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If you were a crayon what color would you be?

idk. I have something called Synesthesia where I percieve things in two different ways. So each word has a colour to me? Mines quite weak though compared to my Mothers or my Mum’s cousin. My Mum can see sound but w’ev.

But ok for me, when I picture my name, It moves between Royal Mail Red and a deep green…

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awesome^^…especially cause angels have the same thing in common which is obviously everything about teen top, then when angels meet they would have such a good time together..It will all feel natural…I seriously need to meet one now lol

where are you from btw? it’s a great feeling to meet an Angel and spend time with them, exchange stories and be silly while spazzing. hahahah! you should find Angels near your area and organize a meeting. i recently met a fellow C.A.Ptain. i am yet to write about that. soon. :) it was oh-some! ^^

lunapea replied to your postcongratulations again! nyahahahaha tumblllrrrrinnngg

haish, with your fighting spirit, no doubt ! and i believe you are a very good and reasonable student ^___^

aww thank you sweetie! but not really i just get by ahahahah <3

teentoplover1 replied to your postI HAVE FINALLY FINISHED UNIVERSITY


Thankkk you!!!!!! <3


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Too much time hahaha <3 but ill prob see you in london when im down for summer <3


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I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED UNIVERSITY  congrats sumimi!!!!!!!!! also welcome home ^_^

Thank you Kristen!!!!!! <3<3 ^^~

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what do you like about Chunji?

This is a big question omg…

I honestly don’t even know where to begin… I mean he is quite far from what my real life type is so I have no idea why I like him so much.

His face is weird. He’s really cocky. He’s neck looks like he has a small child stuck in it. He’s bossy, he’s a dobber (for those not from England, he tells on people). He’s a failuuuureee.

But idk. For some weird strange reason seeing him happy makes me happy.

teentoplover1 replied to your posthey hey! do you know? it'z mi beosdei today!!! yay!! ^_____^

happy birthday fellow CAPtain ^_^ <3

fellow C.A.Ptain indeed! :) thank you thank you! in my tongue, we say, Maraming Salamat. :)

tatianaz2003 replied to your posthey hey! do you know? it'z mi beosdei today!!! yay!! ^_____^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER..i havent gone to twitter today but im sure i’ll see it on there!!

saw your greeting on Twitter, twin sister! jeongmal kamsamnida! ^_____^