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Hi hello meet High4 a group that made a hit somg with IU in 2014 but sadly melted away after that. Theyve recently made a comeback and it would really make a difference if more people checked them out.
Their vocals are honestly A++ and talks of disbandment are worry some among fans.
So please just have a listen leave a like you wont regret it ♡♡♡


Good luck Byung; we’re all with you!!  #ot6 forever

To the boy who got me into Teen Top and Kpop, 

To the boy who unconsciously helped me through the hardest times,

To the boy who defied odds and his parents to chase his dreams,

To the boy who thinks about his members or better yet his brothers and his fans above everything else,

To the boy who just wanted to grow and achieve his ambitions but got stomped all over, 

To the boy who didn’t fear to speak up and go against everyone and anyone who didn’t allow him this growth,

To the boy who had the guts to leave his comfort zone because he wanted more,

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