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“crying over a bowl of cocopuffs because the only time i feel pretty is when I’m hungry" fucking crying so hard


When you love someone
You make them a
But my first
mistake was
I put
Before me.
I starved
So you
I stayed
So you
sleep, and
I suffered
While you
laid in
I “loved” you so much
I was blinded at the
Thought of
someone else
Even if
That someone else


Conan: How does he respond when you show these to him?

Will: The other day he was in, um, Atlanta. He was, like, working. He was directing. I knew he was super busy, so it was the right time to send him a picture. And I sent him this picture and all he simply replied on the chain… “You’ve ruined my day.”


We’re always so scared to
Be in relationships
To be vulnerable
To heartbreak but
How can I be scared
When the person I am
Most vulnerable to
Is myself
When the person I want to
Destroy the most
Is the one
Staring back
In the mirror.

Things I wish I had known as a teenager

1. Appreciate the free text books in school because you will be paying ridiculous amounts in college / university
2. Relish work experience! Use it to learn about the different sectors of the work force. There are so many different job opportunities out there and it’s hard to know what’s right for you
3. You will find your group of friends eventually. It’s ok to admit it’s not working with a certain group, maybe you just don’t fit in. Shop around, talk to different people.
4. Be nice to your parents.
5. Drink water, not the sugary energy drinks (or coffee as it is now) because your skin will thank you for it down the line
6. Don’t give your teachers such a hard time. Their doing their best to help you. Sure there will be good ones and bad ones but being rude or disrespectful won’t help.
7. Dealing with your emotions can be tough, hormones, big changes in your life, pressure of exams and friends and social media, responsibilities… it can all get too much. PLEASE reach out and ask for help if you need it.
8. Be clear of the help you want. For every person who will listen and be useless there will be someone who can help. Find the right person. In fact when talking to adults in positions of authority say clearly I have a problem who can help? You don’t need to disclose it if you don’t want to until you get to the right person.

The boy who made petitions about mental health awareness also disregarded you when you described how you stayed up late every night with a pounding heart dreading having to face the next day.
The boy who called himself a feminist didn’t care about your beautiful mind when you were just a pair of breasts to him.
The boy who cared so much about a freedom of expression wouldn’t let you wear your crazy slogan teeshirts and rainbow highlighter.
The boy who apparently cared about you so deeply didn’t care when he slowly destroyed you.
—  Maybe the boy wasn’t who he said he was
Hoe tips: Vag part one

-Do no use coconut oil as lube (!!) it will erode the condom so it breaks. Plus using coconut oil in your vag too many times can give you an yeast infection.

-Don’t use two condoms at once (some escorts do this with especially gross men without realizing it ups the chances of the condom breaking)

-Always. Pee. After. Sex. You’ll thank me for this.

-Berries, pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, grapefruit, mangos and yogurt will help you taste better as well as water so eat and drink tons of that good shit.

-Exfoliate before and after you shave.

-Aloe Vera helps relieve razor burn.

-If you have ingrown hair try tweezing it. I do it all the time.

-Use tea tree oil daily.

-Don’t wash your vagina with soap (unless it’s the kind specifically meant for it) because it’ll cause a yeast infection. Use a soft cloth and wipe the entire area (or babywipes)

-I once had a horrible yeast infection in my cosmetogloy class so I talked to my teacher. We put Witch Hazel essential oil on a pad and it relieved the itching and burning straight away! Drinking lots of cranberry juice helps detox the yeast infection and relieve it as well. (If you try these tips don’t do just this. Get the treatment as well! I find the one day treatment works best) Coconut Oil will also help the outside temporarily but only use it in case of emergency. It can make the infection worst if you keep using it.

-Hair removal creams will cause a yeast infection.


-shave your puss sideways.


This is Nina and I, two American teens who both have pre-existing conditions. Both our families already struggle with a lot of medical costs and getting proper health care is tough enough. The two of us, as well as billions of other people have pre-existing conditions and everyone should be paying attention to this issue. Lives are at risk here.