Something I Need
Something I Need

So… it’s a silly thing I made in cosplay… Because I think this music was written for Swoncest )u( This going to be a long post, so…  you can see more under the cut ;)


I had a dream the other night
About how we only get one life


Woke me up right after two
Stayed awake and stared at you
So I wouldn’t lose my mind

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teenageswagger said:

Just spicing things up for the summer. The vest got so much action over the winter I thought I’d let him retire for the season.

You finally wore it out? Well in any case that’s good, but I’m not exactly fond of the star t-shirt. I’m too used to seeing you wear your old clothes rather than…This.

  • 2spooky purple-headed yogurt slinger: "Milky Way-
  • Right before ejacualting in a girls mouth, pull out and blow it on their face. After this, simply throw glitter on her face, rub it in, and proceed by yelling, "You just got Milky Wayed Bitch!""
  • 2spooky purple-headed yogurt slinger: that sounds amazinG
  • clydosaur: oh my god
  • clydosaur: swaG DOING THAT
  • 2spooky purple-headed yogurt slinger: it sounds like something swag would do
  • 2spooky purple-headed yogurt slinger: fosdmsd
  • clydosaur: DNSBFVWEH
  • 2spooky purple-headed yogurt slinger: laUGHS

teenageswagger  asked:

I see you finally came out of the closet. With a new wardrobe too AHahaHAHA

I don’t even know whether to be insulted or be constipated by your comment. And speak for yourself, what happened to your other outfit. And your hair? You let it grow out??? Seriously, I only recognize you by your sunglasses.