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[Interview] Chris Colfer on His Indie Film, Hit TV Show, and Wisest Advice For High Schoolers

The Glee actor spills about starring in (and writing! and producing!) Struck By Lighting.

If you thought Glee’s Kurt Hummel was a busy guy—what with the college classes, magazine internships, and Brooklyn adventures—he has nothing on his real-life alter-ego. Chris Colfer wrote the screenplay for Struck For Lightning, then produced the flick, while starring in it alongside some of Hollywood’s coolest young actresses. And he did all of that while acting on an award-winning show and writing a bestselling children’s book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell. Busy schedules aside, Chris was kind enough to make time to chat with us about his movie, opening Friday in select theaters.

Struck By Lightning is bound to become one of those “classic” high school movies. What was your favorite flick when you were a teen?
“Mean Girls! Actually, no…Mean Girls and Saved.”

What was your high school experience like?
“It wasn’t fun. I was harassed a lot and picked on a lot. I felt so under-appreciated and insignificant. I devoted so much time to projects and things, and many people didn’t understand why I was so passionate. It was a bleak time.”

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ATX Street Style on teenvogue.com!

Last week I got the opportunity to photograph stylish college ladies in Austin for teenvogue.com! Style stalking in 40 degree weather was not the easiest thing in the world, but I came across some great fall looks. Honestly, I was a bit surprised at how well these ladies played the layering game considering that temperatures in Texas are only this low for a fraction of the year. I definitely got some A+ fall styling inspiration from the ladies I shot!

To check out the entire slideshow of photos, head over to teenvogue.com!


I went on teenvogue.com the other day to see what’s new in ‘all teen vogue’. I found great variety of blogs, fashion trends, and tips, as created for those reasons. I spent the majority of my time looking at the blogs, because it’s an uber obsession of mine. One blog stood out to me called Frassy made by Audrey Leighton, a girl who blogs fulltime in Paris, France. 

Down below, I put some of my favorite pictures and outfits of her, check it out. I guarantee, you will fall in love with this blog, as I did. Audrey’s web :: befrassy.com 

Here’s where you can see other blogs :: fashion.teenvogue.com

What’s your FAVORITE blog??? =]