The seventeen year old actress, Amandla Stenberg, was introduced to us as Rue in the Hunger Games. The actress and feminist is covered on the February issue of Teen Vogue.  In the magazine, Amandla talks to another #MANEMUSE Solange Knowles about an array of topics. One topic they do mention is their hair.  Both Stenberg and Knowles mention how they have spoken all they can about their coily and glorious mane. If you remember, Stenberg created a video Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows: A Crash Discourse On Black Culture.  In the video Amandla talks about how textured hair is an important part of the Black culture and identity. Go check out the artice in Teen Vogue, and tell us do you love this trailblazer’s hair and the way she inspires women with textured hair to rock their mane? 


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Liam Payne Confirmed That He's Single in the Most 2015 Way Possible

Ella Ceron, Teen Vogue

When you break up with someone, there is a grieving process. You throw out — or give back, if you’re a nice person — all of their things. You subsist solely on ice cream for 72 183 hours. You listen to Adelenonstop. And you delete your ex’s phone number, unfriend them from Facebook, and stop following them on Twitter and Instagram. (Sounds intense? Don’t blame us. These are just the rules in 2015.)Liam Payne, the soon-to-be-solo member of One Direction, just unfollowed his ex-girlfriend Sophia Smith on Instagram. (Hepreviously alluded to the breakup at a recent concert, but didn’t go much into the details.) And how did people figure this out? Because until recently, she was the only person he followed.Yes, he followed her over bandmates Harry, Niall, and Louis. Yes, over the band’s main Instagram account. She was the only person he kept up with, his feed a constant reminder of the girl back home. But now his following count is at a big, noticeable 0 — which probably means just one thing.

But though he’s single, he’s not alone. He’s already been cuddling up to a new loved one: his puppy. It looks like all that downtime when One Direction takes its (sob) break will feature lots of long walks — just with a four-legged date instead of a two-legged one. Sigh. At least someone will be there to give him plenty of kisses. These ones will just be really, really slobbery.


@camerondallas and Nash Grier for teenVogue

Teen Vogue’s article about Lottie:
Lottie Tomlinson is our favorite new beauty girl. If she isn’t on your radar already, hear us out. Louis’s little sis is Lou Teasdale’s protégé, has a YouTube channel where she imparts all her beauty wisdom, started the rainbow roots trend of last fall, did her friend Selena Gomez’s makeup flawlessly, and looks pretty much perfect in every Instagram post she shares.

The budding makeup artist, whose white-as-snow hair and dazzling blue eyes make her stand out from the crowd, is already busy in 2016 making some major moves. Just yesterday she took a sink selfie with freshly iced strands at Bleach London and we had to stop and wonder what she was up to. And today, it’s clear that she was getting ready for a big beauty day. (x)