before you say I Love You (tw: SA)

This poem is not politically correct.
Neither are his hands on your body
or my hands around his throat:
he touched you.
he touched you.
He said you were mine,
and then he touched you.

You are no one’s object, no one’s baby girl,
and even though you call me daddy
I’m no more your father
than the priest of the church you don’t believe in.
The night you came home with bruises
I told you not to come home at all;
that was before I knew what he did.
All I knew was that I said Don’t go to his house,
something bad will happen,

and you laughed it off.

I said don’t go.
I said don’t go.
I said don’t go,
and you came home crying.

For two weeks we’ve eaten in silence
as you rub off your mascara
on the back of your hand,
laughing between the cracks in our conversations,
forcing compliments over microwave meals
and cold soup.
You never told me exactly what happened,
but you told me not to kill him.

I swore that I would kill him.
You refused to give me his address.

Every time you leave,
I want to change the locks.
Every time you come home,
I want to hold you
until I love you.
Go, come, go, come.
I don’t recognize myself in the mirror
and I don’t recognize you across the dinner table.

You’re no one’s property.
You’re not ‘damaged goods.’
You’re not goods, and I’m not good,
and every kiss feels like, You cheated on me.

It’s not your fault.
It’s not your fault.
Whatever he did, it’s not your fault.
But Don’t go.  Something bad will happen.
You laughed it off.
Do you like being so naïve?
I rub my temples gray and cry in the bathroom
so that you can’t hear me over the television.

Why do I feel this way?
Like you betrayed me.
It should be cut and dry—he hurt you, it’s not your fault,
you are the victim, you are the only victim—
but I can’t bring myself
to put my lips where his mouth was.
I can’t kiss you when you ask me.
When I hold you at night you’re so cold, like air,
but so heavy, like nightmares,
and you tell me I grind my teeth.

This poem is not politically correct
and this love does not come easy.
Because when you wake up,
I don’t see you the same
and before you say, I love you
I just roll back to sleep.

I’m sorry.

“Rejoice in the wife of your youth.” Proverbs 5:18
It does not say, “Rejoice in your young wife.” — that girl you married when you both were younger. By now, time has gone by, maybe a lot of time. A lot has changed, but she is still that girl who gave herself to you on your wedding day.
You both have seen trouble and sorrow, maybe more than you ever dreamed you would. Think about her faithfulness to you through the years, despite your weaknesses and failings, through the many hardships, all by the grace of God. Let your heart melt again, and rejoice in God and in her. Then, your marriage can be a God-given source of rejoicing

Only Know It’s a Matter Of Time

A continuation of 80′s AU

Once Brittany is seated, Santana watches. She has to watch. She doesn’t want to watch. Blue eyes take in the room around her. They take in Santana’s too-expensive useless crap. They take in dumb crystal statues that Santana bought simply because she could. They take it all in, and Santana, she suddenly feels incredibly self-conscious. She’s had girls here before, sure, she’s had many girls here, if she’s being honest. She’s had girls here, and she’s wanted to impress them with her wealth. She’s wanted them to ooh and ahh over her purchasing power, her job at the bank, her big fancy townhouse, her lavish dates—one date, only one date, always—to see her as something special, something larger than life, something she’d struggled her whole life to feel for herself. Her money made their clothes fall off, she’d laughed about it, with her close friends, but now, now this is something different. Brittany is something different, Brittany makes her want to be more than that, to have more than what money can buy, and again, if she’s being honest, that thought terrifies Santana.

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Liam Dunbar : "Bestfriends"

Request: Heyy can you do a smut about Liam that the reader and him are best friends but you guys always have that sexual tension and one day that you seen Liam in his Lacrosse practice and you feel hot and then blah, then you can do wtvr tou want😏🙈

Watching Liam on the field practicing for Lacrosse had to be the hottest thing ever. He was always so focused, determined. Mason was always by your side, cheering for him even though it was just practice but you couldn’t blame him, Liam was very great at Lacrosse and–hot.

“Isn’t this the most beautiful view you can ever get?” Mason asked, softly sighing.

“Definitely. Especially since I get to see my best friend play. It’s kind of–”

“Kind of what?” He questioned, smirking at you.

You bit your lower lip, unsure of what to say. “Um…”

“Don’t. I know what you were going to say,” He chuckled, and you nervously giggled. “And then you guys claim your best-friends..”

You playfully smacked Mason on the arm. “We are! We aren’t dating or anything. We’re just besties.” You soft smiled and Mason shook his head.

“Sure..” He whispered. “Anyway I–”

Before Mason can finish his sentence, practice was over and you noticed Liam coming over towards the bleachers.

“You look exhausted,” Mason commented.

“Really? I do?” Liam asked, sarcastically. “That’s because I am. You guys ready?”

“To go where?” You asked.


Mason coughed, his eyes darting everywhere. “Uh, I already have someone picking me up. Thanks for the offer though!” He said, immediately leaving you and Liam alone.

“Okay, well that was awkward.” You giggled. “Liam, can you teach me how to play Lacrosse?”

He slightly chuckled. “Really?

“Yes. I’m serious.” You said, your voice sternly.

He nodded his head, staring at you with his blue eyes. “Okay,”

At the beach where no one was there, Liam was teaching you how to play Lacrosse. He positioned you in the properly way how to hold the stick and even taught you how to cradle.

You tried your best to whip, but your lack of athletic skills made the ball only to fall to his far right.

Liam snickered under his breath as he picked up the ball into his hands. “Yeah, um, we need to work on your skills.”

“I’m horrible at this. Forget I even asked you.”

“No, come on, you can give up like that.” He said, trying to encourage you.

He throws the ball back towards you and you failed to catch it. When you picked it up, Liam spots the glimmer of mischief and challenge in your eyes and he provoked you with a, “come at me” hand gesture.

Like little children, you both go back and forth at each other for a while. Neither of you feel hot because the cool breeze is balancing your body temperatures.

Liam feels it is time to throw his intentions into action. As you catches the ball? he swiftly approached you, took your hands and pulling you towards him.

His lips crashed onto yours and you drop the stick and ball, as Liam takes you and consumes you with lust. Liam’s tongue invades your open mouth and he dominates you, as you felt your legs buckling.

You slumped onto the ground, breaking up the kiss as he pulls you backwards, going over you and pinning your wrists to the sand while your legs lay out underneath him.
You both stare into each other’s darkened eyes before Liam goes back to dominating your lips. You panted heavily as his tongue enter your mouth, searching for yours. He tries to bite down on your lower lip but you catches his tongue which you slightly sucks on making his already erection throne with more anticipation.

Liam’s hands went down your arms and cupped a breast through the fabric of your dress sending wild fire through your system, causing you to moan.

Liam let his fingers regale underneath your wet panties, biting your lower lip as he slipped one finger into your core.

“Li–Liam,” you moaned between hot breaths that fans his face.

“Y/N, princess, you’re so tight.” He went faster and harder, curling his fingers in you once in a while as your moans are music to his ears, delighting him.

As you reached near your climax, he stops and you whimpered. Your cheeks were so red and your eyes were closed and they were you and Liak, lying, pinned onto the sand, beach where no one will find them.

“Open your eyes,” He said, and you slowly opened your eyes as he slides off your panties off your legs, flinging them far away.

Liam trailed slow and fire hot kisses onto your inner thighs as he reached near your center. He is aware that you both are dressed, but he’ll take his time undressing you later.

“Y/N,” he mutters with each kids as he locked your eyes with his, “After this, you’ll never stop being my best friend.”

He kissed your entrance, and you gasped as his tongue enters you.

He’s gentle at first, but he becomes harsher and growls as he cups your bum, lifting you higher which gave him more access.

Your moans we’re passionate, cries of pleasure as Liam uses his fingers, pumping in and out.

You squirmed underneath Liam as he starts thrusting with his tongue. Your moans increased, and you had so much difficult breathing.

Swiftly, Liam pulls your wet entrance to his mouth as he licks and thrusts into you letting your pleasure surround his ears.

You orgasm into his mouth, he swallows every last drop, tasting you on his tongue.


He smirks, with a flick of your clothes disappearing, scattering all around.

Lingering kisses on your neck and trailing up your jaws. He continues fighting for dominance in your tongue as his hands travel.

He goes down and a moan escapes from your mouth as Liam bit your left nipple, his fingers pinching and playing with your right. His other hand gives the same treatment to your right.

“Y/N,” he whispered your name as his kisses go down your belly, your toes curling.

You pulled Liam down onto you, as your hands explore his hard abs, under soft smooth skin.

You slowly go to Liam’s erection and as soon as you touched him, he groans and mutters your name on your mouth. Smiling and kissing him senseless, you moved your hands in a slow motion, moving them up and down.

He grips your thighs, spreads them wide open, and he goes to the tip of your entrance. He enters inside of you, all the way, thrusting into you.

You did not feel so much pain as incredible amount of pleasure consumed you. Liam thrusts in and out of you, hard and fast, rubbing your body against the sand, as he grunts.

It hits you like the waves that. rashes and surrounds them as the moon tide goes up, you orgasm.

Liam kept thrusting into you, and even when you moaned and collapses, he kept thrusting in until his own release.

When he came, he relaxed, collapsing and his head lands between your breasts.

He slowly withdrew from you, he laid down beside you in the water. He held your hand in his, he knew you wanted to say something, so he waited.

He observed you, as you smiled, knowingly. “What?”

“How are you not my girlfriend yet? Like, we’re just best friends. Why?” He questioned.

You shrugged your shoulders, not really knowing the answer for his question. “I don’t know. You never asked me out?”

“Well,” He began. “What if I’m going to, right now?”

You giggled, smilingly. “Then…yes.”

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