teens spirit

Dating is hard when you can see the local Spirits! 

..or when the dude spends the whole night on his phone! Dammit Shane, accept my gift of “one large egg!” I only want to make you happy!
Since I started playing Stardew Valley I haven’t stopped. Also I can’t stop thinking about whether I’ve petted my dog for the day or if I watered the corn. Where can I find a snow Yam?? I don’t trust those spirits by the way, these “Junimo” Why do they want all these things? Is it weird to bring them all these sacrifices,… when they start asking for the villagers I think I need to ask myself what I’m doing… and whether they will fix that bridge at the end of the map for it. Also Demetrius you are my Best friend! Oh and HOW relaxing is that Bath house? Just chills me straight out! Need to go into the mine later, need