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Thank God for 36" work pants (Submission).

Haha, yeah, I’m sure those work… for now. Jesus dude, where’s the line? Today, it’s “well, I’ll start my diet tomorrow. I have 36s right now. No biggy.” What about next week? Leaving them unbuttoned and hoping no one notices, fatass? That’s a slippery slope for jiggly boys like you. The day you start being okay with wearing your biggest pair of pants on the regular, or even worse, knowing that there’s always a larger pair if you need one at the big and tall just down the road, is the day you start your uncontrollable descent into Gluttony, my friend. Pretty soon, you may find that there is no larger pair of pants at Casual Male XXL.

Seems to me fatties like you, young guys in the office place, often need to have that one big moment of discovery before they realize how massive they’ve gotten. “What do you mean you don’t carry 76s? Isn’t this place for big guys?” You say, hunched over the counter, the weight of your own stomach now hanging down around your knees pulling you over. A foot of asscrack showing, feet half your height apart due to your ever-shaking thighs. The cashier will have no choice but to blush. That’s when you realize: you’re bigger than anyone else there. It’ll all flash before your eyes-the months of not being able to see your penis (reach it at that point), the cupping of your tits by the family jock every holiday (they are after all bigger than every women even he’s been with), the struggle of constantly pulling down your shirt after it rides up just from walking (waddling, in your case) two little steps, even having a tough time wiping your own flab-coated ass. In one moment, you’ll realize what you’ve done to your body and what you should have done the first time you said “thank God for 36” inch work pants.“

But you’re a fat fuck at heart and at stomach, so you didn’t. Instead, you just kept eating and eating, lazing around on your couch until you began to overflow it. And now that you’re standing in a store which you can barely fit through the doors of, you also come to another equally up-ending realization: you can’t stop. What are you are going to do? Exercise? In what? Where? You’re too big for that now and you know it. You can barely make it around your house when you’re almost as big as it, let alone work. Even better, you don’t want to. And it’s then that’ll you decide to quite your job, stop wearing clothes, and get you a feeder that’ll stuff you to the point that you become what you really are: a fat hog.

My Gainer Chastity Challenge

So, I am going to be doing something a little dangerous, here: I am going to do the gainer chastity challenge. That means for every three notes this post gets (rounding up) by Saturday, the 29th of January 2017, I won’t masturbate for one day. Instead, when I get horny, I’ll go and eat something or drink my daily heavy cream shake (which has 1,600 calories, btw).

I was inspired by @getthicker to do this. He, however, also had the gym as a substitute to sexual release. I, being a complete fatass, will not. It will just be food.

Jerking off is a massive part of my life. Literally, tens of hours go to it each week. My average is 3 times a day, hence the three notes rule (I also don’t want to go too long as to prevent me going insane: so 3 seemed like a good grouping.) I should tell you all, I haven’t gone more than 4 days without sexual release in the last five years. So, this might get me a little crazy, but I can assure you: the more horny I get, the more food I’ll want.

This is also kinda playing off my sex fantasy for a feeder to withhold sexual release: I hope to one day be so big that I can’t reach my penis and my feeder will agree to help me get-off, but only every time I hit a weight increase in an increment of their choosing.

Also, I will be able to break the chastity, just once, for every 15 pounds I gain :)

Note counting ends 11:59pm (23:59) Saturday, the 29th of January, 2017 PST.

*Wet dreams will not be counted as a violation*

Chastity Confession

Hey guys. So, I’m into Day 5 of my chastity challenge. (If you don’t know what that is, the specifics can be found here) Starting to go fucking insane, honestly. I am so horny - mostly because my nipples are really starting to puff up. I am very excited for man boobs!!!!!!!

However, I wanna confess something: I’ve had orgasms since the chastity challenge started. I’ve been wearing joggers, lately. Mine are super SUPER soft on the inside, which is good because I’ve been having issues with pants since this sudden increase in my weight. All jeans, no matter the style, hurt my thighs if they fit my waist. My ass and legs are just big enough, the crotch won’t get high enough, and the end of the in-seam chafes my inner-thighs. Because my penis, especially flaccid, is now below average, I decided I would freeball Wednesday. I had gone two days without release, and being a guy who averages 3-5 times a day, this felt like forever. In English class, I started getting really horny. All I could think about was getting so big I take up two, or even three, of those plastic chairs, how one day I’ll break one. I became rock hard. As class was ending, between the super soft fabric, the lack of release, the build up of cum, and the small amount of friction incurred from standing up combined. I came more than I ever have before… right in the middle of the classroom. This fatass got so caught up in his own obesity that he creamed my pants. Luckily, I had the presence of mind to take off my coat and tie it around my waist. Also, no, this is not gainer erotica. I legit had a in-school orgasm. It was hot and horrifically embarrassing, but it is what it is. And, then, something happened again in the shower last night. I just got thinking about how hot this all is… and I came without touching myself. I didn’t know I could do that. It was one of the best orgasms of my life. I was trying to hold it in, for the sake of the challenge, but I couldn’t. I have to talked several guys who only get off my getting this turned on: they never jerk their chain. But, I had never experienced it myself. Anyway, I’m going to do better about eating instead of getting caught up in the moment. For right now, as motivation, you guys can just cheer me on or send me some asks!!! Thanks. 😍