15th Annual Teen Event: No Holding Back – A Multimedia Production!

For the 15th consecutive year, Teens With a Purpose will deliver a youth led, youth inspired community teen event. This year’s original production will take the audience on a multimedia journey through time from conception to growth

 and development of this youth empowerment organization paralleled with the journey of four “wanderers”, young people who came to TWP searching for a place to belong, bringing with them their troubles, their talent and their potential to change. They ultimately triumph over adversity. The wanderer also represents the developmental assets and TWP’s key vehicle of change and positive peer influence. Each segment of No Holding Back highlights a different set of circumstances teens’ face. It represents different roads to resolution played out in song, dance, drama, fashion, photography and poetry. The goal is to inspire the youth to realize the power in a single step forward – no holding back. No Holding Back.

Register at http://www.twpthemovement.org/twp.no.holding.form.php
or send an email with your info at twpteenevents@gmail.com