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Our team arrived yesterday in Houston, tired, but safe and sound. We’re so excited for world champs to start, but the spectacular view outside our window is a good way to pass the time.


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A few Heylin headcanons I still hold strong.

How did Grand Master Dashi make the Shen gong we to begin with?
Imagine this. Wuya was a powerful witch who used to mind her own business for the most part, occasionally playing tricks on mortals. One day a young Dashi (before he was grand) decided to steal some of her magic for his people. Slyly he tricked her at a childish game, the first Xiaolin showdown, (claiming it in the name of the Xiaolin people) and from that showdown ‘won’/stole much of her magic. I like to think that he made use of this magic infusing it into various toys and trinkets he might have had an interest in building beforehand. He then shared the magic items out thought the town and humans, I’n the hope of giving humans power, and creating a Ballance of power between humans and the supernatural (witches, demons…etc).

Wuya got so mad she decided she would dedicate her entire life to obtaining all of Dashi’s magical toys, to regain the power she once lost. But then Dashi traps her in a puzzle box and the folk story gets put on hold till present day.

I still really like the idea of Jack being a distant relation of Wuya but with FAR less power. He does after all have an unusual genius about him (technically speaking). I mean no young teen is that good with technology, and technology is in a sense the magic of the modern day.
Not to mention they do have quite a few physical attributes in common. Red hair being most notable. I like to imagine how many ‘lines’ they have under their eye markings representing how powerful their talent is (Wuya having 6, and Jack having 1 line). And then if we were to assume that the mask like symbol on Jack’s crest is oddly similar to Wuya’s mask, it could have been a family symbol changed by the test of time.
It is possible Wuya could have had a kid before being trapped, and the lineage continued. Makes her backstory a little more tragic.

I’ve come up with a lot of headcanons over the years, but this one I like to have the most fun with.

media consumption

I have always grown up being told that you are what you eat. This was used as a scare tactic to get kids to eat healthy, but there is so much more to it. Our parents didn’t know what was coming when they had us. They didn’t see the age of social media coming and consuming all of us, as well as us consuming it. You are what social media you consume. It becomes a part of you whether you realize it or not. I recently noticed that when I watch certain Youtubers I start to do minor things that they do in their videos, and that’s disgusting. I lose part of myself because I’m choosing to give it up to my laptop screen. I’m caught up in competing with people I have never even met before. We try to be what other people want to be and lose sight of who we truly are; selling ourselves out is not cute. Being so addicted to a piece of technology we feel lost without it is not cute. It’s honestly hard living in a time where everyone gets swept up in getting a perfect Instagram, having an adequate amount of followers, and making money by exploiting their viewers for their personal agenda. This is not what I thought it would be at all and boy do I wish i could turn back time. If you think about it, you really are what you consume. If you’re constantly on Instagram, you’re going to feel like you have to be a pretty girl on a beach in a bikini and if you don’t fit the standard you’re surrounding yourself with, you’ll start to wonder why. “Why am I not the same as all the girls I see on here? Oh there must be something wrong with me” and on the other side of the spectrum, if you never even think about social media you might be surprised that people could be addicted to something like that. I think most of us could take a step back and find ourselves. It is too hard to make your own identity when social media is constantly there pushing ideas, standards, and stereotypes on you. It is not right to surround yourself with this toxic new way of life.

This was mainly inspired by Lexie Lombard and her videos check her out!

Dylan Klebold

Along with Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold shot and killed 13 people and injured 20 at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.

Dylan Klebold was a child of upper middle class parents, considered gifted in grammar school. But he didn’t feel like he fit in at Columbine High School in Colorado. He and his friend Eric Harris developed a hatred of school, and on April 20, 1999, they brought guns and pipe bombs to murder as many students as they could. They killed 13 people and injured 20 before committing suicide.

Mass murderer Dylan Klebold was born on September 11, 1981, in Lakewood, Colorado. Dylan Klebold and his friend Eric Harris launched a deadly assault on their Colorado high school on April 20, 1999, during which they killed 13 people and injured more than 20. With a geophysicist for a father and a mother who worked with the disabled, he seemed an unlikely killer. His parents eventually started their own real estate management company and provided an upper middle class life for their family.

Intelligent, Klebold was in a program for gifted students at his elementary school. He was described as a shy child who loved baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox. By ninth grade, he was friends with Eric Harris and Brooks Brown. Like many teenagers, he liked violent video games. Klebold also enjoyed bowling and worked behind the scenes for school productions as a sound man. With Harris, he worked at a local pizza place for a time.

As a quiet teen interested in technology, Klebold didn’t fit in with the dominant jock culture of Columbine High School. He developed a hatred of school – a sentiment shared by Harris. The two adopted the style of the school’s outcast clique, the Trench Coat Mafia, wearing long coats, dark clothing, and looking unkempt, and reportedly hung around the group’s periphery. Although he was bright, Klebold didn’t apply himself in school and earned mediocre grades

.Klebold and Harris became interested in all things German, wore swastikas and even gave the “Heil, Hitler” salute while bowling or playing card games. They also liked to play violent first-person shooter video games and listening to such German bands as KMFDM and Rammstein. In 1998, during their junior year, the two were arrested after they broke into a van and stole some things out of the vehicle. They were both charged with theft, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing.Since it was their first offense, they were enrolled in a diversion program, which consisted of community service and counseling. They were released a month early from the program in February 1999. Both received glowing reports at the end of the program with Klebold being called “a bright young man who has a great deal of potential,” according to an article in The Christian Science Monitor.Klebold, in personal writings found after the attack, expressed suicidal thoughts and was deeply saddened by his lack of a romantic relationship. There was also a lot of rage simmering under the surface as well, which appeared in the violent essays he wrote for English class and the stories and poems he wrote for his creative writing class – all of which often featured blood, death and war. Another ominous sign of things to come, Klebold and Harris made a video of them acting as vigilantes shooting “jocks” in the school hallways for a school project.Beginning some time in 1998, Klebold and Harris began to plan their attack on Columbine High School. They acquired guns and made pipe bombs. A female friend of Dylan’s reportedly helped them get three of the weapons – the same young woman he took to the prom shortly before the killings. The fourth weapon came from a co-worker at the pizza place. Harris even posted some of their bomb-making expertise and exploits on his website under his nickname “Reb” and using Klebold’s nickname “Vodka.”They believed that their actions would bring them fame as well as vengeance. In one of the videotapes made by the pair, Klebold said “I hope we kill 250 of you” and Harris compared the killings to one of their favorite video games, Doom, as reported in Time magazine. They even discussed which director should handle the film version of their attack.

On April 20, 1999, Adolf Hitler’s birthday, Klebold and Harris began their attack. Originally, bombs planted in the school’s cafeteria were supposed to go off first, sending students and teachers into the parking lot where the two planned to shoot as many people as possible. They then intended to trigger more explosives – such as those attached to Klebold’s BMW – after ambulances and other help arrived. But the propane bombs didn’t explode so the two entered the school after 11 a.m., shooting at anyone they encountered. They roamed the school for less than an hour, killing 12 students and a teacher and wounding more than 20 others. The rampage ended after 12 p.m. with Klebold and Harris committing suicide in the school’s library.

The shootings sent shockwaves through the community and the world at large. There was an extensive investigation into the shooting and the authorities’ response to the siege. Deeply disturbed by the attack, the governor of Colorado appointed a special commission to study the events of that tragic day. The commission looked for ways to improve the handling of such crisis situations as did many other schools and states across the country.

anonymous asked:

if the millennials were born before 97, what does that make those of us who grew up from 98- whatever the end of this generation is?? bc i always thought millennial referred to those growing up during the new millennium, but i guess not?

Nope, anyone born after 1998 is Generation Z. It’s strange to be right on the edge of a generation (but they’re not hard rules anyway), but at least right now it makes sense to me, because the world has sped up so much since I was a kid—and I’m only 26. GenZ had their childhoods/teen years filled with constant technology, terrorism/war, financial instability, and a global culture. 

I’m not sure how they’ll name the generation after you. Someone didn’t think this through.