Johnlock/Teenlock RP With phd-in-bullshitology

You’re chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

You and the stranger both like Johnlock, and teenlock.

You: I don’t want to have sex with you, Victor. Stop asking. SH (16)

Stranger: Why not? We would be amazing together. Two gorgeous, intelligent young men. - VT (18)

You: I am simply uninterested in intercourse. SH

Stranger: Would you say the same if your Watson asked? - VT

You: John has no part in this. SH

Stranger: But you would love to have him have a part in you, hm? - VT

You: Insinuating things about my friend and I will not help your case. SH

Stranger: Such a shame. I would make you feel amazing. Your loss, love. - VT

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teenlock rp thAT I FREAKING LOVED (With otter-is-grapelocked)

Oh gosh this was great I am so excited to continue you don’t even know.

You and the stranger both like johnlock, and teenlock.

You: Well the formal was horrendous. JW (17)

Stranger: Oh? - SH (16)

You: Mary didn’t seem to think I was a very good dancer so she kindly decided to go dance with Sarah. Or something. I don’t really know, I just know that I did end up finding my girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend making out in the hallway. Which was awkward to say the least. JW

Stranger: Huh. Yes, I can quite easily imagine that it might be. My sympathies with you. - SH

You: Yeah, well. I was the one who wanted to go. JW

Stranger: Are you alright? - SH

You: Splendid. JW

Stranger: I’ll take that as a negative. - SH

You: Nice deduction, that. JW

Stranger: Is it quite normal for a person to take out their frustration with their girlfriend and former girlfriend on their best mate? - SH

You: I’m only hardly taking out my frustration on you. This is just the area affect of my frustration. Were I to focus it, I’d probably end up really hurting someone. JW

Stranger: Right. - SH

You: It’s either this or get dangerously inebriated with Harry. JW

Stranger: Hardly safe. Or legal, Mr. Watson. You’ve a few months left. - SH

You: So either put up with my shit for a bit or turn me to a life of crime, Mr. Holmes. Make your choice.

You: JW

Stranger: I imagine I’ll have to put up with the latter. - SH

You: (Did you mean latter? Cause that’s the crime, lol, so just chekin.)

Stranger: (Former, sorry xD)

You: (Hehe, it’s fine. ^-^)

Such a good friend, you are, keeping of throwing my life into a bottle. JW

Stranger: It’d ruin the ‘golden boy’ and 'prick’ dynamic of our relationship if I let you stray too far. - SH

You: I wouldn’t go around talking about golden boys prick’s too much, Sherlock, people will get the wrong idea. JW

Stranger: Please remember to whom you’re speaking; I’m not one of your potentials. Pardon me if my interest in your anatomy is strictly professional. - SH

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To be continued... (My Sapio... I can't contain myself.... unf.)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like johnlock, and teenlock.
You: Preface: I don’t care that you like guys. Wish you’d told me and not just ended up making out with one of my rugby mates at my party, but I don’t care. However, I just have to ask, Victor? Of all the people, angry-beats-up-people-for-being-nerdy Victor Trevor? JW (17)
Stranger: I have my reasons, John, that I don’t believe are yours to know. As for Victor, once again, that isn’t any of your business. I don’t understand why you care anyway. It wasn’t like it was you. Jesus. The one time you really beg me to go to a party to “become more social”, and you get angry at me.-SH (17)
Stranger: (… That go through?)
You: I’d have felt better were it me and not someone who’s been giving my shit about my sister being lesbian for two years. I figured you would just hang out and belittle some of the people who deserved it, not be snoging on my futon. It was a bit unsettling, I don’t usually go to party’s because my mates leave me to go hit up girls and I hate that awkward third wheel ness. I invited you to the party so I could not be third wheel for someone and still have company. I’ll admit disappointment. JW
You: (Yeah, on iPad, lol)
Stranger: (OH! Right. Totally fine, sorry! My internet just bugs out sometimes, I was just making sure^^)

Excuse you, but I don’t really think that having it be you instead of him would make things any better. At least he seemed to talk to me and care about what I had to say instead of getting wasted. And don’t even deny the fact that you were all over half of the women there. Apparently, for you at least, I’m just another isolated freak that sits around and insults people even though his “friend” wanted him to try and be outgoing, is that right? Don’t you /dare/ say you’re disappointed in me. I don’t need that. Stop caring if it’s causing such an inconvenience.-SH
You: I don’t think you’re a freak. JW
Stranger: Is that /all/ you got from that? Jesus Christ, John. You’re insufferable.-SH
You: No, I got it. I’m an ignorant dick who says things and doesn’t practice what he preaches and am a really horrid friend at the end of it all. But you seem to think I think you’re a freak and that is completely untrue. JW

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I just want to cute teenlock/Johnlock you guys stop leaving...

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like johnlock, teenlock, and sherlock.

You: Come on back, luv. I’m sorry. VT
Listen, I didn’t mean what I said. You’re not a freak. VT
Please text back. VT
Sherlock, don’t be a child. VT
Please. VT

Stranger: If you didn’t mean it, why did you bother saying it in the first place? SH

You: You weren’t listening to me. You wouldn’t say anything and I got upset. JW

You: (*VT)

Stranger: And you turned to the word ‘freak’? Out of any other word in the English dictionary, you chose that one. SH

You: It was calculated to hurt you. Looking back, it was a horrible decision that was made without thinking. VT

Stranger: Obviously. SH

You: I’m sorry. VT

Stranger: I don’t believe you. SH

You: Please, I am sorry. I do not know how to make you believe me. VT

Stranger: You never will make me believe you. SH

You: So, this is it, then? VT

Stranger: I’m afraid so. SH

You: It’s been nice, Sherlock. I’m sorry it had to end this way. VT

Stranger: So am I, Victor. SH

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