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Pairing(s): Derek x Reader, Pack x Reader, ??? x Reader x ???(Platonic)

Requested? Yes (not on CoTW)

Request: Could you do a written romantic Derek x Reader where she’s around his age? Derek and the pack finds out she’s a (The Originals version) vampire or a hybrid, you can choose which one but I’d prefer a hybrid. Tysm 💕

Member: Kat

Word Count: 453

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I can see Jackson as Dean's son.

Like just look at they’re Jaws, Hair, & flirty expressions.

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Chapter 1: The One With Crumpled Schedules And Dick Personalities

Chapter 2: The One With The Pick Pocketer

Chapter 3: The One With The Prank


Having twin baby boys with Klaus Mikaelson includes

1.      Identical twin hybrids

2.      Klaus and you loving them unconditionally

3.      Klaus and you doing whatever it takes to protect them

4.      Both are adorable af

5.      Naughty like Klaus, but caring/brave like you

6.      Can merge their bodies into a larger form

7.      Alphas

8.      Protective over their older sister, Hope

9.      Klaus teaching them how to control their werewolf states

10.   Protective over one another

11.   Double the trouble

12.   Blue eyes and blonde hair like their father

13.   Friendly as Elijah, Impulsive as Klaus, and Charming as Kol

14.   Both best friends


A/N: I know ! It’s about time. This is a Teen Wolf /The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals Crossover. It’s been highly anticipated and I’m glad it’s finally up. I’m OFFICALLY back ! Love you babes.

Chapter One:

Lauren was normal, in every sense of the word. From the dark thick frizzy brown hair that fell on her shoulders, to the normal looking clothes on her body. Never would she describe herself as pretty or beautiful bShe was as normal as normal gets. Maybe the only thing spectacular about her was her eyes. They were an unusual shade of blue that stood out against all her other normal features.

She sat on a park bench in Jackson Square just outside of the French Quarter feeding the birds and people watching. For being so close to the Quarter this park was surprisingly quite. Every now and then a car would drive by scaring the birds causing them to fly away, only for them to flutter back moments later. She threw the creatures the last piece of bread from the bag that once held a loaf, and crumbled the bag into a ball before tossing it into the trash receptacle standing next to her. She then stood taking in a deep breath and watch the birds fight over one another for the last bits of crumbs. Her shift at the bar a few blocks over was about to start and a small wave a dread washed over her. Every night was the same old thing; drunk guys and music that sounded the same and was too loud. She glanced in the direction of her destination mentally preparing herself to begin the daunting journey. When something out of the corner of Lauren’s eye caught her attention. She shifted her focus to see a man painting near the sculptor in the middle of the square. She hadn’t noticed him before but then again she hadn’t really been paying attention. He was tall, with blonde hair that was cut short not quite to his scalp, blue eyes, and full lips. He was, in every sense of the word, beautiful. She began walking over to him without really meaning too, and mostly to see what it was that he was painting. She walked quietly up behind him standing a few feet away trying not to disturb him. Her mouth involuntarily fell open when her eyes gazed upon the masterpiece that was his artwork. It was quite possibly the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, and she was sure it belonged in museum next to Monet and Rembrandt. The colours were mesmerising, purples and blues and oranges; mimicking the evening sky. Dark and light greens for the grass, deep blues for the ocean. It looked like he’d been painting for no less than a hundred years, but he couldn’t have been older than twenty two.

“It’s not nice to gawk.” He said without looking at me. He had an accent that was thick when he talked, something Lauren had not expected. It took her a second to respond.

“It’s beautiful.” She blurted out. She mentally cursed herself that that was the best she could come up with.

“Thanks, love.” He said with a smile that she heard more than saw. “I’ve had years of practice.”

His movements were almost poetic. He moved in circles and small jabs of the paint brush. They almost made Lauren miss that last part of his sentence.

“Years?” She asked pinching her brows together. “You can’t be more than twenty three? What, did you start when you were born?” She added with a small laugh.

Finally he turned to Lauren with a crooked smile that was to big like she’d just said something funny. His eyes wore a look of surprise like he hadn’t expected her to look the way she did. For a long moment he didn’t say anything, and their gazes were locked on each other. Unable to hold hers, Lauren looked away tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Klaus.” He extended a messy paint stained hand to Lauren, his other now holding his paint brush. She took it, grasping it firmly.


“Klaus!” A tall man lanky man with black hair and striking eyes, interrupted them waltzing over wearing a very smug smile. The man slapped a hand down on Klaus’s shoulder and smiled at the two of us. He had high cheek bones, his dark hair hung slightly over his eyes making his blue eyes even bluer. He wore all black, which was strange for the middle of May.

“Damon,” Klaus muttered through gritted teeth. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see my oldest and dearest friend, Klaus.” He smiled toothily at Lauren. “Is that such a crime?”

“You know, I have to go anyway. I’ll see you around Klaus.” Lauren added a small smile and a wave before heading in the direction of the bar. Damon gave her another smug smile, and Klaus only gave a scowl. Something told her they were not friends.

“Ever heard of a a wolf pack from a small town called Beacon Hills?” He hissed when he thought Lauren was far enough.

That’s all she could make out as she moved further and further from the pair. Damon’s words didn’t make sense. Wolf pack? She shook it off chalking it up to her misunderstanding them. This was Louisiana, but werewolves? What’s next vampires? The thought made her laugh.

She opened the heavy wooden door that lead to the bar in which she worked. It was only five thirty but already the place was becoming encumbered with people. Half of which were already drunk. Lauren sighed to herself knowing that by the end of the night she’d be cleaning up bile and beer, and walked to the back to put away her things. As she passed the bar she smiled toothlessly at Lynne, her boss, who returned her gesture. Lauren looked around at the half circle bar to see a few of her regulars who raised their glasses or mugs to her as a way of hello. She waved to them as she disappeared and than emerged from the back of the bar now clad with a half apron. She took her position at the counter and began refilling the drinks of her favourite customers. All the while them telling her about how shitty their day had been. She’d just finished filling Peter Walflers mug, and moved to the next intoxicated individual when she realised she didn’t know this person, nor was he intoxicated. He was slouching in his chair, not paying any mind to anyone. He wore a scowl on his face and glared at his glass that housed brown liquid sitting in front of him. He was handsome despite his obvious unpleasant mood. He had slight stubble along his jawline and full lips. His hair was a light brown and styled to look effortless. Muscles protruding from his long sleeve crew neck shirt catching her attention often.

“Another one?” She asked placing both her hands on the counter and leaning on it.

He seemed to have only barely heard Lauren, when he grabbed the glass and brought it to his lips. He tilted it back consuming the last of its contents and slid it in her direction.

“You look like it’s been a rough one.” She smirked half turning to grab the whiskey bottle behind her.

He scoffed. “Something like that.” He was now tracing his pointer finger in the wood of the bar, still not looking at her.

“Well,” Lauren placed the new filled glass on the counter in front of him. “My dear friend, Jack here will cheer you right up.”

He gave her a slight nod in thanks and just glanced in her direction. He looked again doing a double take, and the corner of his mouth perked up ever so slightly hinting a smile. She smiled then and felt her face warming up.

“What’s you’re name?“ She asked grabbing Mr. Ryan’s mug, who was seated on the other side of the new stranger and refilled it with beer.

“What’s yours?” He retorted watching her.

“Lauren.” She responded absentmindedly, pouring shots for the waiter who needed them for one of his tables.

“The best damn bartender in the bayou.” Another patron added as she filled his glass.

“She does make a mean jack'n'coke.” The cute boy smirked rising his glass to him in agreement.

Lauren made her way back to him. “What’s you’re name?” She asked again raising a challenging eyebrow.

“Theo.” He finally answered.

“Just Theo?” She quizzed smirking at him. He nodded taking a long swig of his drink. Lauren opened her mouth to say something clever, when the door to the bar opened. She glanced past Theo to see the new comer, and her eyes widen when she saw whom it was. She instantly stiffened and walked away grabbing a wash towel and pretended to clean the glasses of water spots. The whole room seemed to dim to a hush as Marcel, a muscular dark skinned man, made his way to the bar. The man sitting next to Theo scurried out of his seat to make room for Marcel. He sat down in the now vacant seat without even acknowledging the man that previously occupied it.

“Lauren?” His deep voice boomed filling the stilled.

She tensed at the sound of her name stopping her facade of cleaning the glass and looked up slowly as he greeted her with a smile. His teeth were pearl white and stood out against his deep complexion. He was all man and, to most, probably attractive. But around the Quarter, he was royalty; a prince even. He ruled over its tenants and guest with an iron fists. It was strange how, often when he walked into a room everyone went quite and at his word would clear out without any hesitation. Later, though, when asked about why they’d left they couldn’t recall ever being at the bar. After awhile, Lauren stopped asking for fear people would conclude she was crazy.

“Marcel?” She managed to get out with as much forced composure as possible followed by an equally forced smile.

“A gin and tonic, please?” He was still wearing that bright smile.

Lauren swallowed nervously hoping it didn’t show and reached for a glass to begin his order.

“And,” his voice was low and authoritative making her stop and shoot her gaze toward him. “Beers for the boys.” He pointed with his thumb over his shoulder to the group of people behind him she hadn’t noticed before. They were walking over to full tables of people that, without even being asked, would jump up to let them sit. She nodded to Marcel, and began preparing the beverages. Theo, who’d she almost forgotten was there, sat in his seat still in the same position as before only this time staring at Marcel with a looked in his eye she could not decipher. Marcel’s right hand man came over to Theo expecting him to move but was slightly disoriented when he didn’t. Marco, the man’s name, cleared his throat to which Theo only scoffed and took a sip of his whiskey. This caught Marcel’s attention and he gave Marco a look that Lauren took as ‘show me you can take care of it yourself’. Marco grabbed Theo by his shirt in two fists lifting him up a couple inches from his chair and starred in to his eyes intently like he was trying to read his mind.

“I think you need to move now.” He grunted through gritted teeth.

Theo casually took the last sip of his drink and set it on the counter before grabbing Marco’s shirt with his own fists.

“No.” He smiled devilishly and then in one swift motion flinging Marco to the ground so hard it cracked the wooden floors. “You move.”

The group of mostly men that had followed Marcel into the bar were all to there feet and almost at the same time everyone else cleared out, including Lauren’s boss Lynne. Leaving only Lauren, Theo, Marco, Marcel and his entourage. Lauren couldn’t understand why everyone had left but didn’t dare to move.

“What’s your name?” Marcel asked smirking still seated.

Theo looked cautiously at Marcel and seemed aware that his followers were closing in on him from behind.

“Theo.” He growled in response.

“Well, Theo.” Marcel began circling around him to help Marco to his feet just as his crew all stood behind him. Theo was now cornered at the bar with Marcel and his army standing directly across from him.

“You’re obviously new around here. So let me inform you on how things work around here.” He stepped forward closing the gap between him and Theo. “I run things, and everyone else listens.” He clapped a hand down hard on his shoulder which sounds like it may have hurt but Theo seemed unfazed. Theo looked at the large dark hand on his shoulder and smirked moving it from him with his pointer finger and thumb like it was something vile.

“Well, thanks for the news flash, Brute. Could you email that to me? I have a bad memory.” He said with so much sarcasm it made Lauren cringe.

Marcel let out a loud belly laugh and his minions mimicked him.

“You’re a funny one.” He chuckled.

Lauren was frozen on the other side of the counter with a bottle of gin clenched in both hands watching the scene unfold. From where she stood, she could see both their faces. Marcel brought his round head so close to Theo’s their noses almost touched. And although slight, the action brought an obvious rage out of Theo who growled as his blue eyes flashed yellow.

Yellow? Lauren thought.

Marcel responded back with a protrusion of his teeth and reddening of his irises.

Teeth? Red?

Lauren gasped and the bottle slipped out of her hands crashing to the ground and steering everyone’s attention to her. She took a few ungraceful steps back catching herself on the wall behind her. She realised she had just made a huge mistake. She didn’t know what was going on and she was sure she’d never live to find out. They all, seemingly in unison, took steps towards her. All of them red eyed and barring…fangs? Her heart thumped against her rib cage and she didn’t know what she should do. She knew she wouldn’t make it out of the bar. A second later, Theo was in front of her his back to her front and her let out a distinctive roar. The hoard advancing to them stopped in their tracks taken aback.

“Go,” he growled over his shoulder and she could swear his face had inherited hair that wasn’t there before. Lauren was awestruck and partly dumbfounded, but didn’t move.

“Go.” He roared again this time at her.

Not needing to be told again, she ran to the back and out of the emergency exit without looking back. She ran down the familiar back alley ways of the French Quarter turning randomly trying to distance herself from the scene at the bar. What had she just witness? The colour of their eyes burned in her memory. She squeezed them shut trying to erase the image. Her thoughts were disrupted when she smashed into something hard and cold. It knock her back, throwing her off balance but she didn’t fall because it was holding Lauren up. She opened her eyes and looked at the unfamiliar hands and followed them up to the whom they belonged. It was the tall, lanky man from before, Damon. He looked at her with a fierce look in his ice blue eyes.

“What wrong?” He practically yelled and shook her a little. Lauren spoke in frantic jumbled sentences that were hard to make out.

“Teeth…red eyes…Theo…gonna die.” She spluttered.

“Hey.” He growled shaking her again as she fought to look over her shoulder back toward the direction of the bar.

“Hey!” This time he caught her attention. “Go home, lock your doors.” She stayed in place with his hands still clenched around her upper arm reading his eyes not really sure if she could or should trust him. When a few seconds past and she still hadn’t moved he raised his eyebrows at her indicating to do what he said, and she tore from his surprisingly strong grip. Lauren ran as fast as her skinny legs would take her to her apartment.

She dead bolted the door once inside and slid the chain on the lock shakily. Lauren turned her back to the door breathing heavily and leaned against it for support. She couldn’t get a hold of herself, her mind spun and she felt a dizzy. A loud banging startled her causing her to cry out in surprise. She did a 180 and looked through the peep hole wondering who it could possibly be. There on the other side of the door stood Damon supporting a barely conscious Theo across his shoulders. He banged on the door again,

“Lauren,” he yelled and she pulled back confusion striking her.

How had he known her name? She’d never told him. And what did they do to Theo? Did she want to know? Should she even open the door?

She peered back through the hole, biting her lip nervously. Then unlatched the dead bolt.

Crossover Idea: The “Alpha Omega Bio Weapon” is actually werewolves. Yes.

Cue gang helping out the Arrow and Co.

  • Danny and Felicity swapping hacker knowledge
  • Lydia reunited with Jackson/“Roy”
  • Stiles oogling Oliver when the dude is training–Derek is Not Amused
  • Oliver and Allison trying to best each other with bow and arrow
  • Stiles demanding they also get superhero costumes
  • Stiles and Sin becoming BFFs
  • Lydia and Felicity arguing over science
  • Relaxing at the club
  • Thea and Ally becoming buddies over the whole “i can protect myself” theme
  • Diggle and Boyd practicing lurking and Zen

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any teenwolf and pjo crossover au or headcannon?

just imagine Percy and Stiles considering each other skeptically and whispering to their respective good boys “I don’t trust him. He looks shady” and Jason and Scott are like “nah I’m sure they’re perfectly nice” to which Percy and Stiles roll their eyes and engage in a face-off of sarcastic comments while Jason and Scott get to know each other off to the side 

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Heyy ! I just read a crossover teenwolf/Supernatural and it was the best that happened to my life and I was wondering if you had any other crossover like that ? Thanks ! Love youuu ! xx

Hold the Door (Complete | 16,700 | Teen)

When Derek is killed by a rival alpha, the pack will stop at nothing to get him back. Even if that means blackmailing the most dangerous hunter duo this side of hell. Whatever. That whole devil thing was probably totally exaggerated, anyway.

This is my Kingdom Come (Complete | 64,875 | Mature)

Stiles has managed to avoid Hell and its natives for near 16 years. He’s almost managed to fool himself he’s human. And best friend who smells of wet dog or not, he thinks he’d got a pretty good deal with this second chance at a life, and is planning to stick with it. But, unknown to Stiles, the new king of Hell has other ideas…

Don’t You Dare Hurt Him (Complete | 18,036 | Mature)

Dean hunts down a werewolf in Beacon hills but it doesn’t go as he plans…

the smell of farewell and gasoline (Complete | 28,858 | Mature)

It’s the summer before his pack is due to head off to their separate colleges, but something is killing people in Beacon Hills. So when Dean Winchester shows up to investigate, Derek is confronted with something new.
And something old.

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Have you come across any mazerunner/teenwolf crossovers where Thomas used to be Stiles and Derek shows up and is like 'wtf Stiles' (probably while wall-slamming him) and tries to get him to go back to the pack, but Stiles is conflicted because that would mean leaving everyone (especially Minho) and more angsting and plot happens and it ends with Minho/Derek/Stiles in a poly relationship? (I'm not looking for a specific fic, I'm just asking in general).

i’ve started to writte one but i haven’t written the end yet and i haven’t decided whether i’d want it to end poly or not but i like this idea a lot thank you

  • [summary][teaser one] Before Thomas was in the Maze Trials, before his memory was wiped, his name was Stiles.