“    I’m sorry for the noise, we’ve just moved in and she’s a little cranky, but hey..I’m Carl Grimes and this Judith..” He welcomed his neighbour, smiling at the girl while trying to quiet his sister, he’d just noticed the blonde from over the hedge,   who probably just wanted to avoid the family altogether, he wouldn’t blame her they looked pretty odd..



Meg had gotten a tip that a werewolf was in California.  Some small town called Beacon Hills.  Normally, Meg wouldn’t go near the big time states but her source said this was worth it, and he never understated.  So here she was, in Northern California, looking for a werewolf.

She figured she better start at the sheriff’s office before she went sneaking around and then ending up at the station in handcuffs.  She pulled up next to a sheriff’s car and hopped up the stairs and went into station.  "Hi, I’m looking for the sheriff.  Is he in?“

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Alyssa sat down at the school desk. She’d slipped into the school a few days into the year, almost immediately after arriving in Beacon Hills. She heard about the alpha pack. That what drew her here. It only took a few days of attending Beacon Hills High School to find out the stories behind the students. Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey were betas, Allison Argent (who had an uncanny resemblance to Alyssa) was a hunter, Lydia Martin was.. something, and Stiles Stilinski obviously knew about it all.

The girl’s final class of the day she shared with Isaac Lahey. She sat behind him out of curiosity each day, determined to find out more about the alpha pack. She suspected he knew something.

anonymous asked:

so i was reading some meta about Lydia and the Banshee being separate. Like in the opener we see the Lydia's face mirrored. I study psychology at uni and we were learning about dissociative fugue. When someone has a fugue reaction they will sometimes adopt a different personality. So i was wondering whether you thought that Lydia actually dissociates and a Banshee "alter" personality takes over. Maybe because Lydia has no control, the Banshee took on its own consciousness. Any thoughts?

Hmmm interesting thought. I haven’t really considered this before so I’m not really in a position to say whether this could be the case or not. But i sure will look out for anything that might back up this theory when i get to season 2. 

We do have the fugue states though where she doesn’t really remember anything after. To be honest she seems subdued when she’s in one of these states. Not sure how much that is to go on. 

Lydia has been assosiated with mirrors in the show and like you point out she is also mirrored in the intro sequence (from season 3). I’m still early on in my rewatch (still on season 1) but i’ve been tracking what i think calicokat-teenwolf dubbed the mirror verse - if you pay attention to the surroundings and background you can sometimes spot minor changes - like a mirror in the hale house appearing mid scene or how stiles’ room completely transforms in the span of a second. 

My working theory is that this signifies a sort of imbalance between the “human verse” and the “supernatural” verse (or maybe even bardo for all i know, if you go with the celtic myths Otherworld can also fit, the list is long) and it’s usually when someone supernatural is present or something supernatural happens that we see this little shift. 

I think Lydia because of her abilities might have the power to switch between these worlds. We also have a lot of time travel references and i’ve been thinking that maybe these verses or worlds are similar but in different times, not in sync. So if the mirror verse is ahead of our world that might explain how Lydia as a banshee knows who’s about to die - she’s seen it in the other verse. Not sure that made much sense. And that is even more complicated so perhaps we should shelf that one. 

But maybe it’s even a bit of both - that Lydia  dissociates and also moves between verses. It wouldn’t surprise me actually. Double mirroring. 

Hmmm, even more to think about :)