4064

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A/N I do not own any of these gifs or images, they are just simply from Google or Tumblr. And please this is my own writing, so don’t take it for granted.

Word count: 981
When you was told by Scott that Liam brought Theo back from hell you was happy, then sad, angry, delighted and hurt. You and Theo had this on and off thing between the two of you and no one knew, but soon found out with the way you reacted the day he got taken to hell by his sister. You fell to your knees and sobbed on the very spot he got dragged through, screaming and crying for him to come back. That’s when everyone figured it out that you two were kind of a thing.  

You never had known of the plan Theo had about killing Scott and when you did find out you didn’t know what to do, you was angry but you loved the boy and didn’t have it in you to be angry at him, even know he did kill one of your best friends.  

So when Scott told you Theo was back and you rushed straight away to Scott’s house where he was. Scott was right behind because well you lived across the road from Scott so it only took you twenty seconds to get to his front door and inside the house, where you spotted Liam, Malia and Hayden all standing together while a beaten and dirty Theo Reaken sat on the floor leaning against one of the kitchen counters in Scott’s kitchen, and of course a pair of cuffs and chains attached to him.

“Theo” you whisper very quietly but with his werewolf hearing he obviously heard you, along with everyone else. Your heart was beating a million miles per hour and that wasn’t just because of the little exercise you just done, it was because of a gorgeous hazel eyed, stinking boy who was sitting in front of you with a blooded nose and ripped clothing. As soon as your whisper hit his ears his head snapped up to face you and stared at you right in the eyes. “Theo” you whisper his name again before the familiar pearl shaped water droplets you have been crying for the past few months return and fall down your face in a rush.  

Before you know it your rushing forwards towards him not caring about the others in the room witnessing the movement of you rushing towards Theo, just when you get in front of him you drop to your knees and your hands go straight to either sides if his face, holding his face and feeling that he is actually there and that not maybe a dream or illusion to you.

“Y-your back” you whisper the tears still falling and fall into your mouth when you speak. Theo watches everything you do until a small smile appears onto his face. “Your back” you say but a little louder before flinging yourself onto him and wrapping your arms around his neck, not caring that his arms are currently chained and can’t hold you back. But you get fed up with not having his arms around you, so you pull back and glare down at the stupid chains that are holding you back to have Theo fully.  

You hear Theo’s familiar sexy chuckle fill your ears which causes you to look up at him and see that sexy smirk of his on his equally sexy plump lips. You pout and then smile while your hands take a hold of the chains and mutter curse words in Spanish.  

“Did I ever tell you, your sexy when you speak Spanish” Theo says in his deep voice which causes shivers to run down your body, and a blush to appear on your already red cheeks. You turn to face Scott with a pointed look.  

“Take the cuffs of him now” you say in a low, deep voice, almost in a dark voice. Scott nods to Liam and Liam’s mutters something under his breath which you didn’t catch before coming over to you and Theo and unchaining him. In the matter of seconds the chains are off, and your arms are wrapped around Theo’s neck and his around your waist.  

You lay your head between his neck and shoulder and take in a big, deep breath of his familiar, soothing sexy scent that instantly calms you down and proves to you even more that Theo is actually in your arms. You stay in each others arms for a while until you pull back and notice everyone has left and it is just the two of you.

You stare into his gorgeous hazel eyes before saying the words you’ve wanted to say for a long time.  

“I love you.”

And in that moment your heart is beating, a lump forms in your throat and your breathing is speeding up out of nervousness. But when that amazing smile appears on his lips you start to calm down.  

“I love you too baby” and before you know it your lips are on his, arms around his neck and his arms around your waist, each leg either side of his waist and your chests presses together, as you feverishly kiss one another until your both out of breath and pulling back, heads resting against each others and eyes watching each others.  

It doesn’t matter what happens next or what is currently happening, all you know is that your sitting in the lap of the boy you love, arms wrapped around each others and smiles on both of your faces. All you care about is Theo and Theo only.