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You are my favorite what if

you steal me away
with your eyes and with your mouth

for bleep0bleep


Jenna: All the time, It’s stressful

The silence before our kiss was the loudest moment of my life.
—  No One
Just friends don’t act like this… luckily I love you both platonically and romantically
—  No One Important

frostedfleur  asked:

Stydia + art school AU?

This is going to be an all arts school, not just only visual art.

  • Lydia is an art major and Stiles is a music major. He has a band formed by Stiles (drummer), Kira (lead singer), Scott (guitar), Isaac (bass/ sometimes guitar) and Danny (key board and bass player as well). Lydia, Malia and Allison are an art, dance and photography major, respectively.
  • They meet because Malia is dating the lead singer of Wolf Pack, Kira, a smol cute who is so different from Malia so the girls are dying to meet her. Malia takes them to a gig the band is having to see Kira.
  • They are only able to meet her after the show, so the girls get a good spot in to watch them, and they’re drinking and dancing and having a good time and the cute drummer and Lydia are totally eye-fucking. So hard. Getting to a point where she’s drinking her fruity drink and sucking the straw that actually makes Stiles miss a beat or five.
  • After the show, Malia takes them backstage to meet her girlfriend. They all love her and she’s so smol, Lydia and Allison can’t get enough of her. And then she introduces them to the band and the drummer (oh, the drummer) is there. He chokes on his beer when he sees her (and Isaac obviously is like “Wow, calm down Stiles, they won’t bite you) and Lydia answers “Only if he wants to” and like, Stiles basically dies
  • The bad and the girls hang out the rest of the night (Malira making out 80% of the time, Allison and Scott talking and playing darts and Lydia, Stiles, Isaac and Danny are in a very heated pool game)
  • Lydia is destroying all of them. Danny is not surprised at all, Isaac is regretting for betting so much money and Stiles loves it because he knows he sucks on the game but it’s so hot
  • When she finishes them (taking a lot of money with her), she and Stiles start to talk and get along so well, even though they’re drunk af and prob won’t remember the next day
  • It takes them a few weeks to get back in touch. Lydia and Stiles hadn’t had a chance to talk more because of classes and life, but things change when Lydia needs a model for her next project. The problem is that it’s a naked project and most people she asked said no
    • obviously i was going to the ‘naked pose au’ bc how couldn’t I?
  • But Kira, who’s in their place a lot, tells that Stiles would prob do it bc he needs the cash since his job pays poorly. Lydia gives him a call and he agrees, setting up to meet her that weekend.
  • For some reason he thinks the naked thing is a joke????? so when he meets her to help her do the project and she asks to take off his clothes, his mind goes in a total different direction???????
  • “Don’t you think we should go a little slower?” he asks, but Lydia shrugs and says “Hm… No, I have something tonight, so this needs to be quick”
  • I mean… Stiles is just… so clueless.
  • He takes his clothes off and looks at her, waiting for her to do the same, but she doesn’t. She just… looks at him. He feels a little weird about it because he thinks none of his hook ups ever examined him like that. After a while (Lydia surely took her time looking at the end of his happy trail) she nods and Stiles just.. walks towards her and tries to kiss her.
  • “What the hell do you think you’re doing??????????”
    “Um… kissing you?”
    “…. I don’t know, isn’t what people do before having sex?”
  • Lydia blinks twice just looking at him. He’s so confused. Then she says “… We’re not having sex. I’m here to pain you. Naked.”
  • STILES IS SO EMBARRASSED. He doesn’t know what the fuck to do. He wishes that Scott is there to rescue him. Or that the earth could pull him into it’s center and let him die of embarrassment. And Lydia sees how he wants to die but she sighs and look at his face “Look, do you want to do this? Because I really need that grade and you’re getting paid, so..”
  • And Stiles is mortified, but he does need the money so he lets her paint him but refuses to look at her for his life. Not that she minds, because she’s also not looking at his face at all. And for some time they think it’s fine like that, but the atmosphere is so tense, so awkward and Stiles hates it so much. So he opens his mouth.
    • Like, comic relief is really his thing.
  • “Are you painting me like one of your French girls?”
    • i swear if you do not get this reference, unfollow me, please
  • Lydia stops. She looks at him. He’s with his brows raised, looking at her waiting for her response. And she notices he’s trying to make the mood lighter, so she cracks a smile, making him relax.
  • They spend the rest of the afternoon chatting and flirting when she finishes, he gets dressed and checks out her work. It’s amazing. She draw him perfectly, every single part of his body looks authentic, she even got his moles in his face and the res of the body. It’s kinda weird seeing him exposed like that but she did an amazing job.
  • “I’m sorry I assumed we’d have sex… I just… I thought that there was something going on when we met at the club, so…”
    “Oh, there was.”
    “Oh… oh” He truly doesn’t know what to say or do, so Lydia smiles at him.
    “But like I said, I have something tonight, so feel free to call me any time soon.”
  • Do I need to say that they end up fucking? Because I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.
I want to tell you how I feel but I don’t want to risk our friendship without you wanting that to happen. I wouldn’t do that to you. I couldn’t do that to you. However it would be great if you confessed your undying love for me
—  No One Important
And I'm really missing you today

I was missing you a lot today
I’m not sure why
I think it’s because I was lonely
I still haven’t found someone to replace you yet

I know you replaced me
It’s just hard I guess
After all the fighting
And pain we caused each other

You were still my best friend
You were still the one I spent all my time with
You were still the one I was texting 24/7
You were still the one I told everything to

I know I messed up
I wish I could take it back
I’m really sorry it ended that way
Just know I hope you’re doing okay

And I’m really missing you today….

Kira Yukimura was a god damn angel and one of the least selfish people on this show. If you honestly think that she’d be mad and want Scott and Malia to be unhappy just because they turned to one another. Well, I’m sorry, you don’t get Kira’s character what so ever.

Teen Spirit

Here is some Delinquent Terumob AU for @was-dft (who commissioned it) and @florbe-triz (who came up with the AU if I’m not mistaken), as well as anyone else who finds this. Writing delinquent!Mob is some tough shit, since I’m not used to writing angry, antisocial teen perspective. But I tried my best, so please enjoy!

Shigeo was sitting on the top of the school roof.

It wasn’t his school, actually, but that suited him fine; he didn’t want to be at Salt Middle School right now. His sudden rise to fame has brought countless new and old members of the Salt Middle Gang flocking towards him like sheep, and while the admiration felt a lot nicer than the distain he got from his parents and younger brother, it could get extremely annoying at times.

Compliments didn’t change the fact that Shigeo disliked people in general, and especially dealing with said people. His followers always assumed that the favorite thing to do for Shiro T Poison was beating the shit out of others, but in all honesty, that was only in third place. His favorite thing to do was to sit in the middle of nowhere and enjoy some rarefound peace and quiet.

His second favorite thing was hanging out with the urabanchou of Black Vinegar Middle School, Hanazawa Teruki.

After their big fight, Shigeo had been sure that Teruki would come looking for revenge, or at least a rematch. The proud types usually did, in his experience; they just couldn’t accept that there was someone stronger than them, plus they felt humiliated. So he hadn’t been surprised when Teruki had walked into Salt Middle School a week later and demanded to see Shiro T Poison.

He had been very surprised, however, when Teru had knelt down in front of him and pledged his fealty. Honestly, he hadn’t known what to do; nothing like this had ever happened to him before. After all, this meant that he now had the whole of Black Vinegar at his command… After several minutes of silent pondering he’d voiced his decision: he’d leave the leadership of Black Vinegar’s delinquents to Teruki, but the command over Teruki to himself - meaning that Shigeo could now call on the whole force of the other school if necessary, but wouldn’t be bothered with anything that actually happened at Black Vinegar.

Teruki had looked kind of relieved. No wonder, really; power was addictive, as Mob knew well.

Teruki knew too. Teruki knew a lot of things that Shigeo had previously thougth only he himself knew, and Teru understood a lot of things that Shigeo felt but nobody else did. Even though Shigeo was a lot more powerful than Teruki, they were both espers stranded in a world too weak for them, and they’d had a lot of similar experiences. It was no wonder the two started to hang out regularly, talking, drinking or vandalizing random buildings.

I guess it’s just a lot more fun to be dissapointed in the world together, Shigeo mused. He’d never had any friends before, but he thought Teruki counted as one. A subservient one, sure, but still a friend.

Well, actually a bit more than that. Slow as Shigeo could be in the fields of social interaction, he had realized by now that his feelings for Teruki extended a bit over the friendship line. The first clue had arrived three weeks ago, when they’d defeated the local claw branch together and Teruki got badly hurt. Shigeo’s emotions had shot straight past the 100% limit, surprising even himself.

(The only thing left of the former base now was a pile of rubble.)

The second clue came directly after the fight, when Shigeo had helped Teruki patch himself up. Not that Shigeo had much experience in the matter, but he was pretty sure the usual reaction to seeing a friend’s blood-covered torso exposed was not a sudden urge to lick the blood off until the other person moaned from something else than pain.

Shigeo didn’t act on that urge, of course. Back then he’d still been too cautious about this sudden development.

But if another opportunity presented itself, he might.

He already knew Teruki liked him back. He’d known even before he’d become aware of his own feelings, since the blond esper didn’t exactly hide his adoration of Shigeo. In his usual listless way, Shigeo had decided not to do anything about it, since it was convenient to have someone utterly devoted around. Now that he felt the same way, he was less sure what to do, torn between the desire to stop beating around the bush and the fun of watching Teruki being oblivious to the mutuality of the emotion.

Plus, part of him was still afraid. Shigeo had never trusted anyone, and for good reason; letting someone into your heart was a big risk.

Then again, Shigeo had always loved a little risk.


Shigeo lazily turned his head. Teruki was standing at the door of the roof, looking over at him with a grin. Shigeo allowed himself a smirk. “Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“Shouldn’t you be in your school?”, Teruki countered, walking over.

Shigeo shrugged. “Like they can teach me anything important. I already know everything I need to about this world.” Teruki tilted his head. “True.”

He sat down next to Shigeo, glancing over the edge of the roof. “Why’d you come here though? Not that I’m complaining, but Black Vinegar seems a bit out of the way.”

Shigeo shrugged again, unable to meet Teruki’s eyes. “Dunno. I felt like it.” Teruki looked at him but didn’t reply, instead gazing out over the roof.

They spent the next few minutes in silence, just looking at the clouds above and enjoying each other’s company. However, Shigeo was startled to find an emotion other than tranquility invade his heart - one he hadn’t felt in ages.

He was nervous. Not even for a reason, simply being alone with the guy he had a crush on was making Shigeo nervous. And that in turn made him feel humiliated. Shigeo prided himself on his strength, so such an obvious sign of his infatiuation, of a newfound inferiority was clawing at his ego. He felt restless; he wanted to punch Teruki to show him that he didn’t have a hold over Shigeo, but at the same time he wanted Teruki to press him down on the roof and do whatever the hell he wanted, no holds barred.

Being in love was confusing, and it was eating at Shigeo’s nerves.

He pulled a small packet of cigarettes out of his pocket and asked, “Hey, d’you have a light?”

Teru started to shake his head, but then he paused, and grinned. “Kinda. Check it out.” He snapped his fingers and suddenly, his right pointer was engulfed in flames.

Shigeo tilted his head, slightly impressed despite himself. “Where’d you learn that?”

“At that Claw place,” Teruki answered smugly. “Remember the fire guy? He was a total loser, but the technique was nice, so I tried to copy it. It’s actually pretty simple; you just kinda twist your energy to a point and flick it and boom! Instant flamethrower.”

Shigeo frowned at Teruki’s description, twist and flick wasn’t exactly the most accurate or helpful advice - allthough it wasn’t really Teruki’s fault; psychic powers were something intuitive and emotional, and that was usually pretty difficult to depict.

Nevertheless, Shigeo clicked his fingers, focusing his energy like Teruki had described.

Nothing happened.

Teruki winced, the flame on his finger dissapearing with a ring of smoke. “Uh, well, I was in touch with his energy during the fight, so maybe that helped? And I had to try a few times as well, so - ah!”

He flinched as Shigeo carelessly, almost crudely pulled at his spirit energy in an effort to discover the new technique. However, it wasn’t giving Shigeo the results he was hoping for. “In touch with his energy isn’t working, Teruki”, Shigeo scowled - then he suddenly felt it. It was like a surprise opening, a strange pull that was dragging his powers in a new direction. Curious, Shigeo followed, feeling his energy swell up. On instinct, he twisted his fingers and suddenly Shigeo and Teruki were connected, their energy merging violently, pulling their souls together in a way that felt so intimate it made both of them gasp.

Shigeo cut the connection quickly, adrenaline hammering through his body and his blood roaring in his ears. He definitely hadn’t expected that to happen - though perhaps it was worth it. Teruki breathless and shaken was definitely a sight to behold, a sight that stoked the flames that had been awakened inside Shigeo by the intimacy of the energy connection.

Shigeo’s careless smirk was a bit forced as he clicked his fingers, a flame curling up in the palm of his hand. “That was fun,” he said, lighting a cigarette and taking a deep pull to calm himself. Teruki swallowed, trying to get his composition back. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

Shigeo shrugged, hoping he looked more relaxed than he felt as he released the smoke back into the air. “Me neither. I guess we both learned something.”

Teruki stared at him wordlessly, his breathing still uneven. “You know, I think I need a cigarette too.” Shigeo chuckled and wordlessly handed over the packet, placing his cigarette between his lips again in an effort to get his own heartrate to calm down.

However, Teruki seemed to have other plans. With nimble fingers he fished a cigarette from the packet and stuck it between his lips, then he leaned forwards until their faces were so close Shigeo could feel the blond esper’s breath on his cheeks. Teruki pushed the end of his unlit cigarette to Shigeo’s lit one, smirking as the sparks transferred.

In appearances, he was only lighting his cigarette with the help of Shigeo’s, but even the socially inept esper could sense the coals of anger at the sudden humiliation still smouldering inside of Teruki; fueling the desire now clearly visible in the blond esper’s eyes.

Well, thought Shigeo, stomach swirling with a mixture of nerves and want, they say anger is just another form of passion…

Teruki pulled back, eyes never leaving Shigeo’s, and took a long, slow drag at his cigarette, lips curling around the small roll in a way that made Shigeo’s insides grow hot.

Then the blond esper tilted his head back to blow the smoke into the sky, and Shigeo’s eyes caught on his pale neck, adam’s apple bobbing as Teruki expelled the smoke from his lungs. Shigeo found himself mesmerised, which resulted in Teruki catching his stare - and smirking.

And that was the last straw that made Mob boil over.

Barely a second later he was pushing Teruki to the ground, energy fizzling violently as his emotions went haywire. Teruki’s eyes went wide at Shigeo’s outburst, energy automatically rising to respond to the push that would have crushed anyone else straight through the school roof.

For a second, they stared at each other, caught in a stalemate.

Then Shigeo surged down and kissed him.

Back in second grade, when Shigeo had still had that ridiculous infatuation with Tsubomi-chan, he’d sometimes imagine what his first kiss would feel like. Gentle, he’d thought. Gentle, and sweet, and soft. It would be a pretty kiss.

Well, this kiss wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t soft either, or sweet or gentle - it was angry, and demanding, and sloppy, their lips clashing and moulding against each other in what almost seemed like a battle of wills.

And fuck, it felt so good. When their tongues touched for the first time, a small whimper of pleasure escaped Shigeo, immediately followed by a throaty moan from Teruki that sent a shiver down Shigeo’s back. Screw holding back, why had he ever wanted to wait in the first place?

He grabbed the edges of Teruki’s face, trying to pull him even closer, and Teruki started tugging at Shigeo’s hair, sending pinpricks of pain shooting over Shigeo’s scalp. Shigeo gasped in response, breaking away from the kiss for a second to try and regain his sense of superiority - but suddenly he was rolling and Teruki was on top of him and they were kissing again like they’d never stopped in the first place, only that now Teruki was in control and Shigeo was liking it a lot more than he’d care to admit.

The roof around them was starting to crack, and both of them - especially Shigeo with his bad stamina - were running out of breath, but neither of them felt inclined to stop making out until suddenly there was an ominous rumbling sound and the nearest chimney blew apart, scattering bricks everywhere.

Teruki rolled off of Shigeo and stared at the mess, pupils dilated and lips puffy. “Huh,” he said slowly. “I guess you could say that idea blew up in our faces.”

Shigeo stared at Teruki, trying to get his breath back. He’d forgotten about Teruki’s adorable obnoxious habit of breaking out in puns when he was excited. “You’re terrible,” he finally managed, sitting up and dusting himself off to keep his hands from straying back to the blonde esper’s face.

Teruki grinned. “More like Teru-ble… but I’m a great kisser, right?”

Shigeo turned away and pinched his nose, hoping his cheeks weren’t as red as they felt. “One more pun like that and I’m gonna stop our make-out session.”

Teruki’s eyes grew round. “There’s more? But the chimney -”

“Salt Mid’s roof is a lot more stable than Black Vinegar’s,” Shigeo suggested with a small smile.

Teruki opened his mouth, and shut it again wordlessly, eyes brimming with anticipation, lust - and unbridled adoration. “You’re amazing, Shigeo.”

Shigeo felt his insides swell with warmth, his head swimming with emotions he’d forgotten about, locked away as they’d been in his unfeeling heart. There were some new emotions which he’d not felt before, too - but that was just a reason to explore them even further, right?

“So are you, Teruki. Now let’s go, before I forget myself and break Black Vinegar’s walls again.”

I think both of us know deep down that we like eachother. I just have no clue how either of us would handle that being said.
—  No One Important

Headcanons based on the sneak peek:

-  Stiles bought that cute butterfly sweater for Lydia while they were on their road trip. They got lost and wound up at a small vintage shop in the middle of no where. Ofcourse Lydia was mad at him for not reading the map properly but when she laid her eyes on that butterfly sweater, Stiles knew how to make it up to her. She wasn’t going to wear it at the moment, she was still wrapped in Stiles’ over sized flannel so she kept it new and fresh until she knew she would be missing Stiles while he’s in D.C. that’s when she would wear it.

- Lydia barely talked because her partner in crime is missing. Usually he would state something; right or wrong, and she would either correct him or add on to his theory. But this time there was no one to lead off of, no one to take the extra caution for a plan. Nothing else to discuss or think, just to run in fear.

- Lydia Martins outfit is not up to par because her boyfriend isn’t there to see what she is wearing. It’s not like it’s something Stiles cares about… he would find her sexy in a piñata dress and a multicoloured clown wig. But she cared around him, and she wanted to look her best for him.

- Or Scott and Malia spent time trying to add up certain details about these hunters and when they found it, they go to Lydia’s house and drag her out of bed, exactly like Stiles used to do. Lydia would be in a half sleep state where she imagined one of the nights Stiles drove to her house at midnight. At that point she purposely left the side door unlocked because she expected Stiles to come in, even though she still attempted to get some sleep. Stiles would walk through her bedroom door and shine a flashlight in her face… but this time she wakes up to see Scott and Malia on the other end. So Lydia throws on a quick outfit together leaving her house with them.

- While they are running away from the hunters, not only is Scott getting vivid flash backs, but Lydia and Malia are too. Malia’s mind is flashing back to the night she was running away from the car accident. She was in her coyote form, with her view alot closer to the ground. She remembered trying to wake her mother and sisters dead body. But it was too late, they were bleeding all over and were dead at the scene. So she kept running further away from the wreck, far up to the coyote dens then Malia’s mind snapped back to reality realizing her, Scott and Lydia were still running. Lydia could feel her hand being pulled along by some force she thought was the wind, it was like Stiles was there in front of her  and then suddenly her mind shifted back to the night the ghost riders took him.  They were running and skidding to a stop when the rider got in front of them. Back in reality, Scott pulled his arm out to hold Malia and Lydia from crossing. He could sense the hunters were near them so they had to find another route. Lydia’s mind flipped back to the night of terrors. Her and stiles moving in every direction, trying to find an escape. When Scott made his alpha growl, Lydia finally snapped out of her trance and realized they were trapped by the hunters.

- Scott gives the first initiation that there will be a fight when he roars back to the hunters. He tells Lydia to get back, while Malia and Scott take on the hunters with their wolf powers. Once the hunters start pulling out their weapons and shooting Scott and Malia, Lydia steps in and uses her banshee scream to push a few of the hunters back a couple feet into the dirt. The hunters left standing are astonished that a banshee was able to have that much power, this makes her very valuable. Scott then steps forward and growls at them, making them run back to the others as the three of them jog back to the jeep.

- Scott drives the jeep, with Lydia sitting in the passengers seat and Malia in the back seat. They discuss the events that just unfolded before them, as Scott makes a turn into his drive way. They all go up to his room to add more information to his mystery board. Scott calls Stiles right away to fill him in on what’s going on. He knows his best friend better than anyone, that Stiles is keeping track of the supernatural events taking place in Beacon Hills on his own mystery board in D.C. Scott and Stiles spend a little bit of time discussing how to piece together this mystery. When Stiles can sense there’s something wrong in Scott’s voice, he gives wise words of advice that to save the town it’s all up to Scott now. Maybe Scott doesn’t have faith in himself, but Stiles does. So does Lydia and Malia. Scott then passes the phone to Lydia, in which she’s almost speechless to hear his sweet voice again. “Hey Lydia”… after not replying for a while, he speaks again “I hope you’re still listening” and with a smile she finally says “I am, I’m here” with a smile.

- After Scott spends a couple hours stringing together more evidence, he turns around to see Lydia sleeping on her bed and Malia eating his left over pizza on his chair. Malia says she needs some air, so she decides to walk home. Scott nods in agreement and turns back to Lydia. His best friend looks so soft and gentle, he places a fuzzy comforter over her and closes the lights.