"It's not my fault were tied together" Derek Blurb

“Derek c'mon” you exclaimed excitedly, jumping on him to wake him up.

He groaned loudly and pushed you off of him, rolling over and planting the pillow firmly over his head.

You’ve been planned this beach trip with pack for weeks, and today was finally the day. The car has been packed for 3 days because you were so excited to go, that you didn’t want to do anything else but prepare. It was going to be a beautiful week, so rain or clouds insight, just beach camping, fires and lots of alcohol, it takes way too much for werewolves to get wasted.

“(Y/N), it’s…” he opened his eyes wide enough to see the alarm clock on the side of the table, “9 o'clock in the morning, leave me alone”

“Were supposed to leave by 10” you whined.

“I’m nocturnal” he half yelled through the pillow, but at this point, you knew he wasn’t falling back asleep.

“C'mon sleepy” you encouraged, jumping onto his back and peppering the side of his face with kisses.

He growled lowly, his eyes probably flashing blue for half a second before rolling over so he was in top of you.

“Wow this bed feels pretty hard today” he said playfully, pushing you in further trying to get comfy, “I wonder what happened”

“Derek!” You yelled, hitting his shoulders, “I can’t breathe!” You tried pushing him off you, but he went completely dead weight.

“I can’t move (Y/N), help, I think I’m paralyzed! Did the kanima come back?” He said with a smirk on his face. He was definitely awake now, but way more awake than you wanted him to be.

“I hate you” you exhaled dramatically, “get off of me you goon”

“I guess you won’t be waking me up anymore” he smiled, rolling off you and giving you a kiss.

“Go get ready” you said grumpily, laying like a starfish on the bed.

5 seconds went by before Derek jumped back in the bed, “ready”.

“You didn’t even shower, ya nasty” you said, giving him a side eye.

“We’re camping on the beach for the weekend” he rolled his eyes, “and I showered last night after Scott and I finished training with Jackson”

“That’s what you were doing!?” You asked annoyed, “were not going to hear the end of it”

“It’s okay” he smirked, “there’s more where that came from, hope those alpha wounds healed” you didn’t even have to look at him to know he was smiling.

Derek pulled you up from the bed after you held you hand out for help, nearly ripping your arm off in the process, sometimes he didn’t know his own strength.

“Derek” someone yelled from downstairs, “supposed to be on the road by 10”.

“It’s Derek” you heard Lydia say, rolling her eyes.

“It’s 9:54” he looked at his watch and grumbled.

You followed directly behind him as he walked out the door, grabbing your suitcase that was sitting there, “coming?” He asked monotonously.

You just shrugged along with everyone else, hopping into Derek’s Toyota with Scott and Allison. Stiles, Lydia and Jackson following in the Jeep behind you.

The drive there consisted of singing along to old songs everyone knew, with Derek fiercely concentrating on the road, although you were touching his face and yelling in his ear. Allison was giggling out of control, and Scott decided to both Derek with you. For such a short tempered man, he was handling it really well.

“I love you” you said between songs, watching Derek knuckles turn white from gripping the steering wheel so tight. You were sure if it was because you were annoying his or because he was afraid to show affection in front of people.

When you guys got to the camp site, you watch Stiles climb out of the Jeep and slam the door, rolling his eyes at Jackson and Lydia fighting.

“The ENTIRE way” he huffed, his mouth hanging open.

Derek and Jackson were first to set up the tent, it was a really cool 10 person, 5 room tent that you were all sharing. While they did that, the girls unloaded the rest of the car and Scott and Stiles went to go find fire wood. Derek got his side up in no time with Jackson screaming “this makes so fucking sense”.

Finally it was time to party and lite the fire, heating up the hot dogs and burgers you brought and then making some smores, all with vodka shots and beers.

“Babe!” You yelled to Derek, “shot for shot” he rolled his eyes and took took a shot with you like it was nothing. It left you squirming and viciously gnashing on a smore to get the taste out.

It wasn’t long before you blacked out, not sure if anyone else did. You woke up in the tent with a pounding headache, Derek by your side breathing steadily. Holding your head, you tried to get up to get some ibuprofen that you knew was in the car.

“Where you going?” Derek asked grumpily as soon as you moved.

“The car” you said with a questioning tone, like he needed to know.

“For what?” He asked again.

“Advil” you said shortly, annoyed by his tone.

“I already got you some, and some water”. His eyes were still closed, one hand lying over his stomach, the other by his side.

“Okay well I need to pee” you said, getting up from the bed only to be dragged back down by your wrist.

“What the fuck!?” You cursed.

“You don’t remember?” Derek asked annoyed, “you decided it would be fun to handcuff us together last night and then LOSE the key”

“I did what?” You looked down at your wrist that was connected to his, “why”

“I don’t know (Y/N), I really don’t” he shrugged, acting really calm in an annoyed way.

You moved your hand back to your face, inspecting the handcuffs like it was all a dream, then tugging on it, causing Derek’s hand to flail, then hitting it. Then accidentally closing it a little more making it tighter.

“Ow!” You winced, trying to rub it, but the cuff was now too tight to move.

“Stop moving” Derek grumbled, his eyes still closed.

“Then help me” you pleaded.

“It’s not my fault we’re tied together” he shrugged

“Yeah well, if you don’t help me find a way out, we’re going to be stuck together forever” you said matter of factly.

“I’m already dating you, so, same thing” he joked.

“Ha ha” you said dryly, “STILES!!!”

Derek opened his eyes at the loud yelling, and glowered at you.

“I’m trying to sleep” he said annoyed again.

“I’m trying to get unlocked so I can pee. STILES!!” You yelled again.

“What?” He asked whipping open your tent door, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

“Do you have another key for this?” You asked raising your wrist, and Derek’s along with it.

“Yeah at home” he said sleepily.

“Can you pick it?” You asked hopefully.

“That’s also at home” he remarked.

“What good are you” Derek mumbled, eyes closed again.

“Sorry Derek, I didn’t think I’d be picking locks on a beach camp trip” he said sarcastically, turning his head back to you and adding “I might have a saw in the trunk”

Derek’s eyes sprung open, “no” he said instantly.


“No” he said again.

“Get the saw” you told Stiles, who huffed and walked out grumbling.

“(Y/N)” Derek panicked, getting up the bed, only to be in a tug of war battle with the handcuffs"

“You almost let him cut off your arm one time!!” You resisted.

“Because I would’ve died” he exclaimed, “no” he pointed at Stiles when he walked back in the room with a saw.

“What the hell is going on” Scott said, walking into the room, Jackson, Allison and Lydia following behind him.

“Were locked together without a key and he doesn’t trust stiles to saw through the chain” you huffed, your arm falling by your side making a loud clap.

“It’s Stiles” Derek reasoned.

“Hey” Stiles responded, taking offense.

“Hold him down!” You pleaded Scott and Jackson. They went over and grabbed his waist and arms so Stiles could get between the chain. Derek’s eyes turned blue, his fangs coming out.

“Calm down you baby” Jackson rolled his eyes.

It was over before he knew it and you were both two separate beings again.

“See? Nothing.” Stiles said matter of factly and promptly walked out of the room.

The rest of the trip, Derek didn’t say much, other than good night and answering questions he was forced to answer because you annoyed him until he did.

When you finally got back to beacon hills, Stilinski was able to use the key to get the off you, Parrish giving you a weird look.

“Don’t get any ideas” you said to Parrish, who held his hands up is mock surrender.

“I don’t want to know” Stilinski said as he uncuffed both of you.

Pack Mom - Derek Hale x Reader

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Pairing: Derek x Reader

Prompt: You’ve always been the mother figure to everyone in the pack but when the pups start calling you mom they also start treating you as Derek’s mate, awkwardness and confessions ensue.

Warning: Smut! and other shit! :D 



You hopped out of your newly bought Mustang, you knew the pack would be shocked at your new car but the moment you saw the sleek black vehicle you knew it was the one. Your last car got trashed in a car chase with the Calaveras but you dug into your inheritance and decided to get something nicer. The moment one foot stepped out of the new car Stiles was on you with a million questions.

“Ohh my god when did you get this!? How does it run!? How much was it!?” You rolled your eyes but answered all of Stiles’ question calmly because you adored Stiles he was like a brother to you.

“Wow that is one beautiful car.” You heard a gruff voice say from behind you, you knew who it was but you turned around anyway with a nervous grin.

“I know she runs amazingly!” You exclaimed cheerfully which made Derek crack a small smile.

“Did he just smile?” Stiles stared at Derek with wide eyes.

“Yes Stiles I have the ability to smile.” Derek deadpanned.

“How come I’ve never seen you smile at anyone except Y/N? Well unless you count that deputy at the police station who you flirted with. Why don’t you smile at me?” Stiles rambled his arms flying around in an exaggerating manor.

“I smile at Y/N because she is about 5 times more attractive and 100% less hyperactive spaz.” Derek replied easily but when he said you were attractive your mind went blank, your heart started racing rapidly and you knew your cheeks were most likely bright red.

“Ooo Derek and Y/N sittin’ in a tree K I S S I N G fir-”

“Stiles shut up before I rip yo-”

“First comes love!” Erica popped up out of nowhere and started singing along.

“Then comes marriage!” Liam exclaimed as he burst out the door with a grin on his face.

“Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” The three of them shouted together, at this point you knew your face was bright red so you buried your head in your hands willing it to go away.

“Then comes a divorce because she finally realises how grumpy Derek is.” You heard a cheerful voice at which made you look up to see Peter.

“Derek’s not grumpy.” You huffed at Peter which made everyone turn to you.

“Oh so no divorce?” Peter smirked knowing he’s caught you red handed.

“No! I mean-We’re not…And he’s not-Fuck my life!” You screamed storming into the house the pups soon following behind you.

You sat down next to Isaac and Liam as soon as the pack meeting started, they were both sat very close but you knew it was because contact made them calm. As Derek went through everything he needed to you stared at his chiselled face, the abs that you could see through his tight shirt and his ice green eyes as they darted to and from each pack member who asked question.

As the meeting came to a wraps Liam already had his head on your shoulder and Isaac had his on your lap you glanced at both of them smiling but knew you had to move if you wanted to get started on making dinner.

“Liam honey I need to go start on dinner.” His head shot up, nodding before running off to play video games with the boys.

“Isaac sweetie I need to go make food.” You giggled when he nuzzled into your lap more, you ran your fingers through his hair softly before looking down at his face realising he was sleeping. You lifted his head gently and set it on a cushion once you had moved. His face twisted in one of a lost puppy and he reached for anything he could.

“M-Mama..” He whimpered as his hand touched mine. Suddenly you were aware almost all the packs eyes were on you. You wanted to be embarrassed but you couldn’t be because it didn’t feel weird to be called that by the pups.

“Can I ask why everyone feel like that is something to gawp over?” You snapped in a motherly tone which soon made them lower their heads. As so finally got round to making tea you could hear Isaac shouting at the tv which you assumed to be because of a video game, suddenly Jacksons voice cut through the conversation.

“Aww is mama’s boy losing? Why don’t you go-”

“JACKSON JOHNATHAN WHITTEMORE!” you screamed as you shot out the kitchen door straight into the living area. Jackson froze and dropped his controller.

“Apologise right now!” You shouted as everyone seemed to freeze. Derek seemed ready to jump in but you knew he didn’t need to.

“Sorry Isaac..” You dipped his head slightly as if he’d been scolded by his mother.

“Now who’s a mama’s boy?” Stiles snorted which made your eyes shoot to him.

“Mieczyslaw Stilinski! Get in this kitchen and help me make food!” Everyone stared at you wide eyed making Stiles flush.

“How the hell did you pronounce that so perfectly!? I can’t even pronounce it and I’m his best friend!” Scott exclaimed as everyone stared at you then Scott. You ignored Scott question and followed an embarrassed Stiles into the kitchen.

After you finished making dinner you had the pack set the table and carry the excessive amount of food to the table. You all sat down, staring at the various foods you had made. You sat to Derek’s left and Scott was on his right. You noted that everyone let Derek eat the first bite which was normal because he was the Alpha but when everyone stared at you, you looked to Derek for help.

“Why is everyone looking at me?” You asked confused by everyone’s actions.

“The first person to eat in the pack is the Alpha then his mate, then the Alpha’s second.” Lydia stated calmly as she smiled over at you.

“But Scott is Derek’s second not me?” You replied, your left eyebrow raised slightly.

“But your Derek’s mate. Right?” Isaac asked from the seat next to you.

“What?” You looked back to Derek who was staring at Isaac with the same confused look.

“Guys we’re not dating…” Derek shifted awkwardly in his seat as he spoke it made your heart clench painfully at the fact he was uncomfortable with the idea of dating you.

“Oh sorry the idea of dating me seems so farfetched to you.” You growled at him making everyone freeze for what felt like the millionth time tonight.

“That’s not what I was saying Y/N.” Derek stated softly as he stared into your Y/E/C eyes.

“So what were you saying Derek?” You sneered and everyone seemed to shrink into their seats.

“Well I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with everything they were saying…” He whispered his voice trailing off slightly.

“In what world would anyone be uncomfortable with dating Derek Hale?!” You screeched staring at him like he’d grown another head.

“Well if you wanna play that game fine! In what world would anyone be uncomfortable with dating Y/N Y/L/N!” He retaliated harshly.

“So then why aren’t you guys dating?” Liam spoke up softly, everyone turned to look at the youngest of the pack his head held high as if he’d knew he’d said something smart.

“Because Derek doesn’t like me the way I like him and you know this!” You whisper yelled to Liam but realised that you’d said it loud enough for everyone to hear.

“You like me?” Derek asked making you turn your attention to him, your face now bright red.

“Can we talk about this after diner please? I’d like to at least enjoy the food I cooked before you flat out reject me.” You mumbled softly before pushing the food around your plate. You looked up to Derek who was now out his seat. Before you knew what had happened you were yanked out your seat, one of his arms firmly wrapped around your waist and the other hand cupped your cheek.

“Do you like me?” He asked again with more heat and curiosity in his voice, his green eyes stared into yours making everyone else disappear. You nodded softly as your eyes flicked from his to his lips. His lips met yours in a soft yet passionate kiss, after a few seconds of small kisses that stole your breath away you were pulled out by the sound of Isaac’s voice.

“Ew it’s like watching your parents make out.” You pulled away flushing slightly before looking up at Derek who sent you a pantie melting grin which made your knees weak.

“Can we eat now I didn’t slave over a hot stove to eat cold food?” Stiles grumbled which made me turn to him with a raised eyebrow daring him to take all the credit.

“I mean let eat this delicious food mama made and then make sure to give her a foot massage later?” He grinned over at your cheekily.

“Stiles shut up or I will rip your thr-” Derek stopped mid-sentence as you shot him the same look.

“I mean let’s eat then put on Y/N favourite film?” Derek mumbled his eyes wide.

“See now you’re getting it. Okay time to eat.” You giggled pressing a gentle kiss to Derek’s cheek.

After dinner you all put on a film and cuddled on the giant L shaped couch. Everyone was touching in some way with and Derek in the middle of what could only be classed as a puppy pile. You could stop to scared thought that this could just be another one of your dreams about Derek but every time you count your fingers and thumbs you had ten altogether. You buried you head into Derek hard chest which was surprisingly comfortable. You drew shapes absently on Derek’s chest as your listened to his heart beat. Every now and then it would rise and become louder but other than that it was a calming tempo.

Eventually everyone started leaving until you were the last on left in the newly re-built Hale house. You shuffled about as Derek walked you to the front door. As you were about to put your shoes on Derek stopped you grabbing your face and kissing you with so much emotion and roughness you knew your lips would bruise. When he pulled away, you let out a small whine from the loss but opened your eyes to look into his.

“God I’ve wanted to do that all night but I felt like I’d scar the pups.” Derek sighed softly as he started regaining his lost breath.

“Derek…What are we?” You asked softly as his hands made circles on both cheeks.

“You’re mine and I’m yours.” He responded calmly, his hands slipping into your hair. When he gripped your hair slightly you let out a whimper now thoughts of him claiming you, his eyes glowing red as he made you submit, made their way into your head. You soon started to feel your panties grow damn which as soon as Derek took a deep breath through his nose you knew he smelt because his eyes changed from icy green to crimson red.

“Stop.” He growled as your arousal got worse as his red eyes stared into yours.

“I can’t stop the fact that you turn me on Derek.” You chuckled softly, biting your lip so stop another whimper escaping when you felt his hand grip your hair tighter.

“You smell so sweet.” His left hands moved to grip your hip as he drew you closer towards him.

“If you don’t leave now I’m going to take you upstairs and claim you.” Derek growled into your ear, his fangs grazing against the shell of your ear.

“Then do it.” You panted as his mouth moved to your neck.

“You sure that’s what you want I mean we only star-”

Before he could continue rambling you grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him down for a bruising kiss. Both his hands gripped your waist in a tight hold but you didn’t care if he left bruises it just meant that Derek wanted you that much he couldn’t control himself and to you that felt empowering.

“Yes I’m sure I want Alpha to claim me.” You whined softly as you pulled away from the kiss.

He didn’t answer with words instead chose to growl at my choice of words, there was something extremely attractive about his red eyes and growls that went straight to your core. You step back from him and pulled off your baby blue summer dress you were currently wearing, leaving you in your underwear, a strapless nude pink bra and matching panties. His eyes roamed over you hungrily as you made your way up the large set of stairs, swaying your hips seductively as you went. He was soon chasing after your almost fumbling like a horny teenager to get his shirt off.

Once you reached his room, you crawled onto his bed on all fours. He made his way over to you gripping your hips tightly. His right hand slowly made its way down your back pushing softly on your shoulder blades so you were face down with your lace clad ass in the air. You giggled shaking your ass at him playfully making another feral growl emit from his chest. He playfully slapped your ass making you playfully moan at him. You knew at this point you were so wet that your panties were likely soaked. His right hand made it way down my back to my ass before skimming over your lace cover pussy.

“Jesus you’re so wet.” He groaned as if this fact caused him and his dick physical pain.

“Mhm because Alpha makes me wet.” You gasped as he moved your panties to one side and ran his index finger through your wet folds.

“What does Alpha’s little kitten want?” He whispered as his lips gave small kisses to your ass cheeks which made you whine softly.

“Want Alpha’s tongue.” You managed to whisper, your hands gripping the sheets tightly in anticipation. Instead of responding he ripped your panties off, his tongue delving into your pussy as soon as the shredded panties were thrown away. You let out a breathy moan as his tongue dipped into your hole, fucking you roughly with his tongue before moving his attention to your clit giving slight kitten licks making you whimper before trying to push back on him. His hands gripped your hips keeping you firmly in place as he continued his ministrations on your dripping core. Soon his fingers entered the mix, his two fingers slowly pushing in and out making your moans louder. He started sucking on your clit making your orgasm start towards the edge.

“D-Derek am gonna’ cum.” You stuttered out barely able to even form the sentence but these words only made his finger go faster and his licks and bites get rougher. You finally felt yourself fall gripping the sheets, his name repeatedly falling from your lips over and over. Finally as you started to come down his attention stopped and you were flipped onto your back.

“Would like to stop now Y/N?” He asked as he hovered over your body his shirt gone along with his jeans leaving him in boxers with a very large noticeable hard on showing. He tucked some of your Y/H/C hair behind your ear, his actions soft and loving making you smiles up at him tiredly.

“No I want you to make love to me.” You smiled at him lovingly as he leaned down kissing your forehead. He nodded as he grabbed a condom from the nightstand, carefully rolling it on. He lifted your legs gently wrapping them around his waist, his tip now teasing your entrance. He looked at you one last time as if asking once again if this was okay but instead of answering verbally, you brought him down for a reassuring kiss. He entered you slowly your back arching softly as you gripped onto his bicep with one hand, the other gripping the sheets. You had only had sex once when you were 17 but he was a lot bigger than the guy who took your virginity. He stopped as soon as he was fully inside of you he looked down to make sure you were okay.

“You okay baby?” He asked softly caressing your face.

“Y-Yeah this is only my second time ever having…” You drifted off yours cheeks flushing tenfold.

“You should have told me I’d of prepared you more!” He whispered yelled his voice full of panic and apologies.

“It’s okay Der I’m fine now you can move.” You whispered bring him down for a chaste kiss.

He looked uncertain with your words but you moved your hips up letting out a gasp followed quickly by a moan. You moved your arms to rest around his neck pulling him down for a slow yet passion kiss as he began with slow thrusts that made you moan into the kiss. He supported himself on one arm and used the other to run his fingers through your L/S hair. He kissed the corner of your mouth as his thrust got harder but not faster. His lips placing a trail of kisses to your neck.

“Shit Y/N…Feels good.” He moaned huskily into your ear.

Your moans were gentle and worn out as you felt yourself building again. When you clenched around Derek slightly brought his hand down to draw circles against your clit. His panting and gasps getting heavier as his thrust became more uneven and messy. His other hand gripped the sheets as he felt you finally cum around his shaft.

“Derek!” Your voice shouted out as you felt yourself cum for the second time.

“I’m cumming…” He gasped as he thrust into deeper than before, making you rasp out a quiet moan. As he came his thrust became more uneven and slowed down before coming to a stop. You were both panting as he took the condom off. He tied it throwing it into the bin before he collapsed next to you. He pulled the covers from under both of you making sure your naked body was covered as he drew you in until your head was on his chest.

“I love you Y/N.” He whispered as he kissed your head, running his fingers through your hair.

“I love you too Der.” You murmured before you felt sleep take you.

I guess being pack mom isn’t so bad after all.

Fueled By Desire (NSFW 18+)

A/N: So, today has been a crazy day but I started writing this last night and wanted to post it tonight ! So I wrote it in virtually 24 hours, so I hope it didn’t suck to bad. I planned on posting it earlier but I had a bit of writers block. This a Theo smut that you can thank @hardladyheart for. She’s filled my mind with dirty Theo thoughts. (Fun fact’ this gif is actually mine and my blog name used to be twfanfic-af)

Thanks to: @writing-obrien and @hardladyheart for editing and proof reading.


Word Count: 2803

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