a salty teens au (1/?)

Wherein Jon and Sansa misunderstand one another from the very beginning.

“You don’t like her.”

Jon didn’t bother denying it. Aegon was right, to a certain extent, and if storming out of the gardens hadn’t told the story of his feelings, then his face – set in a “rictus of displeasure,” as his brother had likened it – surely did. “It doesn’t matter if I do or don’t,” he replied. “Father’s will is that I am to be married. To her.”

His brother rolled his eyes. “And since when do you bend to Father’s will?”

“He is the king, you know.”

“And you’re his son. If you’ve found your betrothed so… unfit… I’m sure even his royal highness could be swayed to spare you the burden. ”

Jon curled his fingers into a fist, trying to verbalize the impossible. It wasn’t entirely true that he disliked Sansa Stark. In all respects and by every measure, she was everything he could have asked for in a bride. More than. He was a lucky man. He could recognize that.

But there, in perfection, lied Jon’s problem.

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A boy wants to ask a girl to prom, and he really likes her so he goes all out...

He goes to the florist to buy some flowers, but the line is out the door. He thinks, “that’s okay, she’s worth it,” and waits an hour in the flower line.

Next he goes to the candy store to get some really nice chocolates and again, the line is absurdly long. Again he thinks, “that’s okay, I’ll wait,” and waits an hour in the chocolate line.

He goes to a limo agency to book a limo for prom night, but they are having a sale so many engaged couples have lined up to book a limo. But the line is shorter than the candy store line and the boy thinks, “well, if I waited in that line, I can wait in this one, too.” He waits half an hour in the limo line.

After that he goes to buy the tickets to prom. Everyone else is buying tickets too, but he doesn’t want them to run out so he has to wait over an hour in the ticket line.

Finally he has everything he needs, so she asks the girl and she says yes.

The night of prom they get in the limo and drive to the venue. The event isn’t very well coordinated so traffic is atrocious, and they wait for what seems like forever in a stand-still traffic line.

Finally, they get out of the limo and stand in line to get into the prom. It’s a big school, so they wait for the better part of 45 minutes in the entry line.

When they eventually make it inside, the boy and girl start dancing. They’re both having a great time, but the girl gets thirsty so the boy offers to get her some punch.

He goes to the drink table and there’s no punch line.

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12 Days of Teen Wolf: Day 12 - OTPs/BROTPs  (Free Day)

Stiles and Lydia

Scott and Malia

Scott and Stiles

Theo and Liam

Scott and Allison

Allison and Lydia

Malia and Theo

Allison and Isaac

Stiles and Theo

Malia and Lydia

Stiles and Derek

Melissa and Chris

Lydia and Jordan

Scott and Kira

Stiles and Malia

Scott and Liam

Scott and Isaac

Liam and Mason 

Mason and Corey