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Current mood: The one and only teen who chose to be mentored by Griffin and was ushered into a world of terror and confusion.


Hello my beautiful family, friends, followers (whatever you want to call yourselves) I have reached 700 followers and to me, this is a big achievement and I want to celebrate. 

I have finished my practice exams so will be a little more free to read and write, especially write for all you lovely people.

I am going to work on some of the requests I got for my 300 follower challenge(yes I still have a few of those to do.) but I also wanna work on some of my series fics and because of @mysupernaturalfics and her Happy Holidays fics, I have fallen into the daddy!dean pit (again). 

So for my Daddy’s Nugget I will probably be working on a fic based on Regarding Dean.

For ‘How Do We Fix This?’ I want to work on Stanford!Sam or Teen!Sam

Please, if you wouldn’t mind, send in some GIFs, Headcanons, Aesthetics, prompts, NSFW shit…anything you can think of I will kindly appreciate it.

Thank you again, guys!!

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